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Streaming Now – Judging Games with Eye Tracking

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Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 12:00 am

Swing on by to watch and or submit your game for me to play with my Eye Tracker: https://www.twitch.tv/mikewarexgr/

A Game Appears 14 Hours Later – Mazelessness

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Monday, April 18th, 2016 2:28 am

Well, two 6 Hour Streams later (with an initial 2 Hour one plagued with allergy attacks…), I have a game!

Mikeware - Mazelessness

I am so very tired… but I do need to zip a build and submit it for the Jam!  I at least was able to get my title and help screens in the game.

The basic objective is to escape the maze before your hunger runs out.  You can collect steaks to replenish hunger.  However, you are normally ‘dashing’ around the maze, and the maze only generates as you move, so you can dash over an area that later may not be accessible in the same way.

Thus, the shape-shifting labyrinth around you is your enemy especially as you move yourself around it.  Now, to post it!

Is it a problem if I haven’t beaten my game yet?

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Monday, April 18th, 2016 12:32 am

Hoping I’ll be able to wrap up soon in order to submit for the Jam… gotta go back to work tomorrow…

I’ve got all the technical parts down, my shape-shifting labyrinth is working great.  I just haven’t been able to navigate it successfully enough yet in order to reach the exit…  I’m even playing in ‘debug’ mode to see the edges of the generated maze in purple… 😛

Mikeware - MLN - Screenshot 4

After this, I think all I have left to add is the title screen… that won’t take long, right???

Seeing the End to a Long Corridor

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Sunday, April 17th, 2016 3:10 am

I can’t remember the last time I’ve gotten to work on a game for 6 hours straight.  It’s been pretty crazy, but I’ve got a ton done.

I now have incremental maze generation on the frontier with visibility tracking:

Mikeware - MLN - 3rd Screenshot

Tomorrow, I finally get to implement my primary movement mechanic… which is what the game will be all about and make it much more interesting.  Then I get to add ‘game’ things to my game to start wrapping things up, and maybe work on a title screen… and expose the keyboard control setting option to switch which way is ‘up’ (I have the input flag already in code).


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Sunday, April 17th, 2016 1:39 am

Making Progress on Day 2, created and rendered my Hero Character with Qubicle, loaded a larger maze from a test image for debugging, and cleaned up my infrastructure.

Mikeware - MLN - Screenshot 2

I even have some crappy partial scrolling implemented so that it re-centers when you get close to the edge of the screen.  Now on to the harder part of adding my game mechanics which are what make it fit the theme…  This won’t just be any other maze.

Probably streaming for another hour or so tonight before retiring until tomorrow…

First 2 Hours of Progress

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Saturday, April 16th, 2016 2:17 am

Well, Allergies are taking me down hard, but at least have something on the screen after a two hour stream:

Mikeware's MLN 1st Screenshot

I’ll be back with vengeance tomorrow night, hopefully better rested and with passion now that I have a ‘rendering engine’ partially working…

I’m in, I think!

Posted by
Saturday, April 16th, 2016 12:23 am

At least going to try this again.  Hoping doing a few stream sessions over the weekend will get me through it this time.

I plan to use Visual Studio and the SFML game library in C#.  I’ll decide Compo or Jam once I get going, that’s always my strategy…

Still Alive: 55 Revisions Later

Posted by
Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 9:36 am

So, I had most of my cloud code written by the time the competition had ended on Sunday, but it didn’t work.  It took me about another 20 revisions of my Parse cloud code to get things finally working (I hope!).

I must say, while I had all the concepts down; debugging cloud code was a nightmare.  And half the time, things didn’t work as I expected with their API or objects weren’t updated when I’d thought.  I really want to like their system, but this took me about four times as long as it should have.  Especially without support for transaction type calls.

Anyway, the game is exactly the same, it just now supports hooking you up with a random person and playing head-to-head.  So, if you don’t have a friend to play with, try it out here.

Please let me know if you notice anything wonky.  Thanks!

A New Challenger Approaches: Battle Box

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 12:51 pm

Well, I wasn’t originally planning on doing something for this Ludum Dare.  And I thought the minimalist theme seemed familiar… (I had done an entry for LD#11 before.)

In either case, I had a brainstorm in the morning yesterday, and I put together this game: Battle Box.

It’s a simple two-player HTML5 strategy game.

I’m actually hoping to spend the afternoon adding some cloud support in, but we’ll see if I make that goal in or not.  For now, you can play with two players locally at the link above.


