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We, Dutchess Games, are a team of three Dutch game students and this is the first time we've participated in a game jam.


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End of the Final Day

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Monday, April 28th, 2014 6:19 pm

It’s been a tough few days, but we learned a lot!
Here’s our entry!

It isn’t finished, it’s glitchy and it isn’t as polished as we would have wanted to make it, but it was a great learning experience!
We could experiment with some new things we wanted to try out, whether it was art or certain functions in Unity.
It was a great first game jam, and it was lots of fun to do with others!

At the same time it was a very tiring experience, as none of us really got any sleep, but it was worth it.

Have a Good Night!

– Mathijs, Masha and Jaden

Hi everyone! The final day is here!

We’ve made some progress with our game, we’ve implemented art and our poor ill programmer is working very hard to get everything to work as it should.
The art styles of the other artist, Jaden, and me don’t quite match yet, as I made semi-pastel flat-ish art and Jaden made epic tree monsters, but this is being worked on.
It seems that we’ll have a pastel coloured tree take over the world. But that’s ok, it will be a very happy game.
I’m not quite sure if we’ll have enough time to create walking people, I’m working on enemies and some other things,  Jaden is working on making moving Yggdrasil sprites. On top of that we still have to make music and sfx. So I guess we’ll see where we will end up!

Good luck with your own projects, everyone!

– Mathijs, Masha and Jaden

Dawn of the Second Day – 47 Hours Remaining –

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Saturday, April 26th, 2014 6:50 pm

Hello everyone!

We are a team of three game students who go by the name Dutchess Games, which is both a reference to our nationality and a pun, and we are very excited to take part in our first Ludum Dare.

We are making a game about the tree of life “Yggdrasil”, who is a God in our game, he attempts to restore the connection between man and nature. He hopes to accomplish this by taking over the earth and sucking the life out of people.

In these screenshot you see the gameplay of Yggdrasil using a vine to consume a human (the red things). Naturally this is a work in progress and the art hasn’t been implemented yet.

These are thumbnails, concept art of our poor unfortunate souls, which will be consumed by Yggdrasil.
Concept art 1

Yggdrasil is really neat, but he is too much to take in for now, therefor he shall be exposed another day.

We are very excited to see the creative ideas other people came up with. Good night and good luck with your projects!

– Mathijs, Masha and Jaden.

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