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My first Ludum Dare

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Thursday, May 12th, 2016 1:36 am

First of all: excuse my bad english. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This was my first LD, and normally I wouldn’t have the time to participate, because on friday I always go to the rehearsal, playing music and drinking some beer with my friends.ย This time I didn’t go to the rehearsal, because I was on bad terms with the drummer (a very difficult person) and I decided to stay at home this time.

So I tried to get up early on saturday morning, but although I drank by far not as many beer as I would’ve drunk at the rehearsal, I didn’t get out of bed until late afternoon, when I finally started coding up a vague game idea that was somehow suitable for the theme. As a kind of a Rocky Balboa Coder (not smart, but hard) I benefited from my endurance and I was coding for 26 hours non-stop. As I submitted my entry, I was sure this game totally sucks, but I was glad that I submitted something at all. To be honest I considered not to submit the game, because I felt a bit ashamed, since my game was not ready and after 26 hours I was not been able to continue working on it (i had 8 hours or more left). I just wanted to quit and meet some friends (and drink beer at another rehearsal).

The comments where overall positive, and after some more comments, they seemed to be too positive for me. But the end results are very good too, I didn’t expect that.

#226 Fun 3.47
#251 Innovation 3.48
#361 Overall 3.33
#377 Humor 2.45
#505 Graphics 2.94
#587 Mood 2.74
#828 Theme 2.66

I am really very happy with my results. Although I think I was a little lucky, because I never had a plan what to do. I kind of “feeled” the idea more than I knew what I was wanting and doing, and just one or two hours before I submitted, I got the idea that it should be a 2 player game. That changed everything, because my original game idea didn’t work. ๐Ÿ˜‰

LD is great! Thanks.

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