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Wasn’t Expecting to be in… But…

Friday, August 26th, 2016 4:53 am

So I’m in! Entering the jam because I’m moving out on the Sunday so I will lose some hours in the day… Details below:

Art: Paint.net

Audio: I’ll figure it out

Programming Language: C++

Library: SFML (With a little codebase I’ve set up for myself)

Good luck all!

(My voting, you can complain if you wish)



We’re in!

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 7:43 pm

Aloha, so me and Foxel are in again. This time we’ve picked up a new team mate (Joe) and we’ll be entering the jam. We’re hoping to achieve a basic playable game and not to overcomplicate things for ourselves. It’s only possible if we try though!

The tools we’ll be using:

Language – C++

IDE – Visual Studio 2015

Library – SFML (SimpleFast Media Library)

Audio – We’re still figuring it out…

Art – Flash (most likely)

We wish every other person taking part the very best of luck, and hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


-Mace from <Insert Name Here>


Monsta Stelth Gem! (A Post Mortem)

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 11:35 pm

Hello guys, here’s our obligatory ‘post-mortem’ from me & Foxel working as a team.

What went well! HURRAH!

There were some key things that went really well during this attempt at Ludum Dare for me & Foxel, here’s our list in order of significance.

  • We did the Ludum Dare in person! Our last 2 LDs were done over Skype as I live in the UK and Foxel lives in Finland. This time we did it in my house! It worked really great, and we had a really fun time making this game.
  • Having game-play that works. This is nearly more significant than what’s above it.
  • The sheer number of lines of code we managed to write that worked. There were things that had to be changed & updated, but we managed to write a lot of code we could keep and that worked.
  • The dedication that went into making our game, that’s something we are honestly proud of. And we’d recommend anyone who wants to do this competition and has the time, should. You learn so much about your capabilities by having a go at Ludum Dare!

What went wrong… Oh no!

  • Too many big time consuming bugs. Things such as a z-sorting class that didn’t work, a set of code for AI that would throw null pointers around like a first time Java programmers attempt at an array! These things hindered progress and demoralised us at times. It’s not fun to have bugs, but it’s certainly not fun when you have a deadline that’s fast approaching and your bugs still haven’t been solved…
  • Having to design a level in the last 2 hours before submission! This is not something we wanted, wished for or even asked for, but it happened because of the point above. It’s sad to think we could have had even more complex levels, but couldn’t due to the lack of time.
  • Not having audio & in game feedback on things like distractions or intractable objects. We would really have liked to send feedback to the player that would tell them what’s going on in the game.

What we’d do differently! Hell yeah! 

  • Be better acquainted with the tools or build a better framework to work with before Ludum Dare. We had issues with things like A*, Z-Sorting, Line of Sight which would have been easier to handle had we had more experience with the tools.
  • Spend less time on features and more time on content. I feel like we hit a point where little features began overcrowding our vision and we lost time and therefore lost a lot of content for the game. A game looks & feels brilliant when features are in, but they shouldn’t push out content in a jam!
  • Sleep more! For definite. We slept, but not enough. Sleep deprivation hinders logical thought processes, which means programming becomes a lot harder.

Here’s a link to our game – http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-33/?action=preview&uid=26125

peaceOut(“Foxel & Mace”, (@Foxelbox, @Macecraft));

We’ve got hours left!

Monday, August 24th, 2015 2:08 am

Although the main Compo may have finished, there are still people like us in the jam who have hours left. Me & Foxel pumped through a lot of code for the first 2 days of this and we’ve managed to get the game to the point where we just need to design a few levels & replace all temp art with the real art. After that we hope to have some time to polish, but who knows!

Anyway here’s screenshots of some of what we’ve done :


In Game printscreen

Test level being used

Test level being used

And then here’s a preview of some sprites –


Monster Sprites

Tenant Sprites

Tenant Sprites

How it’s going so far!

