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Tomb Soldiers – Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @@MechanicMoon)
Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 4:18 pm

Hello friends, my name is Javier (javifugitivo) and I am the Game Designer and Programmer of our game for Ld33. This time I wanted to transform the theme of this edition in a lemmings-type game, but with classic monsters of the Paramount.

The challenge was hard. I wanted a familiar game… but you are a monster, well, you are the Lord of monsters and your job is harvesting souls in the town. Our main artist was off these days, then I tried to do a pixel art character to be animated using Spriter. This tool was really useful when is combined with a 400% resize: The animations were very good without dirty pixels. We had the first thing, the next step was clear: Design the game with some puzles.

We used Game Maker Studio to design the game. This was a crazy test with hundreds of instances. The perfomance was good in Windows, but in html5 the game needed less characters. Then I thought in some things like stairs, skills and enemies.


Finally, I received some help on Monday: The musicians (Felix and Inma) recorded the fx sounds and composed the music and our artist (Edu Perez) helped me with some pieces of the background. I worked hard all the weekend, but the game was getting bigger: The enemies can be transformed in monsters to help you in your side: Oh no.. more characters, it means more animations to create and import in the game. Hours later, it was one o’clock and we had three levels done to test and a lot of sounds and graphics to add…

Fortunately, all the interface and tutorial were made at morning and a lot of small details that it is better not to do at last minute. Everything was ok, the game is in, now weĀ  need your feedback. Try Tomb Soldier, tell us what can we improve. Then, we will improve it: more levels, more quality, more fun šŸ˜‰Ā Ā  http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-33/?action=preview&uid=40539

This is a Conga Party

Posted by (twitter: @@MechanicMoon)
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 5:43 pm

This night.. working… nooooo… better, we can do a Conga Party #LD33



MechanicMoon is in!

Posted by (twitter: @@MechanicMoon)
Thursday, August 20th, 2015 2:52 pm


Hello everybody!

We are veterans in Ludum Dare, but sadly, we could join last time. This is our chance to make a really fun game. Our last game was done for the Mediavida Jam, and it was a very challenging platform/puzzle game: Light Keeper (#2) You can try it here: http://gamejolt.com/games/light-keeper/75188

This time, we have some members of the team on holidays or working, due to this, we will try to acommodate to the current situation:

  • Javifugitivo (Programmer / Game Design)
  • Felix Herrero (Music/SFX)

Now, the tools:

  • Game Maker Studio
  • Spriter Pro
  • Audacity
  • Pixlr
  • Bfxr

Enjoy yourselves and have fun making games!!


Follow us in:



Star Tycoons – Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @@MechanicMoon)
Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 3:36 am



The LD30 has finished and now is the moment to do balance. This time, the team were very motivated and our target was to do a simple game with simple mechanics, because in past editions of Ludum Dare, we ended short of time always. But the braingstorming began and… disaster again: We wanted to a Space Transport Tycoon … the time was running..


– I waste a lot of hours doing a system of movable windows, similar to an operating system. We needed a lot of screen to play and manage all and this was a big idea, but very time consuming.

– Doing a big project for a LD, we didnt learn, and about the 50% of the game is without implement. We had illustrations for a lot of events (like the pirates event), but without time to add them. We wanted to develop an enemy IA to try to obstacle your bussiness, but again without time.

– The lack of a tutorial. The barrier for this game is very high in the first moment. With more time we would have added a nice help and tutorial panels to help the player in his/her first steps.

– The sound. We didnt have a musician and/or sound artist in this LD, then I had to improvise at last moment. We know that we can improve this part a lot.


-We tried something different and we already won this time becauseĀ  weĀ  already have an incredible simulator done in 72 hours, by 3 people and with a lot of possibilities for the future. A lot of the code will be reused in future projects (like movable windows) and we are very proud of the final results.

– The graphics. Eduardo and Sinda have done an amazing work, with a lot of creativity and personal style. We always try to do games in 2d with great quality, but this time the work of these artist of Mechanic Moon, has been spectacular.

– The dynamic path system was a brainpain but at least it works well and it’s very interesting to improve and reuse it in the future. There are some bugs, I know, but the game is very stable in Html5, and we ended it in time.


– Work a lot. We always give the 100% in LD and we want to live doing games, and in this world, there isnt an easy way. The only way is to do good games.

And now, some extra art for the events that we didnt have time to add to the game :



Thanks for reading, we will see soon in the next Ludum Dare 31!!!


Going to space!

Posted by (twitter: @@MechanicMoon)
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 2:42 am

Greetings from Mechanic Moon Studio!

We are now working on a brand new project for this #LD30. Our temporal title is “Star Tycoons” and with this game we want to create a space simulator centered on planetary commerce.
Sounds awesome isnā€™t it? LetĀ“s get into business!

Players will take control of one of the two main corporations who rules one planet with the purpose of monopolize the passanger and cargo transport market. In order to do so, players will conquer moons and establish trade routes between them. Did I mention that there is a huge neutral space station in the middle?

If you want to win this game you will have the chance of hiring transport spaceships to trade three different resources. Remember that laws of offer and supply will apply here, do your best to make your colony prosper or perish!


Our develop Schedule is the following:

-Saturday: In one hand main graphic design was made but on the other hand we achieve a big leap in coding and GIU. For example, we already have emerging and moving windows on the main screen.

-Sunday: ItĀ“s time to create the path between planets and moons as well as the planetary development issues such as trade ports and satellites. In a second step we will implement the resource trade system. Lastly (and hopefully) we will develop the enemy corporation AI system.

– Monday: Dynamic and random events so you cannot expect what is coming next. And if our brains didnā€™t melt it would be the time to test and implement several of the past tasks as well as implementation of final art and sounds/music to the game.

Stay tuned for more information about our Project. We are really thrilled about this! Space, were going to the space!

Ā”MechanicMoonStudio is ready!

Posted by (twitter: @@MechanicMoon)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 3:50 am

Hello, this is the first post of MechanicMoon with the new account of LD. This time we will have some extra help in this edition. I’m going to introduce MechanicMoon’s Team:

– Javifugitivo (Javier Martinez): The main developer of the studio.

– EduPerez: TheĀ main artist.

– Sinda: TheĀ animator girl

– Shulger(Angel Sustaeta): Community manager and game designer

In this edition, we will use Game Maker Studio again and the target is improving the results of the last edition, where we entered in top 100. We are very happy for be here again, this afternoon (GMT +1) we will do streaming and more updates about our game. Connected Worlds is a difficult topic … but it has a great potential. Will we be able to surprise you? šŸ˜‰

Here are some of our past work in other LD:

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