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I gotta keep reminding myself…  LD is for making stuff, not learning how to make stuff… By that I mean, I need to stick to my strengths. If something is not working out it’s usually because I am trying something I am totally unfamiliar with. So I scrapped my AI and moved to working on making the game 4 player local deathmatch.



First break

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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 3:24 am

So I spent about 7 hours and I got a good portion of the basic code completed.

The game is going to be a top down combat arena game played in a “Game&Watch” style. I reduced the framerate to a minimum of 1 frame per second. Everything is played in steps like the old hand helds. At this time, I feel that the game may be too slow to be fun, but I am confident enough to come up with enough features to hold the player’s attention while playing. Here is the link to my current build. Now time for a much needed break.




It’s all fun and games until somebody has to start animating :/

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Saturday, December 15th, 2012 10:51 pm


Engine is near complete and it’s time to start animating :/ I’m in the game design trenches and I gotta fight my way out. Wish me luck :)

My first playable build: It still has a long way to go in the presentation department. The base combat engine is working. Let me know what you guys think: http://d.pr/f/BIuM. I have plans to make either a single player experience or add in network multiplayer. Whichever seems easiest at the time.

1st Screen Shot

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Friday, December 14th, 2012 10:56 pm


It’s a Rock/Paper/Scissors Reaction timed fighting game. I wanted to get all the basic assets in the game before doing all the heavy coding. Goal is to have both Single Player and Local Multiplayer modes. If time doesn’t allow I will cut the Single player as it requires AI Coding that the multiplayer will not. More to come.

I’m in like Flynn!

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Friday, December 14th, 2012 12:40 pm


LogiQ signing in here from Phoenix AZ. This will be my 1st LD and I am looking forward to completing my first “Full” game. Overall I am completely excited.


“Coding”: I’ll be using Multimedia Fusion 2 (MMF2)  as I heard doing an LD is better if you use tools that you are familiar with.

Art: Photoshop

Sound: Sfxr

Music: Beatlab

LiveStream: http://new.livestream.com/accounts/2271725/events/1739493 I will keep this going as long as it does not take up all of my computer resources. I will also be posting my builds there so people can download and test as the compo is running.

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