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I also rant on twitter a lot.


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After a year, I’m in again.

Posted by (twitter: @MaddeMichael)
Friday, April 15th, 2016 2:34 pm

Woah. I can’t belive it’s really been a year since I last did this. Crazy, huh? Last time, I made that dumb game, Potat0wned (which, by the way, is being made into a full game).

I’ll probably do the usual (since I discovered my hand drawn stuff looks terrible within the time constraints) – meaning, pixel art and GameMaker: Studio. I may do a jam if I feel like chilling, we’ll see.

I’ve also got something pretty cool I’ve been working on for the last week. Shame, I can’t integrate it into LD (Though it will be in Potat0wned, and maybe every game I make from here on). I’ll actually be explaining what it is on my Twitter sometime next week though, which is kinda nice. After all, it isn’t just for me, I want it to be for everyone.


Good look to you all!

1 Week to Go! Why not play the REBAKE?!?!

Posted by (twitter: @MaddeMichael)
Monday, May 4th, 2015 2:23 pm


One week to go, and I’ve hardly played anything. Thanks, college!

So, I plan to fix that this week, but in my own time. Other than that, I have a few announcements.



After making the game, people seemed to generally enjoy the concept, but gameplay was awful.

And they’re right. The gameplay is awful.

I focused mainly on graphics this Ludum Dare; something I don’t normally do. I’m normally all about the systems, gameplay and code, but things went a little differently this time, and I spent more time working on graphics and sound, though I did create the POTATO SONG!

With the feedback I recieved and some extra time, I’ve been pouring my efforts into “Potat0wned: The Rebake”

You can visit the new WIP website, and/or play the new demo.


On the website, you can see a list of planned features etc, as well as what I’ve already done with the game. I was gonna put an example video up, but my recording stuff seems to be a bit haywire at the moment 😛

I’m not gonna go into detail on what I’ve done so far, you can check the website if you wanna know. In short: Graphics update, Gamepad stuff, android version, better controls/difficulty curve…. OH, AND YOU DON’T STOP MOVING WHILE YOU’RE THROWING POTATOES ANYMORE…

I have loads of new plans for the game (including a full OST), but there’s no point me adding them if nobody’s interested!

There’s only the one stage at the moment: the city. It’s quite a bit bigger and looks a bit nicer too, but nothing’s finished. Currently still only playable on survival mode.

I will definitely be adding the train again, as well as about 7 other stages. The train is my favourite.


Thanks a bunch!


Potat0wned is UP & #TweetMeYoGames3!

Posted by (twitter: @MaddeMichael)
Monday, April 20th, 2015 7:15 am



Potat0wned – A game where you throw potatoes to prove something. That or you’re just a dick.

Have fun trying to survive as long as possible by tossing potatoes at your foes!

Or maybe just try out your potato throwing skills

PLAY IT HERE! (Hey, maybe you’ll get a secret for scoring 100?)


The third edition to Tweet me Yo’ Games!

The last 2 Ludum Dares, I’ve done TweetMeYoGames, where I’d play any game that got tweeted my way.

Slightly different this time.
Usually I don’t have many commitments post LD, however I’ve got a lot of college at the moment, so I may not be able to play all games sent my way :(

Also, rather than just commenting on them via twitter and on the page, I think I might actually record some playthroughs!


Usually, I spend more time on code/gameplay/level design, and my games are usually quite “moody”.

This changes EVERYTHING.

I guess you could say, it’s a game changer


Firstly, my first audiotrack longer than 12 seconds! WOAH! (Even if it just consists of me talking about potatoes). AUDIO TRACK OF THE YEAR 2015

All the sounds in the game came from my face. Fo’ seriouses. I was gonna use BFXR, but then I decided my face was the way, with a little help from audacity.


Was gonna do the usual pixel art, but then I flipped EVERYTHING!
This means that this is my first game with hand-drawn graphics. Let alone the fact that ALL the graphics are hand drawn.

I think it actually went really well. Who’d have thought that only doing half a run cycle would still look good too?
Not Me, “Mr. Obsessive”.

So, in the end, I spent more time on graphics/audio and less time on code, but the balance is still there, I think.


