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My Top 3 till now

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Saturday, May 9th, 2015 8:06 am

Hi Guys! I wanna share my top three =) . Of course I didn’t add mine but if you want, you can try it too =) =) =)

Unconventional Cowfare




I hope you enjoy those games! Have Fun! =)

Super Post Mortem =)

Posted by
Friday, May 8th, 2015 5:39 am

Hello everyone! I finally complete my post mortem version of Battle Block Manager. I’ve done many upgrades to the first jam project and add some feature to balance the game. I’ve spent a lot of time doing this version cause I’m alone. =(

At first I made a new GUI, I think it more exaustive and functional than before. I’ve also add, as first step, a real calendar.


At second I designed some feature on stores :
– I’ve add a local economy of every store, every store has to pay taxes and to restists itself; if  not, it goes out of business and it can’t accept deals from citizen.  Consequentially you can pay its debt and buy some percentage of  ownership (or simply pay if you already own it). Store taxes are composed by two part : fixed costs and deals percentage.
– Stores have now a open/close hour, when citizens can buy something, this feature influences the fixed cost because it is calculated on how many hours the store are open.
– Every store has an appeal index that increase/decrease how many citizen come to the store. Appeal can be increased / decreased modifing in the opposite way the average cost or it can be increased activating upgrades. ( In future this index can be related also to an economy index, to a season index or/and to a trend index. )

At third I’ve add some other enemy :

– Thief : gbm-thief
– Killer : gmb-killer
Thief and Killers! The thieves rob from your citizen’s wallets (and they’ll spend less). The killers simply kill citizen, for no reason. xD
Initially this feature was related to the frequence of citizen spawn based on the security of the block, but at the moment this part isn’t completed and tested.

At fourst I’ve added some feature on Fellas:
– in the first version, fellas are simply a guard from enemy, but now they can increase the black deal probabily upgrading in Drug dealer or Weapon Dealer and they can kill Killers and Thives upgrading into Guards.
– Also Fellas’ gun can be upgrades to be more efficent on enemies.

As I’ve already said I’m sorry the game is not so much in theme with “An unconventional weapon”, my first and still main though was that a gangster can be killed only by financial trouble. So this is the unconventional weapon against gangster. :)


PLAY Post Mortem Version HERE



Gangster Block Manager – Video Tutorial

Posted by
Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 7:45 pm

I’ve made a video tutorial for helping people try my game! This was my first LDJAM and I had no idea it was so difficult explain a manager game xD! My fault, but in 72h I’ve done my best =)

As you can see I’ve no graphics skills, but if you like manager game check this video to have more chances to become the new king of the block! – Web Version – 


Gangster Block Manager – Submitted

Posted by
Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 6:06 am

Hello guys! this is my first Ludum Dare,  I had a lot of fun creating this game called Gangster Block Manager. In this game you are a gangsta (from the block) controlling a bar with your Fellas.

You have to resist, pay wages, pay taxes and complete your mission. A double economy will help you to expand your control on the block!

Here is my entry :  http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-32/?action=preview&uid=51739 

I hope you will have fun playing Gangster Block Manager (Web) or Gangster Block Manager (Win)


Screenshot 2015-04-21 02.12.43



Screenshot 2015-04-21 02.15.11

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