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My name is Manuel Etchegaray and im an Argentinian indie game developer, I enjoy making almost any kind of games and try new tools from once a while, even trough my main Dev tool is GameMaker (wich is what i always use at Ludum Dare)

Hope you enjoy what i do! :)


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Might be in.. silently..

Posted by (twitter: @Metchegaray7)
Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 11:53 am

So, this is my first Ludum Dare with all the tools set up RIGHT, last time I always had an isue that didnt really allowed me to FULLY enjoy the beauty of Ludum Dare, but this time, there is really nothing stopping me from participating in the whole thing. excpet.. *drums* WORK!

Other times I either didnt had internet, or my screen got busted and had to use my 32″ TV (ouch to me eyes), but now I even have a brand new desktop PC, so I CAN NOT be out! I may have a liiitle less time to work on the game during saturday because of work, but hopefully it wont be as bad as my brain thinks it will be. We shall see.

Soo, declaration of tools; Not any different than past LD’s, I am thinking to learn something different for the next one, maybe Ubity, but it really scares me to use a different set of tools, given that my speed at making prototypes and overall poolishing with GMS is excellent, unlike Unity or AS3:

Mandatory setup pic:


Screw the Neus 7 camera..


Thats about it, best of luck to everyone, and rock on! >:D

Return Home: Post Mortem + Timelapse

Posted by (twitter: @Metchegaray7)
Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 3:57 pm

Return Home


When the theme was announced I was actually expecting something like ‘Dreams’ or ‘Ancient Ruins’ to the the winner, but I was susprised by the majority, as usual.. Altrough it took me by surprise (I had Minimalism voted as neutral, havent even considered it), it wasnt a bad theme, unlike past LD’s.. It gave a more broad range of stuff I could do.
Basically, in my head, any game can be minimalistic’d, with the proper approach. Minimalism isnt a restrictive theme at all, au contraire; Its so broad that you can make practically anything, and had it fit the theme somehow.

So, after that my idea was to make an isometric game or a shoot em’ up. I went with the Isometric idea first, and having made only one little isometric game in my whole life, I found it exhausting. Too much little stuff that just dint worked the way I expected, too much code for simple tasks like having to recognize in wich tile im on, etcetera. I ditched iso right away with the promise of coming back to it later on the future, but never again on a LD.

Started with, what I thought it was a shmup, while watching some retro/vintage science fiction posters around the web, and fell in love with some of the styles I found there. I was always a big fan of retro-like stuff, and vintage posters are simply beautiful (when properly done), not to mention most of them are drawn very minimalistically. so the game was started and intended to look like one of those right away. Having the style defined allowed me to start pushing other aspects of the game quickly, like asteroids and props, also creating the gameplay super quickly :)

ships designs

While developing the initial aspects of hte game, wich was supossed to be a vertical shmup, I kinda thought of the story behing this little ship I drew.. It looked like a rescue or transport ship more than a fighter/warship.. So maybe we just have to go somewhere or escape from somewhere instead of shooting random hordes of aliens..? And so it happened that I ditched the shmup idea to make a vertical dodge-and-survive kind of game. It lacked most of the elements I would have liked for it to have, but overall, I really liked it, not to mention that the visual outcome was, besides minimalist, very beautiful, even to my likes!

I finished the game within the initial 30 hours of the competition, being the quickest LD for me until now, for wich I am very satisfied, but I lacked the imagination to use the rest of my spare time.. I would have liked to add more stuff to dodge and maybe even stuff like powerups, but I just couldnt think of anything that suits both the theme and the game idea. even until now I found that to be hard work.

Overall, most important things went just fine:

  1. I finished the vast majority of the game within 24 hours and all of it within 30hs.
  2. I defined a style right into the beggining of the compo, that allowed me to focus on more important things quickly.
  3. Having made everything so quickly also left me with plenty of time to develop and poolish different platform ports, especially HTML5 wich is usually a pain to fix, works just as fine as the desktop version with a couple minimal graphical discrepances.
  4. Slept more than enough
  5. Timelapse didnt failed (phew!)

