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I'm primarily a Game Designer. Cert 2 in game programming (C#) from AIE. Basic Photoshop, Illustrator and Blender skills.
Currently studying Business Management in High School.

I have been using Unity for the past year but I am looking to develop projects with other engines. I prefer developing in 2D because it is generally simpler but I just love 3D game worlds and really want to participate in the development of a 3D title.


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Our First Ludum Dare – Shifting Sands

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 12:09 am


Our First Ludum Dare

We have spent the past two years attempting to develop a game with the aspirations of creating an internationally acclaimed development team. We failed. A lot. Over two years we made a lot of broken games, half-finished assets and incomplete IT assignments.

Choosing to participate in Ludum Dare was an amazing decision. Being limited by time and a theme really helped us reign in our massive ideas and narrow our scope down to something that we could really do. It may be buggy, it may be unpolished but we finally finished a game. We finally have an .exe that will run and I am proud of that. In the coming weeks we will fix all the bugs and get all the levels working. It’s no Skyrim, but its a start.

Play Our Game – Shifting Sands

Flurgle the Fly



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