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bat story is now released!

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Monday, December 14th, 2015 9:44 pm

Hi all,

I am pleased to say that I managed to finish my game on time.. well, “on time” meaning that before the jam -category (at least).



Maybe some postmortem or comparison to my previous (first) ldjam game could be in place, but now I just wan’t to go sleep :D.

Go check it out, drop a comment and let’s play each others games! See ya later!


Chubby Olympics – #indiesvsgamers entry.

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Tuesday, July 21st, 2015 7:16 am


Hi fellow gamedevs!

I recently participated to #indiesvsgamers gamejam and developed a simple game, and thought that I could share it here as well.

In summary, I wanted to create arcade -style sports game which pays homage to old nintendo games such as “track and field”. As it stands now, the game has only hurdling as a sport. But, it could be easily extended if people want’s to. :) The game uses gamejolt high scores API and the results has been interesting to see as a developer; I am not even close to be a best player. ūüėÄ

Have a fun playing it, plus it would be awesome if you drop a comment & rate it. After all, gamedev is a learning process.

Play link: http://gamejolt.com/games/chubby-olympics/80249


Protector of the shrine is released

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Monday, April 20th, 2015 7:08 am


I am pleased to say, that “Protector Of The Shrine” is now released.


( Play: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-32/?action=preview&uid=41499 )

This was my first¬†#LDJAM¬†entry and releasing it felt like impossible job at some point – I had so much work to be done. That being said, the game is¬†pretty raw considering all the ideas which I thought I could have time to implement: three unconventional skills –¬†instead of one.. good graphics, animations… etc.. etc…

Hence, I now think that¬†my biggest mistake were that I wasn’t ready for this game jam; I wasted too much time at the beginning of the game jam to sleep and just to come up with the idea which I should make? Around 10 hours or something? That’s ridiculous.. right? Near the end I had only two hours to make graphics at all. Hence, I now feel that¬†#LDJAM (compo) is a lot more challenging than some of the other game jams I have participated, like #GGJ as you can have a team of developers, or at least someone other than you which makes the graphics and/or sounds.

Regardless, I am still happy that I could get the game released, because¬†it’s always better to release something, than end up with nothing at all.

But anyway’s,¬†this game jam is now over. And as a final note, you can also find me from twitter as @maunovaha – I’ll tweet about gamedev and programming. Mostly about game jams when I am doing them.


A quick update about the progress

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Sunday, April 19th, 2015 10:56 am


To keep this short: time is running out for me.. and yet again – I am not exactly sure why?

Maybe, because I spent too much time to try to force program tile-based movement with game maker without relying internal AI path finding.. or maybe because my legs¬†became numb at the other night and I just couldn’t continue… Or maybe, because I had hard time figuring out what kind of game I am going to make??

Well, luckily, I have something up and running so far.



I am developing Ultima -style 2d tile-based game called “Protector Of ¬†The Shrine” in which you – as a player – need to (surprise, surprise) protect the shrine from the¬†flow of enemies.



What is the catch? What is the unconventional weapon?

So far, because I wan’t to keep the game RPG-ish I have decided that weapons will be few skills from different gods.

For instance, you have a singing skill which places instant fear to enemies… also, you can shoot a¬†love arrow which makes enemies to make love with each other.

That being said, it’s not even implemented yet …. back to coding…..

Things progressing slowly and unsurely

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 12:48 pm


A quick update where I am after hmm.. around 12 hours since I started.

After making list of game ideas, I thought that funniest could be a game about swapping body parts or using of godlike powers.

That being said, I actually wanted to get into coding phase fast and started prototyping sort of a platformer game.


( See as animation: https://twitter.com/maunovaha/status/589375545198149633 )

However, I very quickly realized that everyone is making platformer games and I didn’t want to do that. Also, I got a bit scared about the fact that platformer games usually needs a lot of level design, which is something I don’t have time to do. In short, I now believe that most of my game ideas were good – but not good enough to be game jam ideas. I decided that I need something smaller and simpler.

Therefore, I threw my platformer prototype to trash and started to make Ultima -style 2d tile-based game. Why? because I love tile-based games. ūüėÄ


( See as animation: https://twitter.com/maunovaha/status/589480823407124480 )

However, even though I did, I am still a bit unsure about my final idea. I have currently a plan of making godlike powers -game which has shrines which attract enemies. But, I still need to design whole story and the unconventional weapons around that. (yikes!)