What went wrong:

  1. The game is not as extense as I would like, solely because of my lack of imagination for it, since I had plenty of time to add new stuff.
  2. Besides the art style, the game doesnt fit the theme much more.. its a 50/50 thing.
  3. No music/sounds.. completely forgot until the last day, and I was like, ‘oh well, who needs that stuff’
  4. havent really gone out home in the entire weekend, and I just focused on the game the whole time, in the end I got really stressed. I just wanted to go out and run ~100 miles.
  5. havent drew anything on paper before starting, in the end it didnt affected me because I developed the idea right away, but it is the second time in a row I do this, and im scared I wont be so lucky next time.
  6. Didnt had a reliable internet connection during the entire compo, that kinda slowed me down a couple times, especially when looking for inspiration or particular images. Not to mention IRC kept on closing unexpectedly and twitter didnt even loaded :(

Game page:
(the game works on Windows, HTML5 and Android)

Timelapse video:

As usual this was a super-awesome experience, I havent really worked on any game since last month, and the ammount of inspiration this competition pumps on me is priceless, you are all awesome, and I am looking forward to play ALL of your games asap!!

Thanks Ludum Dare people!! =D

Introducing: The Potato Seal of Aprooval

Posted by (twitter: @Metchegaray7)
Sunday, April 28th, 2013 12:49 pm

Soo, I read around Twitter someone suggested we should have this, and here it is, The Potato Seal of Aprooval!


Medium size seal



There is also a 512×512 png seal for all of you hi-res lovers:

Feel free to use wherever you want and do whatever you like with it, spread the (potato) love!


Off to bed! zZzz

Posted by (twitter: @Metchegaray7)
Saturday, April 27th, 2013 11:28 pm

So, today was quiet, not much besides what I origianlly planned to add, wich were only a couple things, tomorrow I should try adding everything I left aside..

Final title screen

Final title screen

Submitted some early builds of the game,just in case tomorrow, for some reason, I cant get into the website (I am tethering internet from my phone, anything can happen!), but I will make sure I update it with the latests build right into the deadline 😀

What is done:

  • All the basics; gameplay, movement, controls, points, death, restart.
  • Title screen, pause screen, all working together.
  • Most if not all graphics. (I still have a few wich I would like to change)
  • Lives (actually ship’s health) and ‘shooting stars’ (they restore the ship)
  • Scores saving/highscores.
  • Gor it working on Windows, HTML5 and Android 😀
  • Tested everything a lot!
  • ..?

Tomorrow there are a couple more things to do:

  • Add a one or two more dangers (imagination, please come back! =S )
  • Add a small introductory screen.
  • Fix the HTML5 port restrictions.


See you all tomorro, good luck!

Progress update!

Posted by (twitter: @Metchegaray7)
Saturday, April 27th, 2013 11:28 am

So, everything is going smoothly.. nothing got me stuck since I am keeping it as simple as possible, wich is pretty great!

Title Screen

Title Screen

The style is very minimalistic, I actually like it a lot (its been a while since I made anything like this, I was all pixels lately), made in CorelDraw to keep it as clean as possible. The game has all the basics done already, now I should start focusing on adding more diversity to it, I dont like it being only asteroids, it gets boring quickly.. I was thinking on comets, huge planets, shooting stars for bonuses? dunno.. I have lots of time left so I guess I can play with it for a while 😀

Minimalism? Oh yeah, THAT!

Posted by (twitter: @Metchegaray7)
Friday, April 26th, 2013 11:22 pm

5hs in.. Here is what i’ve been working on, first I started doing something isometric, wich is kinda wht was on my mind before the theme was announced, After about an hour I sent iso to f*** itself and started… well, this:



It doesnt really have much into, but its going smoothly, I should drop style now and focus on gameplay before its too late. Oh and I think I have a name already!, Return Home

looking at the picture I realize my asteroids look like giant potatoes. hehe…

(Im serious, it was an accident!!!!! =S )


I will try to be IN!

Posted by (twitter: @Metchegaray7)
Thursday, April 25th, 2013 9:34 am

I may be able to, I may not, who knows! Last week my computer’s LCD got busted, so now im developing on my TV (thats 32″ at 1900×1024 baby, yeah!, 1gb timelapse ftw!!!!), so because of this my time in front of it wont be as much as other times, so much HD awesomeness really stresses my eyes.

Also, to sum up problems, I have no internet right now, so I will be tethering from my phone all the time, wich means IRC and maybe a devlog here and there.. it may make things difficult for the submission.. oh well..

SO, the bunch of tools I will (or may?) be using:

  • IDE: GameMaker Studio Professional (Windows, HTML5, Android)
  • Sounds: BFXr
  • Graphics: GMS built in editor, PyxelEdit and CorelDraw X6 (depending on what comes out!)
  • Timelapse: Chronolapse, fo’ sho’!