There were five stages planned: Street, Train, Lab, Sewer and Mansion.
I only finished Street (Station Street) and Train (Sunset Ride), since they took quite a while to draw :P.
But hey, if this gets good enough feedback, I’ll add the others!

The stages were also gonna be a little bigger, but time again.



So much mash


Most of the important stuff was in. I did want more potatoes. And more potato upgrades. And potato cannons.

Also more food puns. Preferably to do with potatoes.

I also wanted at least one more type of enemy – Shielded, so you would have to bounce potatoes off walls to hit them, but eeh.
Enemies weren’t originally gonna throw radioactive potatoes. That was just for testing, but it kinda stuck 😛

I think there’s the odd collision bug, but it’s not gamebreaking. (Yes, you are supposed to be able to fall between carriages)


First time I’ve ever done a platform AI. It’s not great, but it’s not awful either. I’m quite happy with it.

Enemies have respect for personal space, while still hitting you with a stick. They’ll jump over gaps, jump up platforms, and walk in your direction. They don’t pathfind, so they can get stuck, but they work enough.


Brace yourselves for it:


Yup, that. An arm. This is the near arm in the first frame of the throw animation. It came out just right, so I was super pleased with it. My first arm in that perspective.



Sunset Ride. It just feels so majestic. I love the simple filter I put over the screen. I know it’s not amazing, but I really love it.

That’s basically a summary of “things wot I did”.

TL:DR; I had a great time. Play my game. Etc.

Anyway, consider giving it a play, and also consider TWEETING ME YO’ GAMES!

ayy lmao,


PS: potato.

I’m in, as usual!

Posted by (twitter: @MaddeMichael)
Sunday, April 12th, 2015 8:50 am

Yup, I’m in again!

What? Don’t recognise me? Oh, yeah, I changed my username and pic for now, used to be MaddeStudios with the funky M, but for now I’m just pointing at failing code :P.

As usual, I’ll be doing the compo, not the jam. Why? I love a challenge, and I’m an idiot. Saying that, I’ve only ever done the compo o.O

Anyways, here’s my setup, I think:

  • Code/Engine: Probably GameMaker: Studio, or just Java if I can be bothered.
  • Audio: BFXR, FamiTracker, my Stupid face+Audacity
  • Graphics: MS Paint, maybe Paint.net for funky details. Oh, and maybe the new animation tool I’m working on if it’s done enough in time

Oh, new animation tool? Yup, I’m coding something funky, that makes animation easy while staying true to classic art programs (a feature I’m struggling to find, so, eh, why not make it?). If at a working state, I’ll release a version before LD too. Here’s a pic:


Silk icons = 10/10 sexiness


As you might be able to tell, it’s styled similarly to SAI, on purpose, just because that interface is simple and intuative to use!

I don’t think it’ll be fully finished before Dare starts, but it should be able to export animation strips by that time, so I could use it for sprites. Most of the important stuff is already done. (Basically everything visible except audio already works). I do want to release at least a Spriters Helper version before LD.

It’s coded in Java, so it should be cross platform, too. Assuming any libraries I decide to add are, too.


So, that aside, I’ll probably also do my usual “Tweet Me Yo’ Games”, post compo.

Anyway, get HYPED AND GOOD LUCK! Have a fun LD when it’s time, you guys!

Last 8 hours, it would seem!

Posted by (twitter: @MaddeMichael)
Monday, December 29th, 2014 11:02 am

I haven’t done nearly enough promoting this Dare, so I’m just gonna ask any last minute-ers to check out my game, “Oscillation


Yes, it’s short, and a bit slow to begin with, but pretty soon things speed up. It isn’t quite as finished as I’d hoped, but I think it’s still a bit of fun.

Thanks to everyone who has or will have played+rated my game, and GOOD LUCK!

I’m doing that thing again… [TWEET ME YO’ GAMES]

Posted by (twitter: @MaddeMichael)
Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 1:19 am

…That thing where I ask you all to tweet me your games @MaddeMichael, and I play, rate and comment them on twitter and Ludum Dare.

You know. That thing.


