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I always wanted to make games, since year 2000 when i finished highschool... but I couldnt at that time. In mid 2014 I started to look for game developers in facebook and my goal was to find a programmer, and I would do 3D and music... but finally I decided to start learning coding with unity / c#... and by the end of 2014 I finished my first game... I like all about mobile an touch devices so my main focus is on simple games for ios/android and ive got about 6 games published on eash store. And still working on new things all the time... really like to make games :D


Ludum Dare 36
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My compo entry! Pyramid Dissemble!

Posted by (twitter: @luquio)
Monday, August 29th, 2016 7:27 pm

MY ENTRY (compo)

Posted by (twitter: @luquio)
Sunday, August 28th, 2016 8:39 pm


Ludum Dare 36

Captura de pantalla 2016-08-28 a las 9.40.31 p.m.


Captura de pantalla 2016-08-28 a las 9.41.06 p.m.


Captura de pantalla 2016-08-28 a las 9.39.27 p.m.

Starting (a little late) my compo entry

Posted by (twitter: @luquio)
Saturday, August 27th, 2016 8:10 pm

Captura de pantalla 2016-08-27 a las 9.55.27 p.m.


something about pyramids , not sure what right now 😛

Thank’s u all! It was an amazing first LD compo!

Posted by (twitter: @luquio)
Monday, May 9th, 2016 10:54 pm

black heart

My #TOP5 Games

Posted by (twitter: @luquio)
Saturday, May 7th, 2016 12:15 am

Hi there, after rating more than 200+ games Im able to tell which games where the most awesome for me. And I know its just a little bit of the whole LD entries.

Aside that Im so happy with your responses to my game, its my first LD so be kind 😛


Booba Loomba (JAM)


Subject 26 (JAM)


Photagogue (COMPO)


Chocolate Box Factory (COMPO)


Shape Assault (COMPO)


Black Heart (COMPO)
this is mine 😛



Hope u’ve enjoyed this LD as much as I did! Good luck to you all!

Thanks you all ! This compo was amazing

Posted by (twitter: @luquio)
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016 12:02 am


Hope you all have enjoyed my game as I do with yours, if I havnt rated yours please post the link below

My first 3 hours of LD35

Posted by (twitter: @luquio)
Sunday, May 1st, 2016 9:22 pm

My first 3 hours of LD35 compo!

13119883_1716639555281073_402876435217245054_ofirst 3 hours of the compo i spent drawing simple stuff, taking notes, sketching ideas, and drawing on ipad

13087063_1716639548614407_3098286333553680636_o And the next day , about 15 hours after LD35 began, I went to UnityRoadshow. More than 26 hours left to finish the compo :O :O :O13087120_1716639541947741_8329096160011039308_o checking twitter 😛13131670_1716639545281074_1005396629582870216_o unity certificate (just for attending to the roadshow)13147804_1716639551947740_7947079130789987475_othis is me, my little messy room, cheap notebook and oldschool mac mini, wacom pen Tablet, stufff

imageand this is the game itself! 😀

Trying to improve selection screen

Posted by (twitter: @luquio)
Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 11:51 pm

i said trying, cuz it does not fit with the game haha :( will have to keep working !!!

if u havent played please do! Its Black heart


Black Heart

Wow 206 votes!!! _ I’m so thankful for this bros

Posted by (twitter: @luquio)
Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 3:37 pm

I also tried to keep the votes and the coolness in equality, im not sure how that works cuz this is my first LD ever, anyway so happy with this and with a bounch of great games ive tested! downloaded and the people that i started folowing on twitter, hope we could be friends and see u all in the next LD!

Captura de pantalla 2016-04-27 a las 5.07.16 p.m.

Ive already started lvl up my skills for next LD!

Posted by (twitter: @luquio)
Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 3:19 pm

I know ludum dare compo hasnt ended yet, but im kinda excited to participate in the next one and super happy for the great response to ma game! I vill try to improve my pixel art skills so now working on a little pixel art fighting game.

you can follow me on

twitter: @luquio

instagram: @lucio_aquino


hope u enjoy my game from this ludum dare, it was a real challenge!image image

Black Heart (compo entry by luquio)

Posted by (twitter: @luquio)
Sunday, April 24th, 2016 3:31 pm

me again! improving gameplay on iOS and also adding new features. Also visual improvements, flashing lights warting and lot more stuff suggested by you all.

If you havent played the original game in the compo entry , link below:

little demo working on iPad

Postmortem postsleeping

Posted by (twitter: @luquio)
Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 1:49 am

ive been working a lot on the postmortem game, i really want to get it published this week on ios, its a lot of work but think i can do it.

here some hard work on animations to show the helpscreen of how to play before the game starts


black heart

black heart

Web games?

Posted by (twitter: @luquio)
Friday, April 22nd, 2016 6:39 pm

Hi there! anyone else wants me to REVIEW their games?

post your link down here please!

Suggestion to port to ios

Posted by (twitter: @luquio)
Friday, April 22nd, 2016 2:14 pm

Hi there, ive been so happy with the incredible cool things u all said about my game, which was think from the beggining to work on mobile devices… ive been trying to make it easy and fun to play in mobile, but as it has 5 buttons on desktop/web version I am testing many differents way to controll it. Here is the latest and the one who i think fits better, also i added a bounch of other things like secret levels… but if the game is hard no one will ever discover them :(

this is what i got so far

swipes to move the shape (up, down, left, right)

swipes to move the shape (up, down, left, right)


link to compo entry:http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-35/?action=preview&uid=90316

Will review web games! Send your links

Posted by (twitter: @luquio)
Thursday, April 21st, 2016 2:08 pm

Send your links in the comments!

(Just web games please)

Black heart

I will REVIEW web games

Posted by (twitter: @luquio)
Thursday, April 21st, 2016 12:29 pm

hi there, if u made a Web game please send me you link!!!

today started my weekend! 😀


ps.: im asking for web games cuz dont want to download, just play it and have fun


see ya

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