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Timelapse of Accelerated-Life

Posted by (twitter: @makio64)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 8:31 am

Hello guys !

Here the timelapse video from my entry (around 14h recorded)

Enjoy and rate it : Accelerated-life

Guruguru : How to Art

Posted by (twitter: @makio64)
Saturday, August 31st, 2013 12:31 pm


Guruguru everybody !

I’m happy to share with you this  video witch represent the 3 crazy days of Ludum Dare from our artist point of view :

You like it ?
Play and rate GuruGuru

You really like it ?
Follow Aki Aoki on her twitter @Akican and check more of her works on her website : akiaoki.com

Have a nice day !


Guru Guru !

Posted by (twitter: @makio64)
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 1:18 am

GuruGuru everybody !


After a long first day, a lot of bugs and brainstorming, the base of game play is here 😀

Have fun everybody !

LudumDare <3

The Great Story of DOTS [report]

Posted by (twitter: @makio64)
Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 7:18 pm


“The Great Story of DOTS” is online, we had a rest and it’s time for the report ! :)

I am currently in vacation in France with Aki,  and after read a tweet about 7dRTS, I convaincs her to participate :  “It looks cool, fresh and it’s an rts !! 😀 ”


Day 1 : Brainstorming

Well we decide to participate but we were busy with spectacles, visits, friends and parents this week, so our main point was : “no time”…

We eliminate “complex” idea and spoke about dot soldier ( easy to design ), also the idea of draw free line interest us since few weeks ( we test it on another concept ) and we want try it on this project. Finally we get the idea of start on a small screen to reveal new mechanics and create a story . After mixing these elements we arrive to the current concept :

Draw line to move your units and create building, an interface without button and with the background story of Dots vs Square.


Technical point of view we decide to made it for the web in html5with pixijs (2d framework using WebGL ). We are  very satisfate by it and thanks to them for their support on github :)


Day 2 : Nothing !


Day 3 : Research

Aki start to made a design of the map and I create an small experiments to recognize shape ( makiopolis.com/labs/15/ )
We also work hard to find a great name ( more hard than we though :p )


Day 4 : Create the base

Aki continue on the map and I create the basic architecture of html and js.. but we were kidnapped by friends to party


Day 5 : Back on the field

Start developping and drawing hard


Day 6 :

The dots finally attack castle and die in the water ( big progress :) ) and the design start to looking well ( some animations, more details ). The story system with the different condition checker was also done.


Day 7 : The great day

Big rush,  we product a lot of assets and code to made it the current version with the maximum of features and all the story ( IA, Story, Timing , Animation, Monster, Mine, Big castle, Astar, etc… ). Also we change the map few times after testing to improve the gameplay. Add win / loose, eat pizza and thanks to “picard”.

Finally we post it there  ! (OH YEAH)


You can find the src here : https://github.com/ipfix/The_Great_Story_of_DOTS , for any questions don’t hesitate to ask @akican or me ( @makio64 ) directly on twitter or in the comments !


Thanks geeks to read us, we hope you enjoy it and we wait your feedback ! ^.^

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