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Done, Out of free time.

Posted by
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 10:07 am

I had to do some more feature cuts and had to dump the entire risk-stealth based approach to the game.


You can find it here:



Its slightly buggy especially with the enemies aiming, but it works, and has basic gameplay. More than what I had in my entry two years ago :P.
Im a bit dissapointed that I could pull off all nighters to make 3D models. So everything is just colors and basic plain textures.

Managed to get atleast 950+ points, but surviving over 3 minutes is sorta difficult .

Not Efficient, but It will do

Posted by
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 12:39 am

So Woke up and started working on the hunters, mainly shotgun and blunderbus. They behave slightly differently as the shotgun has less of  a spread, and the guy knows how to head their targets slightly.

Also Added the chickens, and Scoring. alas, there is a separate navigation tree for them so that they do not do the same paths as the hunters and dogs. Unfortunately their gizmos are ALSO red, so the entire tree is a big mess.

Foxes and Chickens.

The Chickens also run away. quite quickly.

Not the most efficient method, but it will do.  In anycase, I seem to be running out of time, so I am not quite sure If i can get any models up and running. Makes me slightly sad, but I rather focus on the gameplay now. Next stop to add the spawning system.

The animation also shows how the hunters can hit the chickens AND the other enemies. So you can take some big risks to make your life easier. 😀


Perhaps post-mortem I could improve and create models for these.




Slightly Tighter Controls

Posted by
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 3:55 pm

So been working on doing some minor refinements to controls. So far, got them tightened up with some bonus minor box animation when one is jumping.  Noticed that you actually have to time ones jumps quite well inorder to make past an obstacle (such as a fence)


GIF Animation of Pack AI and Trying to Avoid them. view larger to see animation

Now the player can jump over obstacles,  and there is a health system in place. The timer is also in place, but I have to tune it so that when a hen is killed the timer starts (there after, things get worse every single  ten second slot more and more obstacles comes into play, and the goal is to survive and find a place to hide (for the sake of gameplay one can hide into a bush or a den if you lose your chasers. Basically, there will be alot of hens for points, but at somepoint one has to run out and find a place to hide. This is a change from my other plan where the idea was to get as far as possible, but Since I lost some time sleeping in, I dont have enough time to work on so many levels. In anycase Im going to call it a night.

So here is a revamp:

The Goal of the game is to find a hiding place as quickly as possible, after getting as many hens as possible. Every 10 seconds or a “tick”, a new group of enemies will randomly appear on the map. the map will consist of two parts: the Farm and the Forest. The Enemies and Obstacles will appear across the map, so beware.

Hens are catches simply by running over them and give score. the longer one can stay alive, there more they get, but the higher risk to lose it all.

  • Contains Hens
  • Higher Chance of hunters
  • Multiplication to NPC per reinforcements
  • Fences


  • Contains hide-outs
  • Traps (Perhaps)
  • Logs (just Fences but in another format)
  • Hunter Towers (NPCs might occupy a tower, depending on how many waves you have survived)

In summary, every 10 seconds a new set of obstacles appear.
This means, you have 10 seconds to get as many hens after the first one as possible before the first wave of obstacles start spawning.
Every wave you  manage to stay alive and get a hen, there is a multiplication to your score.

Inorder to score in your points, you have to not be spotted for a minimum of 10 seconds, and be next to interact with a hide out.
If you die, all your points are lost.  Point is not to get too greedy :>.

Oh and you CANNOT ATTACK anything, so its all about evision.
However hunters may accidentally hit their dogs, or each other, and may also trigger traps.

Planned Obstacles:

  1. Dogs (The Brown boxes)
  2. Trunks, Rivers *
  3. Bear Traps, randomly placed
  4. Hunters (Red tall boxes), ranged various types
  • Rifleman
  • Shotgun

Shotgun Hunters have a tendency of hitting everything, so they can be used to remove other npcs but riflemen’s damage only applies to the player.

* Preplanned layout.

I’m planning to have the following following:

  1. 2-3 Randomly spawned Dogs
  2. 1 Hunter Shotgun
  3. 3-6- Randomly Spawned Dogs
  4. 1-2 Hunters Shotgun/rifle
  5. etc. etc.

Napped too Long

Posted by
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 9:59 am

Missed 5 hours of dev time by taking a nap. Oh well.

DogBox Pack AI

In anycase, implemented some pack-mentality to the AI, so if an Mob spots you, and others are chasing you already, they wont lose line of sight until you have lost -all of them-.

However if one drops off too far, then it will forget you, so eventually there will be too many.

Earlier on, the AI was simply losing line of sight, as other mobs were infront, blocking their view literally.

4 Hour mark (Dev time). First Enemy. DogBox.

Posted by
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 5:04 am

Going to take a small break.

Managed to fine tune the Enemy AI to a point that it will be interesting to play around with. Basically the levels will  have their own Navigation Paths (just simple way point based path system, instead of A*, I dont have Unity Pro :<) They will navigate around these, until they see the player. The enemies will also have a cone of vision and a turn rate, but they are quick and can catch up to the player quite quickly.

