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I’m sad…

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Monday, April 18th, 2016 5:35 pm



I’m in again

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 12:37 am

Second Ludum Dare.

Again, using Unity as main environment.
I’m thinking of doing the art base on vectors, with Inkscape, and then paint it like I do always, cause my traces get trembly since I draw with the mouse.
But only if I have the time.
And I’m looking for some easy-to-learn music tool.

I’ll try to improve some things from the last one. Better time planning, set the scope on the beginning, first figure the game mechanics and then the art.
Also, if everything works fine, maybe I could try something with music.

I’m still mad cause “Kittens” theme didn’t made it. But I’ll try to do good and have fun.

Good luck to us all =)

The final ratings

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Wednesday, January 6th, 2016 10:25 am



A big thank you for all the people who played, rated and gave feedback to my little game.
And, also, an even bigger thanks to the event organization, that made me get the will to make a game.

This piece is not only my first LD entry, but it’s my first game at all.
Still with much to learn, I’m happy with the results. And I’m looking forward to do even better on LD 35.

And the first step has been took.
My childhood dream is beginning to take form and become true.

TY all. =)

Bad Doggie – Post Ludum

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Thursday, December 24th, 2015 3:26 pm

Yeah, “post ludum”, and no “post mortem”. My game isn’t dead :v

So, this was my first Ludum Dare at all. And now, with more tranquility passed those hurry days, I released a post-ludum version of the game and I feel ready to share the process of doing this little piece with the ones of you who want to read it.

Ok, so, how you landed on LD in the first place?

A friend shared this link on Facebook one day in november. It’s in portuguese, but it basically says “why you’re not making games”? The text tackles any of those excuses we give – “I got no time”, “I got no team” and such. One topic was familiar to me: “I always start something, but I can’t finish”. The ideas? Join a gamejam, like Ludum Dare or Global Game Jam.

I liked the idea. While I can always staring at the blank paper, I could follow a theme. Instead of stayin’ long time trying to polish and add features to a game that’s not even a game, I can focus on the basics, cause I have only 72hs. I was kinda nervous, I had no game published at all, and my first one was to be made with theme and time constraints. But it went well. Although I find my game kinda crappy, I made something. And now I feel my mind a little more open.

So, let’s talk about “Bad Doggie”.


I made this game with some knowlegde of programming (I went to Computer Science college, but didn’t graduated cause I got kicked – long and sad story), and I was auto-didacting in the Unity 3D engine. Completed some tutorials, liked the workspace, the C# wasn’t too hard cause I had classes of Object-Oriented Programming. Since the Jam have more relaxed rules, like using assets we already have, I used some 2D standart assets and modified the code, and then coded myself other part, always with the browser on Unity manual, API Script reference and google for the bugs haha. I also revisited some tutorials I completed, saw the code again and eventually things started working out.

The theme about “dog chasing kid” was chosen due to the simple gameplay (an infinite runner when the enemy comes close when you bump on an obstacle). Backstory was just a flavor. Also, “Dangerous” (in portuguese, “Perigoso”) was the name of an dog my granpa had many years ago. I may use those characters in the future, who knows…

What went right?

The art (?)

Yeah, a huge “?”.
I mean, my art is crappy. I have some style myself, but I’m still poor on the execution. I draw with the mouse, lines almost always tremble and the final result is normally bad. But, since I was working alone, I wanted to make the art myself so I could practice drawing, creating and animating things for the game. Later, if ¬†work with a pro artist, I know how’s the process to make art to be used in a game later.

My first attempt to animate. The final result followed preety much this template.

My first attempt to animate. The final result followed preety much this template.

In the end, I made the art just for “having an art”. And, for my surprise, the most complimented part of the game was the art! People saying they like my style, it’s very cartoonish and even that the art resembled their childhood. I wasn’t expecting, but, if it made you people happy, I’m happy too!

The idea

I’m happy with this idea, the infinite runner, cause it proved be something I could accomplish in time. I mean, the scope went almost right. If I was tried something a little more complex, maybe I wouldn’t be able to finish an publish.

What went wrong?

Time management

I’m currently unemployed and studying only at home, so I had plenty of time to make the game. The problem is we need to sleep.
People say “sleeping gives not EXP”. Bullshit. We’re more productive when we’re well rested, and for this we need to establish times to work and to sleep.

I failed on these. I tried to “cram” too many hours on working, and I ended up staying awake half of sunday and all night on monday. With still lots to do, I needed some sleep, but if I went to sleep, I would awake right on the deadline with a lot to work I wouldn’t not be able to do. And then, I worked on monday very very tired.
The result can be seen in the splash screen, the game over screen, the score mechanics and score displayment. Even to my standarts, these piece of art is way crappier, and the score system was just a frame count that only appears on fullscreen and doesn’t show on game over screen.

The lesson is: Work right, sleep right, produce more and better.

End product came out too simple

I mean, you press ->, jump two kinds of obstacles… and that’s it.
No visible score, no added difficulty, just you running.
My 3 days of work gives you, the player, about 40 secs of fun.

The lesson: more planning on the design field. I was wanting something that works like a game (with a thing you control and the hazards), but a game is not just this. The player must have something to play for (scores, an ending, and nice cinematic at the end, find the damn castle where the princess is…)

Basic mistakes leading to buggy gameplay

In Unity, we can change physics properties to materials we use on objects. One of these properties is friction. Unity also brings some premade materials with these properties set, like the “slippery” material, that have no friction and the colliders slip into each other when colliding.

Just add it and voila, the trash cans aren’t “sticky” anymore.

Yeah, it was embarassing… -_-

3rd party music

Don’t get me wrong, Kevin McLeod is f’n awesome, for the music and for releasing it royalty free for us to use in our games. My game wouldn’t have any music without him.

But that’s the problem. I wanted to make my own music too. But my bad time management made this impossible, so I went to his site right before the deadline.

You just released an post-ludum version of the game, right?

Yeah, the Newgrounds game is now a upgraded version.
The original is still available on itch.io.

The new things are:

– The trash cans are not sticky anymore (sigh)
– The score is now better positioned and counts obstacles you jump.
– Not touching an obstacle gives double points, and an combo for these “perfect jumps” was added.
– Game speeds up as you play.

In a nutshell, it looks more like a game now.

Any final thoughts?

Just leave here my big thank you for all people who supported me.
In special the people who gave me confidence to participate when I was nervous about LD (I have patologic anxiety, so this helped a lot) and close family and friends who gave support and kept saying they can’t wait to play my first game. Also, everyone who played and rated the game and left constructive critics. =)

Really, thanks!

Where I can play this game of yours?

Here’s the link.

LD34 Update – Well, it’s a start

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Saturday, December 12th, 2015 4:35 am

After a night up, I have almost a main character =)

Well, for me who was worried about getting a creative block, the work is flowing better than I expected, thanks for that much welcome encouraging on my first post. Thanks a lot!
My main character have one animation and moves around. And the main enemy got his concept art done.

Next, I need to polish the camera, add jump action and animation and get some work on the enemy.
But now, I deserve some rest ^^

On the playlist: Old tokusatsu themes and some songs from South Park.

The “I’m in” post

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Thursday, December 10th, 2015 10:13 am

First LD, with a very first game. Never finished one besides the tutorial projects.

Using Unity…
…and kinda nervous…

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