Thinking about it, im never ‘sure’ if I will enter, but most of theese times is when I do enter the compo, soo.. we all know how this is going to end *wink*


GO POTATOES!!!!!…. Oh.

Posted by (twitter: @Metchegaray7)
Monday, December 24th, 2012 3:42 pm

Hello everyone! I am here today to share with you a game that was born here, in the Ludum Dare, as a warmup game, and now I completed it as a fully playable game with everything a real game needs; Achievements, story, infinite mode, unlockable weapons, highscores, etcetera, etcetera! :)

Promotional poster

Promotional poster

The original game, formerly ‘Earth Defenders’ was a crappy minigame I made as a warmup for my first Ludum Dare, under an interesting mechanic: A 360º Space invaders twisted clone. at the moment with my little game design skills and motivation it ended up being fun, but not fun nough, and definately not as pleasant!

So, three months ago and three years after that initial minigame I decided to completely remake it from scratch, I dumped every bit of that old minigame and started writing this new, enhanced version of it, with High definition graphics, a touch-screen friendly interface, and cross-platform. The result was Earth Defenders HD, and it is now complete 😀





You can obviously play it on Google Play for free here:

Earth Defenders HD on Google Play



Enjoy it and dont forget to share it with your friends, thanks everyone! :)

Burglar post-mortem

Posted by (twitter: @Metchegaray7)
Monday, December 17th, 2012 6:15 pm

Nice Ludum Dare this was! allow me to start by saying that I had a the most awesome time with all of you guys, as usual, so thanks for that 😀

This weekend started pretty badly, and for the sake of irony, right after the theme (you are the villan) was announcedI almost got robbed coming back home. After that, and as you might see on the timelapse later, it influnced a lot on the final design of the game. After that I tried to keep up with my original plans for the game, but my mind was so messed up, that I couldnt have any work properly done. So I went to sleep triying to accomodate my head and thoghts.

On the next hours everything went better and better, I woke up completely renewed, still with some hangover, but in a pleasant working mood and much more relaxed. drank some coffee, eat some cake, and started coding and drawing a preliminary platforming engine. From then things went their natural course, influenced by my previous night I had my villan, a thief, and pretty much had an idea on my head about what to do with him. I also was decided to make a simple 4-colour palette style and a gameboy-like screen size, to compensate all the lost time and get into the game as quickly as possible without worring much about the looks.

Starting day 2 I had all the basic stuff done and I was missing the actual gameplay. This is where my mistakes start; having the basics done and no gameplay at such point of the compo is pretty bad, and I knew that, but I kept working on secondary stuff I saw then as very important. This wasnt wrong, it was work that had to be done sometime on the weekend, but having left the gameplay for the last 12 hours didnt allowed me to make any sudden changes to it, just keep going with all I had in mind, and get in time for the deadline!

Now, I never got to add a couple things I wanted wich are pretty important. The most important missing feature I guess its cops. Being a villan with no good guys to stop you is boring! this is a key flaw in the game, and I know it! this was because I needed to add this after I finish the gameplay, as my idea of cops where guys with weapons chasing you, and shooting to you, I needed to have pretty much everything else done before starting to work on them. I finished all of that, but when I started writing the cops AI it was too late, just 15 minutes before the compo ends.

Title screen

Title screen

What went right:

  • I kept on going even after what happened the night before starting, almost quit then but now I am glad I havent!
  • Even trough it was a time-related descition, the gameboy style turned out pretty well, despite some visual flaws due to my inexperience in low color-depth design.
  • Slept a lot and didnt missed a single food, kept me energyzed all the time 😀
  • I managed to somehow include something that happened to me into the game, not precisely how I would have liked, but feels great for a game to have your emotions bulked-in.
  • Fortnately hte game works on HTML5 just as fine as in desktop, I know many will appreaciate that!

What went wrong;

  • No cops = no good guys to beat :(
  • Chronolapse crashed/closed? ~5 hs before the end and I didnt noticed.
  • First time working with low color depth sprites, found it difficult to contrast dark areas and some other areas wich ended up being hadly noticeable.
  • Controls are a bit hard to get used to, and I never made any tutorials or intro because they felt very natural for me while making them and so, I completely forgot.
  • Never drew anything on paper for the final design, and so every stage, weapon, animation, and even style was improvised on-the-fly. that was bad, bad, bad.