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 11:16 am

Well, the theme launched at 2:00 am for us and we didn’t clock off working until about 8:30 am. We got a game idea picked and written down, started the code for it and started some of the bases for the animations. Kind of hoping this game scales well for 72 hours cause if it doesn’t we’re a bit… screwed?

Here’s an animation base of ours –





And here’s a concept of our monster –



Hopefully these guys will be in a finished LD Game!


-Mace & Foxel

We’re In!

Sunday, August 16th, 2015 12:51 pm

Hello fellow Ludum Dare competitors!

For this LD me & Foxel will be entering the jam (once again) as a team. On this occasion though Foxel will be in the United Kingdom, staying at my residence and we’ll be doing this jam as it should be done.


Below are the tools ->

  • Game Library – Slick2D & LWJGL
  • Programming Language – Java
  • Art – Flash
  • Sound Effects – SFXR
  • Music – Bosca Ceoil

So that’s our obligatory “I’m in!” post.


-Mace & Foxel

Sunshine Apartments!

Monday, December 8th, 2014 8:04 pm




sunshineScreenie sunshineScreenie2





Ludum Dare 31 – Obligatory Post-Mortem

Monday, December 8th, 2014 8:01 pm

Well it’s that kind of post again isn’t it? The post-mortem. The point in which I get to talk about the good, the bad and the even worse! Let’s analyse it then!


  • We finished. Again. 2nd time in a row. Incomplete game, but complete enough to play. Many problems to ensue with it, but we got it playable.
  • We really learnt how to downscale our ideas. How to take a theme like this one and try find our own way to make it relate.
  • We got to have fun with even the smallest ideas we had.
  • We had more time for this one than the last LD.
  • Foxel got more art done in 72 hours than he ever has for his personal projects.
  • Team communication has got better. There was a clear goal here, and we both knew it.



  • We didn’t have enough time on our hands for full dedication to LD.
  • We probably underestimated the task of implementing some of the features we wanted.
  • We lack audio & sound effects because our sound guy was working over the weekend!
  • Some of the smallest bugs posed me a problem.
  • Our perfectionist attitudes prevented advancement at some stages

What would I do differently? 

  • Nothing. Mainly because we had so much fun. We played about with so many cool ideas and things that it just made me think that this jam was awesome. We’re glad to see the number of games submitted, and even more glad that we’re one of them!

Peace out guys, Foxel & Mace!

The ideas down! Now for work…

Friday, December 5th, 2014 8:39 pm

So yeah, me & Foxel have our idea for this game. Directly relates to the theme as the game fits entirely on one screen! There’s some floating flat blocks, some drag and drop fun and a few bits of RNG & timer based luck. Our musician is working tomorrow but I’m hoping, really hoping, he’s available since on our previous LD entry the most enjoyed thing was… music. Says a lot about how well that LD went? But we finished. Alas, I digress so back to the point… Expect cool animations & some fast paced game stuff! @Macecraft & @FoxelBox

Taking part

Thursday, November 27th, 2014 8:49 am

Oh God no.. Not again… Another Ludum Dare? I guess I’ll take part and go for my 2nd finish! Fingers crossed it will go well. I’ll be in a team, the other half.  I’ll be tweetin’ it all on @Macecraft

Still haven’t decided on Java or C++ so both tools, for me, listed below –

IDE – Codeblocks

Library – SFML


IDE – Eclipse

Library – LWJGL & Slick2D!


My artist (Foxel) will be using Flash ^-^. Our music will be generated by http://www.fakemusicgenerator.com/,


Post mortem – Macecraft

Monday, August 25th, 2014 6:17 pm

Hey-ho guys!

I’ve attempted LD Jams with friends a few times, but never finished either due to my own laziness or just plain running out of time to fix game breaking bugs. But this time I finished, not with a great finish but I did it. And to me, that’s an achievement in itself


What went right?