I’m gonna see if i can also apply somewhat of a sound/smell mechanic that the dogs will react regardless if you get too close to them or go really fast making alot of sounds. Lets see.. thought.,


DogBox chase FoxBox

DogBox chase FoxBox

Look Ma, a box.

Posted by
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 3:12 am

So 2 hours into dev and I have now completed the basic movement schema for the player character along with some simple waypoint based navigation AI along with some Level Design tools.


Player character

The player character will be a monstrosity, that I shall hereby call a fox box.

Going to try to avoid modeling anything until the basic gameplay is complete.

So the idea is that the player is a fox that has just gone and stolen some hens.
They have 10 seconds time to vacate a zone, before the hunting dogs catch them. It will go across multiple zones with various traps and other stuff.

When the player leaves an area, another 10 seconds is added to their remaining time. but as things get more and more difficult, the time is absolutely necessary.

The game is being developed on Unity 3D. the tools to work with are Photoshop, Blender, Pixexix and CGTexture Texturelibrary,

Im gonna try to see if i have enough time to generate some sound and music later on. with bfxr, cgMusic + Fruityloops (for better samples)

Alright, I am in after many, MANY missed Ludum Dares.

Posted by
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 12:59 am

10 Seconds you say. in the remaining 41 hours.

I have an idea, Should have something in the next 4 hours..

Alas gotta skip this LD

Posted by
Friday, August 24th, 2012 5:25 am

Next week will be traveling,

Staying up entire weekend would be pretty taxing for it… And as GW2 Headstart is also on the same weekend….

Next Time I will definetly to try to come back. Everyone else have fun.


I am sad

Posted by
Saturday, April 14th, 2012 12:19 am

I’m unable to attend this months Ludum Dare due to having to worry about a thesis and recently getting a job. :(

The timing wouldnt have been worse for my thesis and job to get in the way of my attendance to the 10th year anniversary of Ludum Dare

Perhaps I’ll be able to attend the next.

Or Maybe, If id try VERY hard to get my thesis done this comming week :O i possibly could make it

Alone Midway – Post-mortem

Posted by
Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 2:56 pm

*phew* Finally back on Solid ground after flying half across the world from Europe to Asia…

So, I made a very very rough game, or more of a game mechanic prototype and it shows:

But it also is my first game. Regardless of the downfalls of not reaching my -too high aspirations- I learned a lot from this little challenge, had fun and I am definetly looking forward for the next Ludum Dare event.

The first thing I confirmed to my self was the fact that, 3D asset creation is a bitch when it comes to UV mapping. That perhaps took way too much of my time, simply trying to create UV  surfaces to which I could map tilable textures, on the assets I created for the game. I also seemed to fidget too much on this part, when In fact I should have first done the layout of the map using primitive shapes, and place all the objects onto the scene before working on the assets them selves. Perhaps the worst part was: I was completely aware this would take time from my experience with working with 3D models from before, but ignored my own instincts and warning sas I was working on the game.

Another thing that probably was also a big downfall and a big sink of time, that caused me nearly to reach madness was getting the doors to animate properly: At first I used Unity3Ds transform function in the scripting to try to make a smooth rotation, but I quickly found out that it simply adds to the rotation, instead of making an implicity turn.

After battling with it for over 8 hours straight (I nearly gave up and was going to call quits try to make a function that toggles it open and close), I found a very, very simple solution: That was simply to make an animation and command it to be executed it. Even with this it took a while to figure out why the door wasnt staying open, and constantly looping the animation, before I figured out that there is the Clamp-Forever. After I completed this, I did do the correct thing, and started to work on the game mechanic: But once I did complete the basic inventory system, and the interaction system, 38 hours in, I started my biggest mistake with fidgeting with the UV mapping and trying to work in textures, instead of working on the Map it self, when I had all the systems in I could work with.

I might have as well used blocks placed everywhere to make very simple puzzle.

So in summary, my mistakes were the following:

  • I was not completely familiar with Unity 3D… Well it wasnt really a mistake, but I could have done my warmup with a bit more seriousness, and atleast check out how to make stuff interaction, Sure I found out how to make a flickering light within 15 minutes, but the fact that I had to bruteforce my way in with trying to make a door, thats something Basic I probably should have investigate on first.
  • Take “alone” as an inspiration for an artistic puzzle game, instead of thinking up something much more simple
  • Fidget too much on assets creation instead of the map, trying to get some textures aligned, and trying to do my UV mapping within 48 hours. Perhaps Next time I should just do simple minecraft style textures instead.
  • Try to optimize my models, which probably caused lots of problems with the shaders in unity 3D (not sure if this was a mistake, but I saw alot of odd shader issues that are present in the final prototype release)
  • My timelapse software could have been researched on more. my default webcam software and fraps simply couldnt do the job: Fraps apparently stopped 5 hours in to the timelapse, while my webcam software only kept a buffer of the previous 30 seconds… Any suggestions what I could use in the next LD?
  • Perhaps make something more usual instead of trying something new: My first idea was an creepy abandoned house: Which could have been easier to make, instead of a abandoned gas station in the middle of nowhere, I had to then remove the abandoned, because after doing further research I found out I had shot my self in the foot: This was that you had to find a screwdriver, near a vandalized phonebox to open a Barricade infront of the gas stations door, and then try to do stuff in theree.
  • Didnt get to work in the nemesis which would have been a planar 2D black shape with red eyes in the darkness: this would have been athing that would be getting closer and closer, unless the player got indoors and hid them selves.

