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Sow panic!

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Saturday, August 29th, 2015 6:31 am
screen panic

The game had a problem: many people who did not respond to your actions (other than murder). This is fixed. Now you can sow panic and provoke the werewolf! 😉

Elusive werewolf

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Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 9:49 am

Jack vs Werewolf

We did the detective game called “Jack vs werewolf.” The game has only one monster – but even he is hiding in human form. When the monster takes a bestial form, it kills less than one second (seriously – this is a monster, not a sheep :) )

Players often write: “I do not know what to do!” Alas, the game requires training, which is not out of time.
So, I will explain the werewolf.

A werewolf can not speak, it does not have weapons. He will not attack when the room is a lot of people (if not famine). After the attack, he takes the victim’s face and tries to get away as possible from the scene of the crime. He goes to the victim before the attack. Sometimes the monster scares people – this way you can also calculate the monster. You can try to stay with the suspect alone in the room – but it is dangerous. You can follow the silent type. You can even shoot all suspicious persons. You can come up with their own way.

How clean do you conduct an investigation – it depends only on you.

Good luck, monster investigator! :)

Jack vs Werefolf – postmortem

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Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 9:50 am

screen2 - копия

You play as Jack. Jack has a monster investigator. Jack has a bad humanist when Jack meets a werewolf, then kills him.

If you support the game, when something in the game will be able to track down the monster and tell him: You’re a monster!”. And maybe it will fix a monster. Or maybe it will kill Jack. Unfortunately, I did not have time to do it. But I did the remain :)
Link to the game: here

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