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my procrastinated post mortem

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Thursday, December 17th, 2015 11:17 pm
So, this is my post mortem.

It was my second ludum dare (the first alone) and some things went better and others not so much.
Let’s see:

procratinator tvProcrastinator tv

Went right:

  • Better practice on pixel art (not good yet)
  • Learned that it’s better to have a color palette (I have used this site -> https://coolors.co/).
  • Improved mood (this is something I really appreciate while judging other games)
  • Learned something about Construct2 path finding behaviour (despite the fact that in the end I didn’t use it)
  • Streaming. This time I had streaming in real time. So if you want to see how I developed this game you can see in last videos at http://twitch.tv/martim00. You can also follow me if you want! =) I am developing an adventure game engine based on phaser.js!
 cleaning the houseCleaning the house

Went wrong:

  • time (when you work in a group you can focus on details that make difference, especially sound, music and animation. Those things were left to last hours, this time)
  • jogability and usability (I think those could be improved, like some commenters have pointed. Notably the player deacelleration and procrastinator time alert)
sprayKilling cockroach
You can play my game here

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