More complications

Posted by
Saturday, December 17th, 2011 6:21 pm

Ugh.  Thinking I should probably just focus on the PhD application I have to submit in the next couple of days…


Posted by
Saturday, December 17th, 2011 1:11 pm

Hmm, lot harder to do this when there’s other stuff going on around you in your life…  I finished my title screen, but that’s not much…  really like my idea, but just not looking promising at the moment…

Time to bootup Photoshop

Posted by
Friday, December 16th, 2011 9:01 pm

(And go reset the router…)

You know I have my priorities straight, time to make the title screen… Will be a good intro into adding a resource to the XNA project and getting it up on the screen.

Also, figured out what resolution to go for thanks to this post: http://create.msdn.com/en-US/education/catalog/article/bestpractices_31.  It’s a little more geared to the XBox, but may want to port there eventually even though I’m working on Windows for now.

We’ll see how that goes first. Thinking dinner soon?  Yep…

Remembering why I haven’t started using XNA…

Posted by
Friday, December 16th, 2011 8:43 pm

Alright, looking at the GameStateManagement example and looks a little bit more helpful, just messy.  This page seems pretty helpful too, filled with XNA resources: http://nelxon.com/resources/xdsk2/.

Also, have a name I think: Flex.

Just need to figure out what to work on first…  Platformer example’s physics were a mess, so thinking just starting from square one again.

Dive into XNA

Posted by
Friday, December 16th, 2011 8:10 pm

Well, need to start somewhere with the platform.  Thinking about a platform type game actually…

So, looking at using the Platform example from the XNA App Hub as a basis and ripping out the graphics and of course adding 5 other layers on top.

Actually, wondering if I want to do a Jam and give myself a bit of extra time… but I’ll see where I’m at by tomorrow night…



Getting Started

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Friday, December 16th, 2011 7:38 pm

Alright, late to the party a bit, but going to try something.  We’ll see how it goes.  Actually just finished hooking up our new vanity sink to the plumbing, so real context switch here…

Even bought a new mouse yesterday to prepare as the old one was randomly double-clicking.  This one is alright, though still getting used to the middle-click.

Sorry for the randomness, been pretty busy as of late.  Also, been out of the game here since my first competition, so it’ll be interesting to be back.  Need to get better at posting more to my own site though…

Alright, theme.  Alone was one I wasn’t hoping for, but I’ll figure it out.  Actually curious about pulling in some of the runner-ups for a secondary challenge: randomly generated, parallel dimension, and forgotten places.  Ideas are forming…

Also, I’m using this competition as an excuse to learn XNA… probably a bad idea, but I have sort of used it before and am very familiar with C#, so I’m not too worried… yet…

Should stop typing and fleshing out my brainstorm and getting to work!

Good luck to all!

“Getting” Framed!

Posted by
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 7:16 am

I finally thought of a “plot” or analogy for my game to help clarify the rules and make it easier to know what to do your first time playing.  So, here it is:

Imagine you’re the owner of an exclusive new art gallery: “Framed!” with the latest technology: A wall that can automatically revolve Artwork from the show floor to the back storage room.  You currently have an art gallery on display in specially brown painted frames.  A painter is scheduled to come soon to paint all the frames in the gallery White.

Currently, you’re in the back room preparing the next showing, looking at the back of your gallery wall.  You have placed all the new artwork in shiny White frames and hung them in the special revolving slots of your wall, but you still need to replace the old “Rogue” artwork still hanging in the gallery.

You know your showcase will be a disaster if any of the “Rogue” artwork is stilling hanging in the gallery, or if you’re missing one of your new pieces of art.  You have to first replace all the “Rogue” frames’ artwork from the gallery in the back and then ensure that every frame is facing the gallery for the showcase.

The only problem you find with your new technology; however, is that you need to rotate two frames around at once.  If they’re the same size, they’ll both stay on the gallery side of the wall displaying their new artwork prominently.  If they’re of different sizes, a “Rogue” frame that was once in the gallery will flip to you in the back.  And if they were both once “Rogue” frames in the gallery, any frame that is currently in the gallery is flipped back to you.

Your goal of course, is to have flipped all the frames on your back side of the wall so they are on display in your gallery (behind the wall) and ensuring that all the current gallery pieces in the “Rogue” brown frames have been replaced.  Of course, if you fail to replace the artwork in a “Rogue” frame, or if you get stuck with one frame in the back with you (unable to flip it to the gallery) then your showcase will be a disaster.

And that’s Framed!  Of course, why doesn’t he just doesn’t go around the wall to replace the “Rogue” frames?  Maybe he forgot the key to his gallery that day, but had the store-room key, maybe it’s just another case of insisting on using the expensive new technology you just bought, maybe he was just bored…  You pick.  Enjoy!

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