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20th hour: Off to bed – First Day wrap-up

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Saturday, December 17th, 2011 3:25 pm

I am off to bed now for the next 4-5 hours.
Will have to think of a better way to implement the event system and the sort: currently sorta stuck on that. Atleast the door is done… >:O I think…

I came to the conclusion that trying to do stuff in Unity 3D might most of the time end up being unnecessary complex making it, at least in my opinion unsuitable for LD Compo atleast when doing it the first time around. (If id have time, I would do the jam, however I’m on a schedule my self, going on a flight a few hours after the compo is over)

So far heres a list of things I’ve done:

  • Made a cliche horror plot
  • Made a scene in Unity 3D
  • Added a seamless, custom Skybox to the scene,
  • Adjusted rendering settings
  • Created two scripts: Light Flickering, and Door opening/closing relative animation through script
  • Created two materials: Dirt and Asphalt
  • Created, Designed, Modeled, Unwrapped and Optimized a Gas Station base build
  • Created Glass panels and doors for the Gas Station

As a side analysis: Most of my time was spent on figuring out how exactly does the GameObjects communicate with each other, and with working on frame-based updates instead of timer based updates, or with crunching some, really annoying bugs.

Good night, and see you all in a few hours.

Progress on the 18th Hour – That, bloody door!

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Saturday, December 17th, 2011 1:37 pm


So, I finally started working on the gameplay, even thought I was supposed to do that instead of fiddling around heavily on perfecting my UV maps and working on textures. But immediately starting to work on it,I hit the door instead of the wall, figuratively and quite literally:

I just couldn’t get a smooth closing scenario for the script to work, It kept either A. going round and round and round, or B. only opening and never closing. So after, possibly a FEW HOURS spent on a bloody door trying to figure out alternate method perhaps, I finally got it to work. Anyway, lets see how well I can do this “player->object” interaction part.

Anyway, the timelapse is probably gonna be funny seeing me fiddle around with a door for a minute or so..

Been writing my self into a corner, fixing that.

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Saturday, December 17th, 2011 10:06 am

Apparently the way How I’ve written my requirements, appears to be making me have some limited design issues:

The original game idea goes as follows and is laden with typical cliches, except that the ending is a twist

More after the break:


Visually: Progress 12 hours in

Perhaps the most annoying part currently is the fact that Unity is unable to automatically convert models I create in blender,

from its blend files into fbx when I would place the .blend files in the assets, Instead It keeps complaining that it cannot convert, and claims my blender is older than 2.49 (I am using 2.61). For now I’ll do this manually, but it slows down the process slightly. Anyway heres a screenie of the current progress:

I fixed issues with the skybox and made it much darker once I added a ground texture (will add more lighting soon). I then proceeded to create the only major structure that will be in the game, the gas station.

Still investigating into making the first person point-and-click mechanic to work . If anyone has any tutorials I could check out, feel free to leave a comment :)




9 hours into LD22 – Working on environment and style

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Saturday, December 17th, 2011 3:45 am

I’ve been sorta battling with creating a good skybox with photoshop. Took a while to figure out how to actually work with Cube maps, but the result is going to pretty interesting directions. Perhaps the most problematic thing that I might encounter is the sound world, as it would be a critical component in setting up the world around the player as they are alone in the middle of ‘nowhere’ as they are looking to alleviate their loneliness. I will possibly have to look through my existing sound libraries I have to have the best effect.

The only issue that I see right about now is the fact the resolution might have been too small, 256 making the sky box look at bit too low res. I will be increasing the size of it as time goes on an fixing the proportions of the sun correctly, but for now I’m focusing on the other aspects of the environment.

As of the moment I’m using the First person package in unity, however I will possibly end up rewriting that code, as soon as I can get my self more fully familiarized with it.

On the after setting up the sky box, I’ve been working on the some of the lights that will be in the scene: mainly the flickering light bulb that would. Shadows and lights will play an important role in my game in guiding the player to their destination.Unfortunately , I only have the basic free version of unity 3D, thus shadows will have to be crafted by hand into the scene, with various trickery which I will be experimenting with..

Being still -very- fresh to unity 3D, only having a week of practice on my belt, and its JS-like context (more of unityscript, some of these are completely unique to Unity) I’m possibly going to spend a bit too much time still learning the ropes, but lets see.

10% – ‘Alone Nowhere’

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Saturday, December 17th, 2011 12:51 am

Alone is a very interesting theme>

I spent an hour and a  half figuring this out, along with then a very quick research into the assets required.

For now, my game’s name is ‘Alone Nowhere’

The progress so far has been just been in conceptualizing. However I’m off to a slightly bad start since I didn’t sleep during the night, so ended up sleeping 4 hours of my time away.