Finished A Game. Not the best, but yeah.

Posted by (twitter: @MaddeMichael)
Monday, December 8th, 2014 7:56 am

I hated the theme. ‘Entire Game On One Screen’. I mean, that’s not really a theme, just looking at it, it’s a constraint. I do not like constraints. HOWEVER, it’s only a constraint on the surface. I turned it into a feature, other participants did other things. You could also make it into a game centered around a screen, using different meanings of ‘on’. It could be ‘about’, for example.

So the theme was workable, it just took too long to come up with an idea that worked. I did eventually come up with this little doodad:


 It is unfinished, cos I ran out of time. This resulted in

  • A rubbish title
  • No keybinding
  • The worst end sequence
  • A few elusive bugs
  • Short Music

I also really wanted to add a bunch more features, such as

  • More uses for electricity and wires i.e Lights, water pipes etc.
  • More hazards i.e Exposed Wires
  • A better death sequence
  • An actual storyline
  • More electrical components for some puzzles
  • Better graphics and backgrounds

These features would have meant I could add some decent puzzles, as well as a dark room I really wanted to add, with flickering lights.

The main factory also isn’t exactly what I envisioned, as I ended up rushing it near the end, with a lack of implemented features.

Also, I don’t intend for The Monitor to be evil at all. It’s a properly coded AI, without evil capabilities!

Had I had more time, this game would have been feature-packed, with tonnes to do as well as humor, darkness and disruption. But this is Ludum Dare, not everything is perfect!

Despite all this I did learn/teach myself some pretty cool things:

  • An actual working wire system
  • Some good optimization techniques (for HTML5)
  • A sort of slapped-together-but-could-easily-be-improved story system

I’m not too disappointed in the result, because I did make a playable game. I just don’t think it’s as good as my Ludum Dare 30 entry. That was rad.

But yeah. Give it a play here if you want.

YES! Core mechanics are working!

Posted by (twitter: @MaddeMichael)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 6:32 am

After being stumped as to what to do, I have an idea now (Secret for now!) and I’ve got some code working!


As you enter “Rooms”, they are added to your “Map” when you zoom out, so eventually you’ll be able to see the entire game on one screen!


Posted by (twitter: @MaddeMichael)
Friday, December 5th, 2014 2:10 am


Yup, I’m in again, and once again, I’ll be livetweeting from my twitter (surprise!) @MaddeMichael, as well as tweeting about games I’ll play!

As per usual, I’ll be using:

  • GM: Studio – For actual game stuff
  • MSPaint (The good XP version) – For all mah pixelly graphics
  • BFXR/My Fabulous Voice – For all dat cool SFX
  • Famitracker/Anvil Studio – For de music

I’ll do my usual thing of making a HTML export for web players, as well as the downloadable (and usually more stable) Windows version. I’ll host my game on GameJolt and itch.io.

And, like I said last time, REMEMBER TO ADD KEY CONFIG FOR KEYBOARD GAMES! Really, it helps a lot.

Keep Tweeting me yo’ Games!

Posted by (twitter: @MaddeMichael)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 8:32 am

In case anyone didn’t see it earlier, any games that are tweeted to me (@MaddeMichael) I will play, rate and comment on them, and probably tweet about them to. What are you waiting for? Tweet me yo’ games!

It would also be cool if you could check out my game, “of Light and Dark“, and gimme summa dat feedback!

TWEET ME YOUR GAMES + My game, finished and published.

Posted by (twitter: @MaddeMichael)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 5:18 am

First thing I want to say: I’m lazy and while I do browse through submitted games, it would be cool if you tweeted your games to me, @MaddeMichael, and I’ll play, rate an comment on them and wotnot. I’ll probably also tweet about the game too!

Anyway, other than that, I think I finished my game, “of Light and Dark“. While it is short, and the puzzles aren’t the greatest, I managed to finish it to a reasonable standard, and even added a 9 second background audio loop, which I spent about 3 hours making while trying to figure out how to use Anvil Studio, as well as compose it.

A more detailed post on the game can be found here.

Anyway, good luck everyone!

Of Light And Dark: Nearly Finished!

