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The Only Rocketeer: Postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @monxcleyr)
Sunday, May 5th, 2013 8:36 pm

Logo drops awwwwyeah

This was our second LD jam, and one we were very excited to get started on. Having had the experience of successfully completing a game on time during our first LD adventure, we hoped to explore ideas and mechanics we found more interesting this time around. Drawing from a discussion on the theme of ‘Minimalism’ (a theme we were, quite frankly, disappointed with), we eventually started building a coherent game concept off of images and mechanics we felt were worth exploring.

The Only Rocketeer (play it here!) would initially be an adventure-style game with puzzle and timed components and a focus on narrative. After an up and down weekend, we would have to scrap a majority of these features and put out a game that, while complete, fell short of most our initial goals. We were pretty pleased with much of the game regardless, and had a great time working on it.



What Went Well

  • This was a more organized and structured development for us. We set up a Trello board for the project and penned a fairly comprehensive design doc on the first night. While a lot of what was on that document did not see the initial release, or took on a different form, having a clear outline to build from was helpful. 
  • Along the same lines, the code had a very modular structure – multiple components could be worked on, from a programming perspective, without any overlap or conflict.
  • The concept. We are proud of our game and the ideas behind it, and we think it’s worth continued work.

What Did Not Go So Well

  • Miscommunication and the resulting time sinks. Due to a misunderstanding of planned features and some of the design, a lot of the code ended up being completely scrapped.
  • Lack of play-testing. Partly due to the above point, we were not able to get a completed prototype up as fast as we would have liked.
  • The art. Ultimately we felt it was a bit better this time around, but we could certainly use a dedicated artist.
  • Other obligations – which is my nice way of saying our “real” jobs. These are distracting and not at all fun.


We hope you take the time to play through The Only Rocketeer, if you haven’t already, and we really, truly appreciate the feedback everyone has been giving us thus far.

This is a game we have decided to focus on and develop going forward. If you’re interested in our progress, we will be posting updates to our twitter account and website periodically. Follow us @monxcleyr and/or visit our website. Thanks!

Monxcleyr Productions is in (again)!

Posted by (twitter: @monxcleyr)
Sunday, April 21st, 2013 1:21 am

Logo drops awwwwyeah

Monxcleyr Productions is in for Ludum Dare 26′s Jam!

What we’ll use:

Language/IDE: Python 2.7, Pyscripter/Notepad++

Libraries: Pygame and our #HJ Engine

Sounds: SFXR

Graphics: Photoshop, Paint.net

And of course Chronolapse to possibly upload a timelapse.

Monxcleyr Productions is in!

Posted by (twitter: @monxcleyr)
Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 4:55 am

Logo drops awwwwyeah

Monxcleyr Productions is in for Ludum Dare 25’s Jam!

Our tools of the trade:

Language/IDE: Python 2.7, Pyscripter/Notepad++

Libraries: Pygame, Possibly our #HJ Engine and Py2exe to create Windows builds

Sounds: SFXR

Graphics: Photoshop, Paint.net


And we’ll be creating timelapses with Chronolapse to upload later.

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