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Day 2 progress in one screen

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Sunday, December 16th, 2012 4:21 am




Still have to fix annoying bugs, I am thinking about rewriting some big chunks of code…

Must leave in about two hours, hopefully the game will be OK for tomorrow…

After 15 hours of coding…

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Saturday, December 15th, 2012 7:33 pm

My First Ludum Dare and I will hardly be able to work on my game tomorrow (sunday). That’s why I have chosen to try the Jam instead of compo, with my girlfriend making all the art. All done with Flash and FlashDevelop.

We start to feel a bit tired (3.00 am here) so let me show you what we have done so far…


Hour 1 : just some blue guys hanging around… Actually the game is about heroes trying to rescue a princess… and you killing them.



Stop heroes by summoning units or powerfull spells.


So far the ennemies walk (if they reach the right side of the screen, you lose health, very tower-defense-like), stop and attack the ghouls on their way, kill them (or get killed), the money (actually, souls) system is functionnal and so are the spells.


Second spell added, Thunder. More powerfull but with less range than the meteor.

To do (hopefully tomorrow, maybe monday night too..) :

  • intro
  • title screen / game over screen
  • new units (like the skeletton who should fire arrows from long-range while ghouls tank)
  • new skills (actually easy to add now)
  • new heroes (ennemies)
  • find some cool music and fx
  • some annoying bugs to fix
  • some online game stats (eg. total of heroes killed by all the players, …)
  • code optimization (right now the game runs pretty smoothly at 60fps with +/-50 characters on screen)

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