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I started making games on the Commodore64 in BASIC, inspired by Leisure Suit Larry, I started making "graphic" adventure games and discovered I had even more fun making them than playing them. I like to think of game development being a form of creative self expression, and have been happiest working either alone or with a small team. Consequentially I put together my own website (MartianGames.com) for self-publishing my games in the browser, which to this day still feels like the best way to go for being truly independent. (I like to be my own "Green-Light" process. ;)

When I'm not working on games which in some way or another are to help me to pay bills, I'm working on algorithmic music generators to be used for real-time composition in games.

In my spare time I'm either playing piano, or studying physics. I think I cover all the bases of being a fully fledged Nerd. If you're a geek like me, send me a hello! I'm always glad to meet others inspired by the interactive arts. ;)

-Shadow Moon-


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Soccer Cow!

Posted by (twitter: @MartianGames)
Monday, April 20th, 2015 3:57 am

Just a highlight video of progress from yesterday.. less than a day left until completion:


I’m still programming, so Jenni is checking out the Ludum Dare streams on Twitch & saying hi .. she made the cow & found the moo fx for our submission!

MartianGames.com | twitch.tv/JenniNexus

We got out mic & live-streaming channels up recently so hope to see ya all around more soon!

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