  1. So the drive & motivation for programming was sustained, even when I felt like I wasn’t ready for some of the tasks I was trying, I still gave it a go.
  2. The guy who did music, a good friend, did a great job on the sound effects & music.
  3. We lost a lot of time due to a few of us being out, but still ended up with something.

What went wrong?

  1. A lot of the ideas that I wanted to try couldn’t come to fruition from just frustration of writing certain things for the first time and also not quite having a logical grasp on solving some of the problems that I had.
  2. We lost time, that’s never a good thing in these cases but I guess 16 hours lost due to alcohol isn’t a good thing.
  3. The artist dropped out. Leaving us with around about 3 images maybe 4… A lot of the placeholder stuff is just there still cause of no artist.
  4. I didn’t plan enough. I really should have planned a lot of what I was doing. Sketched out some ideas and really thought about everything. A lot of classes were re-written 4 to 5 times because of changing or conflicting ideas. It’d have been easier to plan in stages.

What’s going to happen next? 

I’d say this LD30 jam was a real learning curve for me, and has given me a few pointers on how to improve my code maintainability, handle ideas, plan for problems and how to deal with more than 6-7 classes in a game. How to really get to grips with how to deal with game developing on a deadline. I feel I’ve grown as a programmer, and have learnt a few design elements. Most likely, the game is going to be touched up. Fresh art added in by another friend, and the music kept. I’ll post it on my GameJolt (http://gamejolt.com/profile/mace-the-confused/113974/)  and hopefully it’ll be a fun process. This game isn’t really my thing, but I’ve learnt so much while making it, I think I’d like to give it a good send off.


Hope you all enjoyed yourselves this time, c’ya next time!

We’re taking part!

Friday, August 22nd, 2014 5:07 pm

Hey fellow LD’ers! Me & my Finnish friend (Foxel) have decided we’re taking part in the jam. Foxel & me will share code while he mains mostly art, I will do most of the code. We’re splitting the music & sound effects responsibility. We’re super excited about this LD, and are hoping for a good theme. I’ll drop a list of the tools we’ll use, and we’ll post art & game screenshots as we progress. We’re as excited as you guys, and we’re as silly as you all, and so we know we’ll all have fun. We’re not in it to be the best, we’re in it to MAKE A GAME!


Tools –

Art – Flash

Language – Java

Library – Slick2D & LWJGL

Music – Guitar Pro & Audacity if we make our own… Most likely royalty free.

Sound Effects – SFX & Audacity!


Follow our Twitters – @Macecraft & @Foxelbox to see how we get on through the night. Good luck & enjoy yourselves guys!


Saturday, August 24th, 2013 8:36 pm

Hello, hello, hello


Well my team has got our basic mechanics down for the game. Artwork is being synced up to our shared cloud tonight so I have no previews but tomorrow I hope to post & tweet an image & youtube video of us playing. I’ll probably hang around on some streams and have a test-version for anyone who wants to play. Our music is done and in the game and so are sound effects. All is going well in Team Mace.

P.s below is our team members

Mace – Programmer – (@Macecraft on twitter)

Austin – Programmer

Chris – Art & design

Alex – Sound effects & music

I’m ready this time

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 8:02 pm

Hey guys, the name’s Mace. This year will be my first entrance into Ludum Dare. I’ve always dreamed of doing it but never actually go the time. But you know what, this year I’m doing it. I’ve spent days watching streams. I’ve contacted people on my Skype saying “get ready for this, cause it’s going to be an experience you don’t want to miss out on.” So yeah, I’m ready. I have my excessive amount of energy drinks, crisps, cigarettes(bad habbit) and a motivation sat ready for this. When that theme’s announced I’m going to show people it’s my time to shine. I don’t expect to make anything that’ll win any important place, but I just want to have a game out there. For people to see I can do it from start to finish.

Tools –

Language – Java
IDE – Eclispse
Engine & Library – Slick2D & LWJGL
Art – Paint.net
Music/Sounds – Logic & sfxr


– Thanks, Mace.

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