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Day 1 – a game without name (for the moment)

Posted by (twitter: @Meedoc)
Saturday, April 27th, 2013 2:17 pm

Well, we took our time this morning: having a breakfast while reading the different posts, testing some prototypes we found, going to buy an additional mattress…

But finally we did it! We found a cool concept (at least we think it is) just before lunch.

We’re trying to build a game based on the economy, one of the fundamental of the Minimalism movement.

There are two avatars which have to cooperate in order to reach the exit of every level. The level is compound with several tetrominos. Each avatar has a specific action to interact with them:
1) Avatar A can rotate the tretomino under him either on X, Y or Z axis.
2) Avatar B can translate the tetromino under him either on X or Y axis.

Each avatar is linked to a limited resource, which is consumed every time he uses his action. The only way to recover a resource, is to collect elements spread trough the level. When an avatar collect one of those elements, it refills the resource of the other avatar. So, if A collect 1 element, it’s B’s resource which is refilled.

We’re currently working on the game system and its progressing smoothly. In the meantime, I’m preparing level templates. Thanks to those templates we’ll be able to produce several levels by placing the collectible differently.



Regarding the art, we have the two avatars and their animation as well as 1 environment.








We should have a prototype this night, we’ll keep you in touch! In order to reach this objective, we’ll need to recover strengths so we’re cooking a huge pot of fake carbonara ūüėÄ

I hope it’s going well for you too! =)

The day before

Posted by (twitter: @Meedoc)
Friday, April 26th, 2013 2:55 pm

6 pm, we leave the studio, leading to Tichau’s apartment near Bastille. We need to recover some stuff if we want to survive….

6:15 pm no trouble until there, we start packing the supply: cables, computers, clothes…


6:30 pm We arrive at the metro station. We’re going to face the first ordeal: crossing Paris with a huge central unit and the screen. Hopefully ¬†Nashella has a laptop¬†=)

7 pm We’re at home. Everything went well. The stairs were troublesome, but that was ok. We can now settle our H.Q.. Oh no! We forgot to buy beers & food! Let’s go to the mall!

8 pm Pfeew! Food, beer, computer: everything is fine now! Let’s have an aperitif to celebrate¬†=)


In the meantime, we’re setting up the svn, creating an empty Unity project… Nashella & Tichau are sharping their C, as a game designer I’m writing crappy things like this text, and the graphic designers will be there tomorrow morning.

10 pm enough drinks, Pizza time!


11:32 Well all that useless crap to say : We’re in and it’s going to be an awesome week end! Good luck everybody!

P.S.: (I hope the theme won’t be Afterlife¬†:P)

Lunch break

Posted by (twitter: @Meedoc)
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 5:47 am

This morning I worked on the IA and the result begin to be convincing. This afternoon I’ll spent the most of my time on the balance. I have to tweak the strength evolution of the units, the relative gains… And also make a tutorial. But I think I’ll finish on time.

The current version of the game is still playable here

P.S: I forgot to upload the last version xD

Lunch time!

Posted by (twitter: @Meedoc)
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 3:16 am

It’s lunch time in France, that’s why I’m going to leave the gathering to find the warmth of a meal cookedby my GF!

Anyway, here is a link to test the current version of my game. There are a lot of things to polish (displayed information, quality of the texts, the IA, …) but at least it seems working. I might sleep a little after that and come back on my project in few hours.

Bon appétit!

6:30 a.m. in France

Posted by (twitter: @Meedoc)
Friday, April 20th, 2012 9:38 pm

I’m working for two hours now and I already coded the main of the gameplay but I don’t have any idea for the context and the narration. I’ll think about that later ^^


And i’m not the only one working here! (and as you can see, soda bottles and sweets are out)

I’m in (from the Isart IRL)

Posted by (twitter: @Meedoc)
Friday, April 20th, 2012 10:42 am

I’m in for this 23rd ludum dare from the event organized by the Isart Digital ¬†in Paris. We’re already a dozen and I think it’s gonna be funny =)

I’m going to use :

– Flashpunk (my first game with this awesome ;
Рpyxeledit / graphics gale  / paint.net
Рsfxr  / otomata

And Happy Birthday Ludum Dare!


P.S : reminder for the frenchy frogs : armeljgibson.com/leludumdare

DAy 2

Posted by (twitter: @Meedoc)
Sunday, December 18th, 2011 7:42 am

After a break of 22h (girlfriends eat your time during a LD), it’s time to work. To begin, this beautiful day, the title screen!

