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Friday, April 22nd, 2016 5:13 am

Completed my 1st Ludlum Dare and thought it wen’t pretty well.   A few thoughts:

Things which went well:

  • Using github pages to host it (free, easy)
  • Using Phaser; I’m even happier now as it’s a pain to download to play
  • Coming up with ideas for all the potential themes

What didn’t go so well

  • Not having used Phaser before in anger
  • Weak typing; oh the anger when I was trying to use physics on an object which didn’t support it
  • It being the same weekend as an awesome F1 race

I tried to keep a diary of what I was doing … you might notice it’s not as accurate on Sunday.


02:00: Theme released
06:30: Awake – read theme, realise I don’t I have any good ideas for Shapeshift
06:34: Look at what others have created in 4 hours; get depressed
07:15: F1 Qualifying about to start … but I’ve decided on an idea
08:21: How do I collide hundreds of items in Phaser?
10:15: Discarded the original control idea, and now (with bitmaps) fighting Phaser to enable physics
11:51: Basic mechanics are working – wondering about using dynamic shapes rather than atoms
12:19: Restructured code and now javascript is doing stupid things
13:10: Basic gameplay working, need to figure out scoring
14:19: Decaying and config of most things working … how do you ‘win’
17:11: Scoring working and lots of tweaks, giving chain reactions. It’s starting to feel like a game
18:11: It’s a game! but its got a memory leak
19:18: I’m happy with the general gameplay, although I now need to fix the bugs
20:55: I’m triggering a Webkit crash on iOS; can’t figure out how to avoid it. Pondering making a score screen
22:48: Been playing with new, smaller, graphics but I seem to prefer my placehodlers eek! Done for the night



06:53: Awake, down on my computer. F1 race on TV (double win). Makea list of all the enhancements I’ve got plannd
07:22: Awesome F1 race … more than a tad distracting
09:31: Highscore table done, graphics done – time to do menu before sorting out sound
11:25: All the screens done – I don’t like them, but there done. Now sound
13:32: Got the music planned, having a break before I dive in and record the final version
15:07: Music sorted and key sound effects done; all that remains is tweaking, testing and the boring bits
15:53: Got bored trying to make checkboxes for sound etc .. gave up and had a break
18:30: Going to bed for a powernap
20:00: Awake, and trying to figure out what I can start which I can finish; settle on tweaking
21:50: I’ve had enough – submitting it


If you want to give my game a go to see what I made: Helium-4

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