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no. 55 – postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @MarcoEmiliozzi)
Monday, April 20th, 2015 3:02 am

So… I submitted my game for LD #32 and I’ve slept for 8 hours, I think I’m ready for a postmortem post 😀

What went well:

The thinking part. After the start of the jam, I’ve forced myself to stay away from the computer for like 4 hours. I wanted to have a clear idea and be inspired. So I had a shower, I washed dishes, I cleaned my room and the idea just popped out. Moreover, my wife was very happy about my cleaning spree 😀
The story. I like the character and what it can become sometime in the future (maybe).
– The idea about graphics. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not good with graphics… but I like the idea I’ve got about how the character sees the world.

What may be not going well:

How the game feels. I hope the game feels “right” (i.e. how I would like it to feel)
The execution of graphics. Something may be messy or not clear.

What didn’t go well at all:

No sound. I’m not experienced with audio and I didn’t have enough time to record sounds myself. I felt like some retro sound wouldn’t be fitting in the theme. Too bad anyway, I think that sound and music play a big part in how a video game feels.
Too few content, not enough variety. I didn’t manage to put in the game any character development, there’s only one attack move, enemies feel too similar, the game is too short and too easy. I really regret all those things, but I didn’t manage to do more in the deadline. Damn.

So, I think I’ll be in

Posted by (twitter: @MarcoEmiliozzi)
Thursday, April 16th, 2015 10:56 am

It will be my first LD.

I joined MiniLD #58 and I have been very happy of being part of the jam. It was a nice experience for me, from may points of view.
My first concern is about time – MiniLD has more time. I’ve submitted the game after 3 days, but now this limit is enforced… so I’m a bit worried about it.

Anyway, I’ll go for a web based game and I will probably use:

– Text editor: Notepad++
– Graphics: GIMP, Inkscape
– Framework: Phaser
– Audio: Audacity

Happy jamming to everyone!

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