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Crusher Escape Race : My Third Attempt

Monday, December 14th, 2015 1:23 pm

Hi Awesome guys & gals,

Missed the last LD, but this time, despite the unfavorable circumstances, managed to survive with a short game. Was at the edge of giving up at the last hours of development, but decided to push it and publish it, no matter how short it felt. Was also satisfied myself with this game, although the effort took were much less than my previous games. Here it is. My 3rd Ludum Dare Entry ‘ Crusher Escape Race’.

Play the Game here (Feedbacks welcome)

[Devlog Entry]

Engine/3d modelling : Unity 5.3 + Blender

UI: Inkscape

Hope you guys Enjoy this. Expect a Post Compo version soon, if things workout as I visualized in my mind 😉

Guardian of Galaxy – My 2nd LD Game

Sunday, August 24th, 2014 10:11 pm

My Last LD was kind of disappointing for me, although i managed to finish my games, but was not happy with it (it was a depressing game). This time i decided to do a fun game (my first LD after i moved into my own indie studio. Monster Brain Games :) ). After sketching some complicated strategy puzzle game where you connect the worlds and share its resources, but felt it was too complex and less fun.

guardian of galaxy by monster brain games
Hence with the same kind of idea and a simpler gameplay, i decided to make a game about connected planets and dragging them to avoid the incoming asteroids. And just before finishing up, giving it a heavy name ( a cheap ref to recent marvel movie ?). Was happy with the results i’ve managed to achieve. The below GIF (a little jerky) explains a bit about gameplay. Hope you enjoy it. (Try the Easy mode if you like)

Play at http://t.co/OgcuEwPRpF

(Comments, suggestions, criticisms are most welcome & is greatly appreciated – Monster Brain Games)

What lies Beneath Mr.Perfect !

Sunday, April 27th, 2014 11:16 pm

Here’s my first ever Ludum Dare attempt and it was pretty intense having to finish a game from start to finish in such a short time (Considering the fact that all kinds of distractions occurs during that exact time, opportunities & work comes up unexpectedly, unintended guests arriving, friends coming to play, power failure due to bad weather etc etc) .


 Play Beneath Mr.Perfect

Anyway the Game “Beneath Mr.Perfect” is a sidescrolling, narrative sort of adventure(?) game where you play as the Mr.Perfect who thinks himself as a noble man, have a hatred for those around who he thinks as bad. The Game takes you to the journey through his life’s changing phase where he confronts his own hidden emotions and his attempts to repair the damage.


The Game was inspired by many of my own experiences and also inspired by many psychological research papers regarding self delusion, beliefs, ego etc. I may have gone a little too literally about the concepts of mind and self esteem, might even have generalized a bit (but actually its about one guy, Mr. Perfect). Have a go at the game and let me know your thoughts regarding it, or similar kind of experience you’ve faced.


Being an enthusiastic fan of Smash Hit, one of the best mobile game experiences i’ve ever experienced till now, (and not to mention the fact that someone here also put up a post of smash hit retro demake), i decided to try my hand in breaking stuff using NAPE physics engine for AS3.



Browse Entry

Here’s a little Dev-log of it for those who are interested (i hope to do more tutorial on it in my Blog MonsterBrainInc.)
I’ve previously developed cutting mechanism with Cut-it : Flash Version, and i decided to use it for cutting the blocks into several random pieces. But things didn’t worked out pretty well and the code just grown into un manageable size. SO i scrapped everything and started looking for voronoi stuff (I’ve seen a lot of demo tests, but was too afraid to look into it). After many links deep, links within links, i found some as3 library and one sample stuff. I took the code that just worked well for me (Thanks to the sample codes) & looks good. Next challenge was to break the stuff which involves lot of positioning, head work etc etc. Still i’m happy & proud with the result i’ve achieved. Finishing the Game was the hardest part. All kinds of blocks, disorientation, tiredness, powercut, disinterest etc were active towards finishing the game. But got through all that and finished the game. Enjoy Smashing.

Hi guys,

It feels great to have you guys around making awesome games and sharing your experiences. Me, I’m Monster Brain (!realName), an indie game developer from india. I missed last LD, looking forward to the next. Meanwhile trying to come up with a Smash-Hit (loved the game so MUCH) demake. I’ve seen the previous blog post of another smash hit demake (it looks cool with pixelated graphics).

Here’s a little work in progress.


I’m using As3, Starling, Flashdevelop and Nape physics for the game. Shattering the glass was the hard challenge i had to face, somehow with the help of voronoi diagrams (thanks to an excellent library by alan shaw & example model by its haxe ported(from another port) guy), got it somewhat right. Hoping to make some interesting levels.

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