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The Golem is OUT!

Posted by
Monday, August 29th, 2016 9:16 pm

The Golem


After three long days and sleepless nights the game is done for the jam. Destructible environment, abundance of PFX, fitting sounds, simple control, plus cartoon gore. Five short maps, thought provoking story line, and twist ending.

What are you waiting for?! Give it a try! :)

Post Mortem – Amelie the Amazing Amazon

Posted by
Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 5:32 am

Post Mortem


Try the game here

This was my second LD and this time I was alone. I could have participated in the compo, but in the end I decided to carry out an experiment with stock assets. Sadly this leads to that my game can only be rated in three categories, but that is fine. When I started collecting assets I had no idea what will I find, how will they fit together etc. In the end I kept myself to the best I could find, and discarded any not so good ones, but the style is not coherent. Also it’s quite hard to synchronize assets, and they are quite limiting. I had no jump animation in my assets, guess what, player can’t jump. I have no hit-while-run animation, so no moving arond while attacking. And yet I still spent a lot of time to use the assets, place them, and write scripts or change animations. The theme was another hard part, none of the assets were created for changing shape. I could not even find a proper werewolf model or anything. Luckily the two main charater mesh used the same skeleton and one of them was animated, they can share animation so they can shift into each other. A bit of a strech, but seen worse. :)

What went well:

  • Unity asset store was helpful. For me it was the key now. Hunting down models from other stock sites might have been more difficult. Much more. Considerint that I did not use unity other thant these two LD entries I made, it is a nice thing.
  • The “AI” was something good from start. Obviously the environment is dead simple, and the enemies are dumb as rocks, but a single rule managed to do all I wanted. The rule is that no enemy comes closer than 10 meters if there is at least 3 enemies within 10 meters already, this does not effect the ones that are already closer than that. This does not only solved the problem of swarming the player constantly, but opened up something nice. In this case if the player approaches an enemy within 10 meters they will come. But collecting souls can only be done by moving, and moving results in getting more enemies because of this, so it turns into balancing when to move. All in all I kind of happy with this, simple but effective.
  • Corpse piles. The armored enemy asset contains some collision capsules to suppor physics in a game. First I wanted to delete them as I used my simplified collision, but it turned out to add a nice feature of piles. When they die, the base capsule is turned off, but these small ones are not. They are small enough to climbe on, so enemies and the player will climb on them. Resulting in a nifty pile of corpes. Couldn’t have planned better if I wanted to.

What went wrong:

  • Morale. I tried to convince people to form a team but I couldn’t. I decided to experiment, but it was not coming together nicely. I barely had any ideas to start with, so at some points I almost gave up. If it was not for my girlfriend I might have had given up.
  • Map building. I made a whole city block on Saturday, hoping that if will inspire something about the game. In the end I spent 12 hours placing objects and turns out that the game gives the player no reason to move around more than a few meters. Also it gives no time to notice the background. Good job, shot myself in the foot with this one.
  • Missing sounds. I am not a musical person, I can play games without music, and sometimes even without sounds. I just don’t care about them. So I have hard time figuring out what sounds nice and what doesn’t. My girlfriend was kind enough to find a proper music track, but we had no time to find proper sounds. Same thing with other hit effects, like blood. Turns out that missing SFX bugged players the most, even that the games is not rated on audio.

What I learned:

  • Trust my desing instincts. After years in the game industry (as a coder) taught me a thing or two about desing.
  • Simplicity is nice. The game literally uses 4 keys, and a single picture is enough to convey that to the player. No tutorial needed, no one plays beyond 5 minutes anyway.
  • Polish is important. I probably could got better ratings with a tiny map and some SFX/VFX added.

The moral of the story? Dunno. :)

Looking for web games to try

Posted by
Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 3:29 pm

Does your game run in a browser? Or looking for some to try?

Gathering browser games in the comment, and playing them as I have time.

I finished more than fourty so far.

Also, you can try mine.

Keep posting games, I’ll try them soon.

The deed is done!

Posted by
Monday, April 18th, 2016 7:09 pm

Amelie the Amazing Amazon!

Just submited my entry to the jam. Take a look and have fun!


You can play it here!

Link fixed. :)

Amelie the Amazing Amazon – Day 2 Progress

Posted by
Sunday, April 17th, 2016 7:53 pm

Almost done with the game but I need to sleep. Tomorrow some finishing touches and off I go!

Here is the progress so far:

Including proper gameplay features, like:

  • Killing enemies
  • Enemies killing back
  • Souls to collect
  • Actual shapeshifting into a powerful amazon
  • Random weapon on shapeshift
  • Health regeneration
  • Highscore in the end
  • Music (not mine)
  • Also a game name: Amelie the Amazing Amazon!

Yes, the content is third party from the unity store free section. So I’m opting out from graphics. And audio. And humor. Is there anything left?