End of Day 1

Posted by (twitter: @Meedoc)
Saturday, December 17th, 2011 9:53 am

Today, I spent a lot of time on my HUD (I’m not a graphic designer, and I think I cannot do better than that. So I hope it’s not too ugly…).¬† My gameplay is also ready. Tomorrow, I have to fix the level design, and integrate the sound.

The concept is simple : you are in a spaceship and you have to  follow radio instructions in order to go back home. However, actions consume energy and oxygen.

There are few surprises I keep for tomorrow =)


I just woke up, and I’m in

Posted by (twitter: @Meedoc)
Friday, December 16th, 2011 6:30 pm

It’s 2h15 a.m in France.

I just woke up, and I’m going to the office of my company where we are going to spend the weekend with Gib, Ano & others.

It’s my second ludum dare (my first was in August). I’m going to use :

Development : Unity
Graphic : Photoshop
Sound : Sfxr & Otomata

I’m going to grab some croissant. See ya!

Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @Meedoc)
Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 12:01 pm

The following content is a copy / paste from my personal website so there are maybe some useless information…



This game was made for the Ludum Dare 21 on the theme Escape.

When I was student, we had to make a game in 5 days and it was in team. That was hard. But the ludum dare performance is different for the following reasons :

  • working alone is easier for the organization
  • working alone involved to be skilled in the different domain (and’s that not the case for a lot of people… including myself)
  • working alone doesn’t help to find brilliant ideas…¬†Especially when there is a short development time
  • 48h hours is twice shorter than 5 days…

What Went Right

No big issue with the development

I didn’t across any difficulty to develop the different features of the game. All the gameplay is¬†simple, and unity offers lot’s of functionality easy to implements.

The music

Thanks to¬†Otomata, I succeed to make a music in less than 5 minutes which is not too bad. It’s one of the thing I’m the most proud in this game. I think I’ll reuse this great tools!

What Went Wrong

The development choices I did

In hindsight, I don’t think I did the best choices. I should have work more on the narration, the atmosphere of the game instead of producing a game in which the player can absorb. It’s maybe the point of a game : talk to the player. If you don’t succeed, your game is useless… I might have done an useless game…

Lacks of skills

I have knowledge to design and develop a game but I’m not skilled in graphic and sound design… And without that, it’s hard to construct a coherent game.

What I’ll do for the Next Ludum Dare

Less Content More Feedbacks

Like I said earlier, my game is not really accessible… I should have develop less gameplay and add more feedback about what’s happening in game and add more clues.

Next time, I think, I’ll try to do something simpler and more accessible in term of gameplay. Here I tried to do something maybe too strange. Building a meta riddle which is not explain to the player is maybe not the best way to entertain people..

Upgrading my skill in the meantime

I have to do more games until the next Ludum Dare in order to improve my graphic and audio skills as well as my design and development ones!

For that, I’ll finish the development of a game I began three weeks ago, and then I’ll begin a new one I want to do for years. I think I’ll useFlashpunk¬†or¬†Flixel¬†to develop it. But I have to try both before to choose between them or maybe do you have some advice?

A time lapse

I wrote¬†a¬†time lapse¬†of my Ludum Dare¬†on Monday. To avoid this boring and difficult¬†exercise, I’ll directly record my performance next time! It’ll be more interesting and easier to share =)

A flash game

I’m currently working on a game made with flash. And it will be the same with the next one. That’s why I think to use Flash for the next Ludum Dare. I haven’t used Unity for few¬†months¬†before this week end so I lost precious time with stupid bugs… (like onTriggerEnter instead of OnTriggerEnter…)

The 8 ways – riddle spoiling!

Posted by (twitter: @Meedoc)
Saturday, August 20th, 2011 9:24 am

Today is a hard day… The time is fleeing and my ideas are confused.

Anyway I’m trying to do a game with unity where the player embodies an avatar trapped in a strange place divided in 6 test rooms. Will the player succeed to escape?

Here is a screen showing one of the riddle I’m trying to insert.

a riddle (I hope it's understandable...)

If the sentences are not correct, please tell me! I’ll correct it!

I’m in & I mean it… [CCCP Gathering]

Posted by (twitter: @Meedoc)
Friday, August 19th, 2011 10:47 am

Ok I won’t continue with bad jokes… One is enough…

It’s my first Ludum Dare and I’m really excited! I don’t know if I’ll use Unity 3D or Flash, it will depend of the concept I’ll find…

For the graphics I’ll certainly use Photoshop.

For the sound, it’ll be sfxr and maybe Audacity.

For the design, a piece of paper and certainly Visio if I need to do some level design.

Anyway, I’m convinced it’ll be fun!

Good luck everyone!

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