Now so what went right:

  • Game Mechanics: I am rather suprised I managed to get this far: I figured this out rather well and created scripts that would make the creation of puzzles relatively simple and easy to implement
  • Gettings the Lighting, and Environment set up: I learned how to create a very nice looking cubemap without much issue, as well as flickering lights
  • Sleep: I got enough of it, 4 hours a night is actually a fairly good timeframe, along with a few hours of naps here and there: I was never excessively tired, until the very end.
  • I actually got the idea for the game down within 1 hour of the competition starting, regardless of its complexitivity,


Anyway, I am looking forward for the next LD, When I have time later this week, Ill probably check out the works done by everyone else in the compo :)


Defeated by a Car – Time and Stamina ran out

Posted by
Sunday, December 18th, 2011 2:32 pm

I am Defeated:

I will still submit a game, but I doupt it will have anything I intended to have, As much as it pains me to leave it so unfinished atleast as I planned for my original plan. I was mainly aiming for the mood part, But I can see that trying to achive that in Unity would take a whole bunch of polish.

I am too tired right now to try focus properly on further assets creation. I am going to polish up the existing assets and add more Textures to the scene, but I seriously cannot make more assets within the amount of time remaining…. :(

Here is a list of assets I would still have to create:

  • Random Family Car *
  • Truck of Pet food *
  • Lockbox *
  • Phonebox *
  • Vandalized Phonebox *
  • Diner interior
  • Counter with a workable Cashmachine (with pressable buttons, drawer) ** (just counter now)
  • A Couple of Notecards *
  • Closed Cardboard box full of “Kittens”
  • 4by4
  • Monster of the Shadow *

* Are cut out from the submitted version


I definitely wrote my self into a corner: I would have create a couple of large scale assets still – before being even able to begin doing map it self, But I will not have enough time to create the following objects, and then design some sound effects. Should have definetly done a smaller scene.

I will put more details during the post-competition.

Probably the biggest fault I ran into was simply the fact that I was not completely familiar with Unity 3D, and cross object communication/identification, as well as fiddling around trying to do object animations through script, instead of simply making animations for the objects.

Fortunately, I came to this competition with the goal of learning, and So I did: A whole bunch actually especially when it comes to user-object interaction and the sort..

42 Hours in – Rapid Assets Creation – Demo Available

Posted by
Sunday, December 18th, 2011 1:10 pm

God Damnit this is getting realllly annoying:

I’m thinking of giving up and dropping to Jam, but I wont give up just yet. I just have to really really focus on creating stuff, Unfortunately, This means I have to drop Fiddling with UV maps, thus I will  have to simply “stand” alignment issues…

Anyway, Back to work.

Feel free to Demo Available  Also trying to figure out where and when to do the Whole lockCursor event.



10 Hours Remain – Core Mechanics Complete

Posted by
Sunday, December 18th, 2011 8:57 am

Oh s….

Its getting closer and closer to prime time! I finally got the basic core mechanics of the game into a working order: Now to create the assets and the maps them selves.

They are:

  • Rudimentary Inventory System
  • Interactive Objects
  • Required Object to Interact with something.

Anyway, feel free to play around with the dev Unity 3D version is available here.

Ofcourse this style of game is probably done to death, but why not try for the first time :)

anyway, Now to do some speed Modeling.

30th Hour Update

Posted by
Sunday, December 18th, 2011 1:46 am

Time is running out.

It all starts from a cube

I decided to not even try doing texture until I have all of my Gameplay done: continueing from previous: I finally got that door simplified, and then worked on a point and click mechanic for the game it self, Al thought in my humble opinion the missing audio and visual aspects may simply degrade mood of loneliness. Oh well.

So far, all seems to be good: Althought the door it self seems to bug up with its physics, if the player happens to be next to it when opening it. (it will remain closed until the player goes out of the “Range” at which it opened at. But that is a minor bug, and Probably wont be fixed in the final compo submission.

So for now , I’m working on the interaction mechanics: So far everything is identified in the HUD and gets removed from the world when interacted with. There is a minor bug, which mainly related probably to where the “Ray” is coming from in vs where the camera is, but that’s pretty straight forward to fix.

28 hours in – Sometimes the Simplest solutions are the best

Posted by
Saturday, December 17th, 2011 11:09 pm



All that useless work and debugging only to figure out that there is a more efficient and very very simple way to do something that would have only taken 5 minutes. FFFFf.

Atleast its progress, and I’m learning something!



Argh – Apparently my timelapse video failed :(

Posted by
Saturday, December 17th, 2011 9:04 pm

Apparently, Fraps had failed during its recording run, and stopped recording 2 hours into the compo, as well as the default webcam screwing up and only recording the last “30 or so seconds”

Oh well :( Next time Ill use something better for recording the timelapse next time.

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