Day 1 progress

Posted by
Saturday, April 16th, 2016 6:59 pm

I do not really resonate with this theme, but I try to create a game anyways. Lacking any artists I decided to experiment with free unity assets (opt-out on graphics category, of course). Some of them are really good. The progress so far is a fully created level, basic enemies, combat system (damage/hp/regeneration/armor), spawning enemies with minimal AI.


Design Postmortem

Posted by
Thursday, September 10th, 2015 2:45 pm

Eternal Rest

Menu art

Menu art

In our team of two I was both programmer and designer. The programming part was nothing exciting, I wrote an A* and a simple dungeon generation, nothing earth shattering. Both design is a different thing.

I work as a professional game programmer, so I have all the background an opportunity to make games. And I was always interested in game design, made a couple of (unfinished) games. This jam was interesting because I had to design as much a game as possible in as little time as we have, especially besides programming. Unity helped a lot on the later part, which is big plus. I certain that we couldn’t produce a game like this with my (self written) engine.

The good:

  • Familiar theme and genre: Dungeon hack and slash is not a new thing. It was a good decision to go for it, less time needed to figure out unique gameplay concepts which would otherwise be needed.
  • Pixelart look: This was mostly my artist friend’s decision, who made all the content for the game. We started (and stopped) a similar looking project months ago, but the experience remained. All content here is new, but he could replicate the look and feel of the old project more easily than creating a new style.
  • Balance: The whole game balance was quite last minute. I had values set up for the game (damage, health, speed, etc…) from the beginning, and they mostly seemed to work in the end. I had to change only a few of them in the end, a bigger part just worked. Surprising for me… :)
  • Enemy variety: There are 4 types of enemies, normal and boss version of each. I know it’s not perfect, but I think they do their parts. The fighters are simple close combat enemies without much of a thing. The rogues are a bit more interesting with their invisibility (other than the lack of hint about them being there) and trap disabling feature (not communicated). Wizard is the basic ranged enemy, nothing fancy other than able to see the player even when invisible. And clerics are changing the battlefield quite considerably without killing the player immediately. All in all based on the playtests I saw they do their job splendidly. Compared to the scope of the project, of course.

The neutral:

  • Map generation: It’s not horrible at the moment, and actually it is the first piece of code I wrote, but not great either. I’d say that some design touch would have been needed there to make it more interesting, other that tweaking variables to generate more or less open spaces and various size of maps.
  • AI: Same as above. Does it’s stuff but not shining. You can separate the group as intended, but mostly you can do that with running around like crazy and suddenly hide behind a corner. My ideal way would be to actually use the treasures and traps to lure them away, and they should have been shouting for help limiting your time to kill the stray ones…

The bad:

  • Player feedback: This is the part where the game is only half done. We have sounds and blood spills, even some UI, but more would be needed. Like invisibility indicator (both player and enemy), minimap, opponent health display, more particle effects (blood when hit, death, holy sigil casting, etb…). Sadly we had no more time, so this is the area which was lacking in the end.
  • Abilities: The health absorbing touch attack was fine, and I’m mostly satisfied with the shooting spell as well, but the traps and treasures are not like I imagined them.  I wanted to add some ambush like gameplay, where you lure some enemy off the group, force them into traps, etc. Right now they are barely usable. And one ability was never made but it has a control button mapped.
  • Variety: In sense of game experience. I might be harsh to myself, but I think that a game has maybe two kind of approach and not more. Mostly because of the above mentioned ability problems I think. Some earlier gametesting would might highlighted this earlier. Did I mentioned that pre-submission playetest was done the way that I told the artist to play the game 30 minutes before times was up? Not enough clearly…

All in all, I’m satisfied with the game as it is. In this short time we did a decent job, and I learned a lot about design decisions and gut feelings. I hope you enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed making it.

I’ll write some more if you are interested in it. Feel free to comment or ask about details.

You can try it here.

Eternal Rest update

Posted by
Monday, September 7th, 2015 5:17 pm

I finally had some time to do a quick update on the game.

  • Better invisibility (shadow stays visible)
  • Minor AI fixes
  • Quicker player attacks
  • Bosses properly colored to match their classes
  • All enemy types introduced in the first 4 levels
  • Random dungeon direction

Try the game here! The web version is updated, the downloads are the old ones.

Menu art

Early morning patch

Posted by
Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 5:09 am

I had to fix the bugged invisibility first time in the morning, as it stayed forever on. Stupid dev cheats. :)

Any reviews are welcome, this is our first entry.

Eternal Rest


Our first LD jam entry: Eternal Rest

Posted by
Monday, August 24th, 2015 9:15 pm

I always wanted to make a game for LD but somehow it always eluded me. But not this time.

Which is a great feeling. In 72 hours we (an artist friend of mine and me) made a game with unity from scratch. It is actually better than I expected it will be. Especially that this is my first unity project, luckily it has plenty of tutorials all over the net. All in all, our reverse-dungeon hack-and-slash is done. I’m going for a (non eternal) rest now. Post mortem later.



You can try it here.

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