Posted by (twitter: @MaddeMichael)
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 2:20 pm

I managed to come up with an Idea fairly quickly this time round. However, this Idea began to turn into a game I wanted to make about 5 years ago. It is most certainly not the same, but follows similar ideas.

What I present is a short puzzle game. Short, because I’m not very quick at level design, so there’s only about 11 levels.

All the graphics were done by hand in microsoft paint XP. Yup, you can hate me for it if you want, but I won’t care.

The goal is basically to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles by switching between two worlds — The nomal world, where darkness blocks, and the shadow world, where light burns. Anyway, here’s a pic:


Based on prior Ludum Dare experience, one of the first things I focused on was a key config menu: vitally important for those with out-of-the-ordinary keyboards, as well as people who are uncomfortable with the default controls. Believe me, it helps a bundle.

Anyway, the game isn’t up yet as I’m gonna see if I can’t compose some background music, but I’ll have it up soon enough on GameJolt and itch.io. If you’re interested in anything I have to say, check out my twitter, @MaddeMichael

By the way, after seeing what other people have posted, I’m blown away. It’s amazing what you guys can do in such a short time! Anyway, good luck!


Just a Helpful Reminder: INCLUDE KEYBINDING!

Posted by (twitter: @MaddeMichael)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 1:00 pm

One of my downfalls last time was that I didn’t include a keybinding system and controls were bad for some people, not to mention that some peoples keyboards are laid out differently to standard QWERTY. I’ve finished putting mine in, and I recommend you do too, for ease of use and comfort for any user!

If you want to see what I’ve been up to, check out my twitter!

Finished the Core Mechanics!

Posted by (twitter: @MaddeMichael)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 4:28 am


A quick process for me, I did a bunch of pixel art and assembled the core functions to my game, with the placeholder name “Of Light and Dark”. It sort of follows the theme in that the shadow and the light worlds are cone=nected, but some things can only be done in certain ‘worlds’. Basically, It’s a bit of a puzzle game.

Anyway, this leaves the next major thing to do as the player graphics, for normal player and shadow player.

Here’s a screenie of the bundle of mess I’ve created so far:


Unfortunately, as I’m using GameMaker, HTML5 doesn’t support the blend modes I’m using, so I may not have an online version :(.

10/10 Am In

Posted by (twitter: @MaddeMichael)
Friday, August 22nd, 2014 2:48 pm

Howdy-doo there! It’s Michael!

Back for another ludum dare, I plan to use:

  • GameMaker Studio – For de code
  • MSPaint – For Fabulous pixel art
  • Famitracker – Maybe for music

And anything else I can be bothered to use!

With any luck, if my internet holds out, I’ll try to stream this time, as well as capture a timelapse, and mybe livetweet from my twitter account, @MaddeMichael

I was going to use a Java game engine I’d been working on, but sadly, it’s about 2 days away from being stable, so it wasn’t an option. Anyway, if this Dare is a success, I’ll recreate projects in java, if necessary.

Any ways, thanks for reading, and GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY! Have a great time!

Post-Compo version in progress!

Posted by (twitter: @MaddeMichael)
Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 11:08 am

SO, I made that game, Beneath The Mirros’ Surface, and since then, I’ve been continuing some work on it. This is an announcement to say that the (beta?) early versions of a full version are now on the internet. There are the same levels etc, but a bunch of new features have been added, and more gameplay mechanics are coming soon.

So far, I’ve added a full main menu, with key-config, a short “How to Play” page, which will be made better soon, and an autosave feature, so you don’t have to run through the game in one go. On top of this, I’ve done some optimizations, so, with any luck, the game should run faster on some machines, but it is still slow on some lower end machines. Despite this, the Windows Executable still runs fine on these systems.

This version will be updated frequently. I’m going to fix the “through the floor” bug, improve “shadow” casting, and then pack a whole bunch of extra features into the games, to enable me to make some quite interesting levels. I’ll also be working on the easy-to-hardness rate, so the game doesn’t get too hard too fast.

If you want to check out the post compo version, check it here.

If you want to vote, I would encourage you to play the original version first, vote, then check out the new version, for fairness’ sake.

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