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What I learned from Brute Force Commander

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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 11:39 am


What is it?
Brute Force Commander was my very first try to make a game in a short period of time like this. So of course, this was my first Ludum Dare :)
When the theme was publicly announced, I did not know what to do! Even after 2 hours of brainstorming… Then all of a sudden, I came up with an idea of making a game where you should protect something using text. So here is my not unconventional weapon.

This game of course can’t be classified as “text based”, but to control the whole game you must type in commands (even for the menu), and this is what I want to talk about now…

What went wrong

Me : My experience in making games is very low, I’m a kind of artist (not at all), but I love all the other stuff needed to make a game. It makes me voluble sometimes (voluble : person who can’t maintain focus, person who changes all the time) and of course it slows me down on getting anything done.

Didn’t warm up: I didn’t expect to participate in this Ludum Dare so I kind of decided in the last minute… which was bad!
The commands are too long: Well, hitting 3 keys to simply make a ship move is a little bit too much, Isn’t it? In order to activate the propellants to move, for example, to the right, the actual command is: .d and to make even faster is .d=5 (5 times the natural speed). It works very well, but not as expected… If you have tried the game, you might have seen that this is way too hard!
Didn’t implement the ‘move asteroid’ function: I really wanted to give the player the ability of controlling asteroids to use them in their advantage to save missiles. But I couldn’t finish it.

Limited missiles. Really, you only have 100 missiles in the whole game: It can be considered as evil sorcery of mine… >:)

I developed a evil personality in making games hard.

The game was not going to be a space shooter  (or whatever): The initial idea was to make something protect some other thing using text. Before coming up with the idea of a ship and a meatball planet in the background, I was planning to make a zombie shooter, but it’s cliche…
I started making stuff for a zombie game but I ended up with some thing completely different. Such “fade in” (or out) drove me into waste of time.

[Insert more cons here]

What went right
MobsterSquirrel.volubility–; : I think Ludum Dare is what I needed to focus in one thing. To make a commitment in making games and stick with an idea I like till the end. I know some people would say that in real world you have to develop a good product, and my is statement is not completely true. But when it comes to an idea you think it’s innovative and you love, you can’t give up.
[Technical] I learned float.TryParse(), Trim(), Replace()This is a noob “What went right”, but manipulating strings is a very important task in any kind of system which uses text (Mr. Obvious award). To make the ship go to the right, you type .d and hit enter. To move faster .d=<number here>, it’s OK to make an if to check if the InputField text is “.d”, but what about .d=10? or .d=140f ?
The feeling of being using a command line, or being a Hacker… : After deciding what I wanted to do, I had to decide what kind of feeling I wanted to give to the player. Once I like text and command stuff, I thought, why not giving these GUI users a taste of using a command line?
When using CMD (in windows, this is just an example) you have to type in stuff and hit ENTER, and the computer will respond to your commands. This is basically the felling you have in the game, you type in a command and something happens.

I’m not a half empty glass kind of guy, but it’s hard to point good stuff …

Of course this game still have tons and tons of improvements to be made, but this is what game development is all about…

I pretend to participate in the next Ludum Dare, but the next time I want to go a little bit further, by using something like C++ & SFML/SDL/OpenGL or Java & LWJGL and making my own sound fx and music :)

Sorry for my bad English guys, I definitely starve for vocabulary and grammatical education. I hope my mistakes didn’t make the post impossible to read :)

I don’t want to promote my game or anything, but I encourage you to give my game a shot. It’s pretty difficult…

Thank God for the opportunity of being here and everyone in charge of running this epic event.

Skype: victor.gomes2153 please send an invitation!!! I need friends :)


Brute Force Commanders (Available for Windows)

Posted by
Monday, April 20th, 2015 9:07 pm


This is my first LD and I’m very happy to introduce you BFC!
I didn’t team up with anyone because I’m learning programming, and I wanted to do everything (of course… everything in Unity :) )
But that’s it !


Brute Force Commander

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Monday, April 20th, 2015 1:21 pm

Background, player and mechanics updated

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 1:07 am

I’ll be uploading a video tomorrow, it’s 3:06 AM I’m dying guys :)

The big meat ball is a planet … I think :)


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Saturday, April 18th, 2015 3:01 pm


Lil ship from Text Commanders (The name of my “game”)

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Saturday, April 18th, 2015 1:43 am

I’m in :)

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Friday, April 17th, 2015 3:56 pm

This is my first time here, and I’ll be a one man army lol :)

tools : Unity, Notepad++, GIMP.
and probably: Krita, Inkscape, Graphics Gale and Blender

# sorry If I posted wrong, this is my first time using WordPress…

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