I also ported the game to Android today, I only tested on my phone so dont kill me if its completely crazy, but it worked fine onmine so you should be Ok, you can check out all ports (html5, windows and android) in here!

Oh, and you can also see the timelapse, of crouse!

Cheers to everyone, especially everyone who chats around the IRC constantly, and dont forget to voteee! 😀


Posted by (twitter: @Metchegaray7)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 7:44 pm

Finished after so much work! yay!! The game is named ‘Burglar’ (because I saw a few other games named ‘thief’ around there hehe), In the game you go around stealing, shooting and killing people, entering houses and buying weapons.

Title screen

Title screen

You can play see the game right here!, I had to cut off a few features I initially thought to add, like cops to chase you, and an Android port, The later I will look into making it tomorrow or sometime around this week, along with the timelapse, before the whole voting starts. Right now I am very tired and pleased I finished just in time 😀

Thanks everyone for this super awesome weekend, probably the craziest weekend of my life!

Lovee ♥

Almost theere!

Posted by (twitter: @Metchegaray7)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 1:25 pm

Yay! my game is almost done, just a couple details to go (cops, a little menu and key instructions), but everything else is pretty much done and working flawlessly on HTML5!






MIght also make an Android version if I have some spare time left! 😉


7 hours of work – Progress!

Posted by (twitter: @Metchegaray7)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 6:13 pm

7 hours of work already, I started quite late but I think I have most of the base already done;


7 hours 7 hours



In the game you are a thief, you go around stealing from people and buying bigger weapons to steal more and in different places, you can switch weapons at any time, and on.

I am happy that the game runs in HTML5 equally smoth than in an .exe, except for the anti-alias wich I cannot remove! (grrr!) One day left to fix that 😛

Weirdest night of my life, Ludum dare, coffee and cake!

Posted by (twitter: @Metchegaray7)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 10:56 am

So, where to start!? if this wasnt the most extraordinary I wouldnt mind about sharing it to you guys, it is completely unrelated to making games, but this is certainly going to have an impact on my game for this LD.

The story starts yesterday, right after the theme was announced, I left my home to a party with my girlfriend (wich I didnt wanted to go on the first place). The party sucked, and we went home early by sugestion of a drunk version of myself. I accompanied her to her house, not to far from where the party was, and I started my journey back home trough a semi-dangerous neightborhood at 5 AM, all alone. Halfway from home, I cross eyes with two individuals walking on my opposite direction, three seconds later they turned around and started to follow me. It al happens blazing fast, they had a knife, they where pressing it into my stomach while pushing me into an alley. I was drunk, and didnt moved a finger, just stayed there, watching how the situation developed itself. When I raise my eyes to the street looking for someone near,  I see a police truck patrolling. Imagine my relief when I saw they stopped to see what was going on, afterwards they got down, asked me if they had done anything to me, threw the two guys to the floor, took their knifes, and proceeded to interrogate me on the police station for about one and a half hour.

Then I came back home, walking because the police men didnt had any cars available to take me back..  Once I got back my idea was to start working on the game, but I had this feeling in my guts, it was half hangover and half trauma, this sort of stuff never happened to me, and if it wasnt because of the police men who passed by, im pretty sure I would have got stabbed (and robbed of course)

After a few awful draws, stupid ideas wich led to nowhere, and my incapacity to draw anything on paper because of my shaky hands, I decided the best was to go to sleep and let both the hangover and trauma of the moment fade away. So here I am now, fresh and happy because I am the luckiest bastard in town, and I got two mother*****s in jail at least for a week (according to the police men)

Gameboy pallete tilesets

Gameboy pallete tilesets

In an hour after I woke up I got an idea, a little bit inspired because of everything that happened to me last night, you are the thief, you have to break into other poeple’s houses, rob them avoid alarms, dogs, goats, grannys, steal their stuff, catch em in the street, buy guns or stuff to make your tasks easier and, above all, avoid getting capturated. Well, thats the concept!

I decided to go with a gameboy classic layout and palette for this one, basically because I just lost many hours on my venture, and I cant afford to waste any time now!

Gato and I enjoying a delightful coffee+cake lunch/breakfast/whatever :)

Gato and I


Enjoy your lifes guys, you never know what might happen, and above all, HAVE FREAKING FUN!!! 😀

Im in?