In conclusions, I did some experiments and I have now something running on the screen with dummy graphics. Next, I just need to turn it to a fun game, which won’t be easy.


Starting with a big list of ideas

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Saturday, April 18th, 2015 4:22 am

Hi everyone.

I overslept because I did some hacking yesterday, but I am still going to make the game; Even though I have less time than I actually need. ūüėÄ

Anyway, I started making this game by thinking about the theme “An Unconventional Weapon” –¬†thoroughly.

That being said, I began the process by defining what could be an unconventional weapon and working from there towards the actual game idea. Hence, I wanted to make up more¬†than one game idea; something like 10 game ideas, but didn’t quite get there. Regardless, at the end, I actually found two ideas which seems¬†best and I will be developing those further using Game Maker and Photoshop. But, who knows? Maybe I even mix those two ideas together as a one game.. or maybe I didn’t even find my final idea yet?¬†– I guess I just need to get into coding phase fast and try different things.

Anyway, below are my initial notes about this idea -process, enjoy.

An Unconventional Weapon


Unconventional in finnish:

1. epäsovinnainen
2. epätavanomainen
3. epätavallinen
4. epätotunnainen

What could be an unconventional weapon?

– It’s a weapon which is hard to use
– It’s a weapon which is not very common, some mystical weapon?
– It’s a weapon which is pretty useless or barely a weapon at all
– It’s a weapon which can be useful if used correctly
– It’s a weapon which doesn’t need a “body” – weapon could be using of spoken words too
– It’s a weapon which doesn’t work all the time.. it has delays?
– It’s a weapon which has a life of it’s own, like a person, creature or a thing?
– It’s a weapon which works differently everytime – you don’t know what you get?
– It’s a weapon which works randomly or activates randomly?
– It’s a weapon which using is risky – it can either help you or kill you

What could be possible game idea using unconventional weapon?

– A game in which you are the weapon and the character is some player going through the game automatically. You need to hit at correct spots to kill the enemies.

– A game in which you are the character and your weapon is anything you can pick up from the scene to throw at enemies

– A game in which you are the character and your weapon is singing near the enemies

– A game in which you are the character and your weapon is a tiny dagger which you will need to use to face big enemies

– A game in which you are the character and your weapon is lazy sword which gets exhausted and needs time to breathe when you use it to swing

– A game in which you are the character and your weapon is the body parts or blood of the enemies when you kill them

– A game in which you are the character and you have multiple weapons which you can activate by swapping your lower/upper body

e.g. you can swap your lower body to be skates or skateboard to gain speed and upper body to bowman so you can shoot while you go

e.g. you can swap your lower body to karateka feets and upper body to strong fists?

Maybe you could get these power ups from the playing field?

Fun fact: At this point Jehovah’s Witnesses visited my door (in real life :D) so I got following idea:

– A game in which you are the character and you can activate powers of the gods by praying

e.g. you can use zeus to do something

e.g. you can use afrodite to do something

etc.. maybe only few gods? to keep it simple.

What are the two best ideas?

– I decided that power of the gods and multiple weapons using body swapping are best ideas so far. So I will be thinking about them next a bit further.

What kind of game genre I could have?

– I was thinking initially that I will be doing platformer (yes, haven’t done those ever.), but maybe I shouldn’t. I believe everyone is making platformers these days.???

Until next time, Cheers!

Taking part in my first ever LDJAM

Posted by
Sunday, April 12th, 2015 9:50 am

Hello developers!

My name is Mauno Vähä, I am programmer by work and hobby, and I am here to give #LDJAM a try.

As a background, I have done some #GGJ’s previously (+ some other game jams), but I have never tried #LDJAM.

That being said,¬†my expectations are high, but at the same time, I really don’t what to expect. ūüėÄ

But, if I have learned anything from previous game jams, I try to keep things simple (KISS) and just make a game which is playable + fun.

Therefore, I will be probably using at least following tools:

  • GameMaker Studio – Fast to prototype and to make games with
  • Photoshop – I have used it waaaaaaaaaay too long, so it’s best choice for graphics
  • Sounds – I have no idea, something which I need to decide while doing the game, all suggestions welcome!

So, this is the end of this short post, I look forward to the gamejam and playing the games which are created during the weekend.


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