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Ping: A Game About Inputs and Outputs

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Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 10:00 am

I was originally going to call this as Whispers but then I thought of Ping and well… how can I not name it that for this MiniLD?


The game is not a straight-up Pong game, just using the mechanics of Pong (mainly the ball hitting a paddle mechanic). As I mentioned in my previous post (though I’ve veered away from the relationship/friendship aspect of it), I’m making a social simulator.

A Game about Inputs and Outputs

I freelance remotely. I spend a lot of time at home just because my work is computer-based (I’m here but not really here!). I’ve also had a lot of roommate experiences. Sometimes, I’ve overheard snippets of their conversations. My socially anxious self though often goes into overdrive and I start thinking those conversations were about me. I’m not the confrontational type so to this day I have never found out if those conversations were really about me.

I’ve decided to implement this anxiety in game-form (what else can you do? hah).

Inspired partly by The Novelist, you’re a writer trying to finish a book in 30 days. The line on the bottom of the screen is your “timer” – once you reach the end, the book is submitted to your publisher and depending on your progress/effort/quality of the book, you either will succeed massively, averagely or fail miserably.

During the span of those 30 days though, you’ll randomly get these “pings” – a little circle that bubble up. It will float to the line above of the screen (you control the circle at the top of the screen). If you manage to “catch” it, the ping will bounce off your circle and go back below – which helps you write more and/or increase the quality of your writing. But, if you miss the ping, you’re going to get these distracting messages (seen below) from your roommate that may (or may not) be about you. These are harmful though because for X amount of time, your progress will be stalled while the timer is still going.



In the end, if you’re able to channel your “pings” towards your own work (instead of using them to hear about the latest gossip/conversation your roommate is saying), you’ll succeed! 😛


MiniLD58: The Start

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Saturday, March 21st, 2015 4:32 am

I went to LD today just to find out when the next LD was going to be held and much to my surprise I found out about this Mini LD. This is my first game jam (and third game I’m making in my still early game-making journey) so I’m quite stoked for this!

I think I’m going to deviate a little bit from the original Pong and instead use it as a springboard for something else. As odd as it sounds, I’m thinking of making a relationship/friendship simulator (partly inspired by one of Mike Mezhenin’s game, “Where Are Your Friends Tonight“) but with Pong-like mechanics. Although as I’m tilting towards more of an abstract aesthetic (can’t draw quite as well as I design hah), when you play the game, you probably won’t even realize it’s a relationship/friendship sim!

I’m planning to make it with Construct 2. Hoping to get the idea fleshed out this weekend (have some ideas on how it could be Pong-like but still in progress). Then this week, will work on trying to figure out how to integrate the mechanics into Construct 2. By next weekend, hoping I’m all done and polishing!


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