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The Exploratite Mitae – Post Mortem

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Thursday, September 12th, 2013 9:29 am

Hi everyone !
It’s a bit late but here is our post-mortem for this jam.
First of all, we would like to say “thank you !” to MrBlade for his post about our game yesterday, it’s really motivating !
We were initially 9 people willing to participate, split in 2 projects. In the end only this one made it, with a core team of 6 people rotating during the week end.

The game consists in an experiment with an aquatic species, which has to find oxygen bubbles to survive and explore the area…
You can test the game here : The Exploratite Mitae


The context

We are a team working in the video games industry. Since we already participated in the Molyjam recently, most of us were not ready to spend another week end at full speed, and decided to make it much more fun by switching the jobs !
That’s how we ended up with an animator as our non-programmer, a graphist as our non-game-designer, and a programmer as our non-sound-designer !
It made the whole experience much less exhausting for everyone, and created interesting individual challenges.

The creative process

Most of us didn’t participate in the theme voting process, to not start thinking before the jam.
The first day, once the theme was voted, we sat around a table and talked for around 2 hours about various ideas to pick one or two, and everyone choose his team at this moment.
The “bubbles” concept was approved and most of us started working on it, while a second team tried another project. This second project reached a dead-end with the concept after a few hours and aborted.


We mainly worked with Construct 2, to allow our team of non-programmers to work without too much obstacles and iterate quickly.
The art was produced with Photoshop.
The non-sound-designer worked with Fruity Loops and Audacity to create the soundtrack and produce the sound effects.

The right

– The job switch forced many aspects of the game to be as simple as could be, and helped make the game minimalist.
– Construct 2 was a new tool for everyone, and it worked pretty well on many aspects. Easy to learn and robust enough for our needs.
– The sofas of the company were surprinsingly very comfortable.

The wrong

– The Web build from Construct was behaving differently depending on the browser (no sound on IE, cuts on the music loop on Firefox,…). That’s why we used the Webkit application for the final build.
– After 2 days, half of the team couldn’t manage the exhaustion, so everyone took back his job to make everything work fine and polish the whole game the last day.
– Since it was our first Ludum Dare, we didn’t have accounts and didn’t know we needed to host our game ourselves. We discovered that in the last 2 hours, and we couldn’t create accounts from our office because of IP restrictions. It was the panic ! Luckily one of us had already an account and an other one had a hosting solution.
– Since we are based in France, the competition started at 3am for us, which was a bit hard to handle :p

Thanks for your attention and all the comments !


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