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Long time no jam

Posted by (twitter: @lukewhiston)
Monday, August 24th, 2015 5:40 am

I used to jam a LOT – LD, OneGameAMonth, etc. I once made a James Bond-themed game every month for a year (here). But time marches on and things change – partner, house, job – plus I’m the sort of person who just likes to be *doing* something all the time, so picked up several other hobbies that gradually wore away at my game-making time as I got deeper into those. I’m in my mid-30s, by the way, web developer by trade for about 15 years; a fully-fledged adult who buys fences and carpets.

To top it off, a little over 10 months ago my partner and I welcomed into the world a baby, which kind of put the kibosh on any sort of free time I thought I had before, but in the most awesome way. Babies are great – they’re like Tamagochis that will eventually do the washing up and inherit all your debt (I maintain if you want to gain an insight into objective design then get one and start putting things in the way of whatever they’re trying to get at – you’ll see how their brain works solving your barriers. Then make it gradually more difficult…)

So my point is, things come and go, your enthusiasm will wane and you’ll get tired. But eventually it’ll all come around again and you’ll find yourself enthused with renewed vigour and spunk. Next LD I’ll be up in the compo like nobody’s business.

Also I’m basically excusing myself for uploading an old game to the LD Jam: GOOD MONSTER, BAD MONSTER



Enjoy! 😀

So You’ve Missed The #LD28 Submission Date

Posted by (twitter: @lukewhiston)
Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 1:45 am

So I missed the #LD28 submission date, but wanted to post anyway because I had a lot of fun making a game which turned out – for a very rough demo – almost exactly how I wanted, and introduced a few new methods to my library of Things I Can Do.

It’s called ‘Top-Down Speedruns’, and as the name suggests it’s all about speedruns from a top-down perspective. There are nine levels across three ‘worlds’. You play as a little character who just runs and runs and runs, and your only controls are turning, which slows you down a bit, and holding the space bar to slow you right down for taking corners.

There is a database-driven scoreboard, which I hoped would flood with scores and I’d be getting rage messages on Twitter like “Y U NO MAEK IT EASY?!”, but so far it’s revealed a grand total of three people have played it. Thanks.

It looks like this:


And you can play it here: http://www.lukewhiston.co.uk/ld/28/

Any feedback/bug reports appreciated. Have fun!


EDIT: thanks for the comments and hearts, guys – means a lot and is very encouraging. Makes sure to comment and heart other people’s games too, as they may also feel like they need some encouragement.

As pointed out, it’s trivial for anyone with hands to manipulate the times sent to the database using features built into most good browsers and IE. I’ll try to secure this tonight. Thanks for playing!

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