Posted by (twitter: @Metchegaray7)
Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 5:25 am

I really dont like to say im in anymore because lately I wasnt able to join Ludum Dare for a few personal reasons, overall, I was too busy. But this weekend seems like its going to be rather dull, so im 90% sure I’m in this time!

Declaration of tools I will use:

  • GameMaker Studio (engine)
  • CorelDraw X6 (for vectorial art)
  • PyxelEdit (pixel art)
  • BFXR (sounds)


No music for sure, not only I suck at it, there is no way I could write anything in two days without sucking at it completely, so I wont bother on wasting any time on that. Time is golden coins around here!

Best of luck to you all, love ya! :)


Ps: OOHH, its 12/12/12 😀


LD22 after-shave

Posted by (twitter: @Metchegaray7)
Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 4:49 am

I cant be happier with the results, in the end my entry got a great tied-2nd place on Graphics category (along with superb Deepnight’s Last Breath) and 21st place on the overall results, wich is pretty freaking awesome if you consider the 717 entries that participated on the compo 😀

I wasnt actually expecting that much from my game, since there where many, many other great games to play, so i’m very happy with the results!

OMFG! Statistics!

On this ludum dare i did something just to please my own curiosity, i set up an automatic statistics grabber for my game, using an old method i set up for some of my older projects. The thing is pretty simple, just retrieves the current date, how far the player has gone into the game, number of lives and time played. The result was pretty neat; you can check it out on my website on the link below (or click on the iamge above):

Overall results arent that impressive trough, the game got played mostly after the compo ended, and then it dropped to a more constant rate of (about) 4 plays a day :)

So, rounding up; Thanks to everyone who played my game, and thanks to everyone for making of Ludum Dare an awesome experience, i really hope to be around next time! :)

Lost Porst Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @Metchegaray7)
Monday, December 19th, 2011 11:11 am


First pot mortem ever haha, many things to say about this ludum dare! First of all, thanks to everyone for making out of this the best gaming competition ever, without any other people posting stuff all the time and chatting on the irc it wouldnt be the same, it keeps the motivation up in the sky even if you arent doing anything interesting, so thumbs up everyone for that!

Now with the game. At first, i had this idea of a racoon who is alone and must gather trash and food to survive on the city.. but the bloddy racoon kept looking like a cat! i hated him so i left him as a cat.
Then, i started writing the platforming engine based on the animations i just drew, i rewrited it afterwards but having that done quickly helped me a lot to start designing the entire game in very short time, so it was three hours after i started and i already had an idea, a style and an engine! yay! it was time to get into the theme.

After making the engine and the first levels i stopped for a while, i needed a story.. so, its a cat. and he is alone.. it naturally suggests the cat has been abandoned or something liked, and since i was rejective to the idea of abandonment (too sad for me hehe) i developed this “i forgot my cat on a road trip!” idea.. silly but it works!
So after having a bit of a placeholder intro i wrote a few more levels, added stuff, lives, texts and other stuff and took a long break before entering the last day.

Now on the last five hours i was determined to finish as much as i could, so i took the damn thing and started rewriting the platform collissions, added a menu (wich took me less than expected), sounds, finished the intro and mini tutorial, added one more level, GFX (rocks, water splash, orbs), fixed bugs and added a stats tracker. I actually ended up with enough time to make more stuff, but my ambitions where beyond the time i had left; I wanted to make a pretty Day/Night cycle to make things easier for me when making more levels, but after starting it i realized it was too much, so i submitted the game without it.

Rounding up;
What went right?

  1. I completed a style i wanted to have on a game for a long time, kind of like a neo-retro thingy. i also managed to make a 2x scaling engine with surface in very short time, because i already had everything on m yhead from a start.
  2. The platform engine turned up really well, despite the few bugs.
  3. I managed to complete the intro in a way it actually explains what happened, at first it seemed as if you where abandoned and seemed crude.
  4. I kept the game simple all along wich kept me on a very constant workflow during the whole time, also managed to  balace the ammount of sleep and work, unlike other times.
  5. Had tons of fun! :)

What went wrong?

  1. I couldnt finish the advanced day/night thingy (too much to do in so little time)
  2. During the whole compo i couldnt think of a reliable ending so i left that aside for too long.
  3. No timelapse! forgot to turn on chronolapse.. a pity because it would have been awesome!
  4. I suck at platforms level design hehe, specially with puzzles and such.


Now its time to see the results of everyone’s work, Cheers and good luck!

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