  • Concept creation and along with the plot –  1.5 hours complete in allocated time,
  • List of stuff to Model, References research: done before 0.5 hours, 10 minutes spent.
  • Slept 4 hours.

Anyway, no screenshots yet, will update on the next 10th step, for now, I’ve been planning,

Next: Coding



Time Budgeting for LD

Posted by
Thursday, December 15th, 2011 8:27 am

Hmm after a week of practice with Unity, trying to do the warmup LD (however not being very successful on the time side, as got some final exams still on this weeks :(, but that happens, atleast I’m learning alot of things, and been taking lots and lots of notes. ),

I’ve come to the conclusion that I should seriously concentrate work on game play instead of graphics for the LD first. Especially since I will be dealing with 3D space instead (and not pixel graphics).

Its gonna slightly annoying to deal with this especially with minor OCD over 3D models and textures. Perhaps I should have focused AS3 and Flixel/FlashPunk instead of this, but with the latest moves of Adobe to stop mobile flash, I think this actually may be the better choice, although Android or HTML5 may also have been good choices as well.

Warm Up Week – LD22

Posted by
Sunday, December 11th, 2011 1:31 am

I used the SoS Generator, and got a topic of “Strategy”

My Goals with the warmup:

>> No set time limit – Just keep practising until the actual LD:

>> Unity 3D – Blender – Genetica – Soundbooth.

  • Familiarize with the Unity 3D Workflow
  • Practice Blendering – Especially Rapid rigging and Animation (as those will take the longest to refine otherwise)
  • Practice texture generation, This would save a whole bunch of my time
  • Practice Audio development out of libraries

>> Try out a live streaming service to stream  / record my self: probably will check out twitchTV or livestream – (will check this out later on)


On #ludumdare last night someone (Sorry didn’t catch the name it was late in the night :) ) gave me an idea of making a platformer / turn-based strategy game after I mentioned that my warmup theme was strategy.

So a platformer it is: It will also be interesting to look at how exactly to make a turn based game in Unity 3D.

Current game play inspiration from tron disk battles, battleship, worms, and Minecraft’s spleefing.

Progress reports will come in after a bit: now its simply getting all the software setup and ready.

I am in as a newbie!

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Saturday, December 10th, 2011 1:58 pm

I’ve finally been able to follow Ludum Dare site enough to actually get the dates for the next compo:

Since the beginning of this year, I constantly thought of joining in to the fray and practice some game creation, but due to a busy lifestyle, I have always ended up finding out about the compo too late or many days after It happened.

This will be my first time participating in the Ludum Dare (it appears there are a lot of new people coming in every compo). I nearly missed the compo this year, but it managed to squish into my timeframe just and just: After the 48 hour of coding I’m off to an airplane and will be flying on a 15 hour trip from Europe to Asia.

Abit of background:

I am a last year Media Engineering student, studying the myriad fields of digital and analog media. I mainly come from a technical background, but I have practiced all sorts of visual design, and dabbled abit in audio field. This all is thanks to fooling around with content creation in a Virtual World platform known as Second Life.

A Gamer at heart, I’ve always liked playing games – So, I’m making this as my chance to jump start and try my hand at game development, which is an area I would like to be professionally in.


My Tools:

  • Audio: Adobe Soundbooth, various sound libraries for sound effect composition (if allowed, its not really clear in the rules “Created by your self”: but how about composite sound effects from libraries? ), a Samson C01 Condenser Microphone.
  • Visual 2D: Adobe Photoshop
  • Concept Doodling: Alchemy
  • Texture Base Generation: Genetica
  • 3D Framework: Unity 3D *
  • 3D Suite: Blender
  • Main Programming: Either HTML5/AS3/Java (Javascript/C# for Unity3D, however.)

* Will be used on this round as that’s something I’ve been looking into using for a while now.


Risk analysis

I know its going to be bit rough to design,code,create everything within 48 hours, especially as I as an individual nitpick on even the smallest of details, but I will try to adhere to the KISS rule. Sure I’ve done 48 hours rapid coding before, but usually focused with programming side instead of doing anything with visuals or the sort.

The main issue is that I have no prior knowledge of Unity 3D – Sure I have lots of experience with OOP and Visual Design using Objects, thanks to my experience in Second Life, creating mini-games (such as bomb defusion) this would be the first time I theoretically create an actual game.

But this is a hard decision. I have the most Experience with AS3, JAVA and PHP, However I’ve never used a game library for AS3 or Java, And PHP is not suitable for other than ‘time based farming’ in , or developed visual movement for HTML5/Javascript.On the other hand

So for this round I will be using Unity 3D which I have been studying the past week.

Will see if I can at least give the warm up a shot, But I’ll possibly be fooling around with Unity 3D this weekend :)


Anyway Good luck to everyone

Happy GameDeving :)


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