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I am a 21 year old, waiting for a time to try and break into the Gaming Industry. Mainly use Game Maker Studio, and have 0 College Experience in Gaming.


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Try out my game here!

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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 9:31 pm

It’s been a long time coming… but I’m proud to have released my first public Game! (good one, at least). Entry is for the Compo, don’t be afraid to hold back on Commentary! All will be read and considered. Go to the Entry Page for the… “story” description, and without further ado…..




Need some Help

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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 9:21 pm

I made a Game for Compo using Game Maker Studio, and I plan on uploading on Dropbox, but I’m not sure how to include the Source code with it. Can someone help me?

Been a while

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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 4:27 pm

Haven’t posted a progress report in a while. I’m falling a bit behind, I have all Sound Effects done EXCEPT for one, can’t do it at the moment because my family is being a bit loud (which doesn’t matter, only takes a few seconds to record them). However, I haven’t started on the music at all yet… and the Graphics actually fit like I said before, kinda like an old Nintendo Game, so I think I’m going to keep it this way. So the rest of the checklist is to make 4 Songs, 1 more animation, 1 more Sound Effect and an in-game Control Guide, then it’s done!

Programming Mostly Done!

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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 4:18 am

Outside of programming in the Sound Effects, music and possible Art changes, all the programming for my game is basically done!! Just thought I’d share this but. Now on to the hard part…

Kinda Amazed

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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 1:35 am

So all that’s left now is to program Endless Mode, improve the art MAYBE (kinda liking it, really reminiscent of older games with a modern twist), make music and sound effects and program them in. Fully functional game right now (outside Endless Mode and Sound Test mode), all enemies are done, all Difficulties are done… not really much to be said, truth be told. Not sure if anyone’s reading these, but I’m almost finished! I’d say around 80%?

Progress Report

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 9:05 pm

24 Hours into the Ludum Dare. Sadly I lack the equipment for a Demo of my game…. but nonetheless, I have half of an achievement system (they’re there but you can’t do any YET), functional enemies, full Gamepad Support, switchable at the beginning of the game (for PS3 Controller, it MAY work for others but I have no way of knowing), a fully controllable character, working lives and health, and saved settings. I still have to do Sound Effects, Music, some enemies/miniboss (working on it now)/big bad boss, and an Endless Mode as well as improve the art a bit. And there goes my Progress, tiime to press on!

Making MAJOR progress

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 5:16 pm

Working on Main Menu Screens, and working options and such. After this, all that’s left is programming some more enemies, then I can focus on the good stuff!

Some basic stuff still, but progressing

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 3:04 pm

Working out a rather annoying/lethal bug when using the Gamepad, but other than that finished 1 out of 5 potential types of enemies. Time is running out though, hopefully I’m able to implement everything I have planned!

Probably a good stopping point

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 6:59 am

I finished all controls, fully usable with Gamepad or Keyboard!! All that’s left for Programming AI, Difficulty, Enemy Spawning and all that stuff. Hopefully Day 2 will go towards Music, Sound Effect, Art and polishing everything, or at least that’s the Game Plan.Probably going to sleep soon, but I want to continue working for a while longer…

I saw it coming…

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 5:17 am

Got all the player controls down, they all work perfectly.. Until I try to enable use of a Gamepad…. now I’m pretty much reprogramming ALL of the controls with major difficulty…. but it SHALL be done!

Starting to Get Somewhere

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 3:05 am

Sadly, Art isn’t my greatest subject, especially when animating explosions…. seems to be turning out well so far though, so here’s hoping for the best result! Just finished the basic functions, though it is a rather… different take on the theme. Hope it matches it!

My First Jam: Nervous and Excited

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 1:16 am

Hello there! This is my first Game Jam, going solo with Game Maker: Studio! Not sure how well I’ll do, especially with the theme being One Room… a myriad of things comes to mind, but which is the best one?

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