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First timer (just for Android)

Posted by (twitter: @LBF_NL)
Friday, April 25th, 2014 12:36 pm

I’ve been keeping a safe distance from participating in Ludum Dare for a couple of years, but unfortunately Goerp¬†managed to convince me to devote this weekend to LD48 O:)

My main goal is to enjoy the experience and deliver a playable game. Unfortunately the Significant Other is working on her internship the next couple of months so I’m joining the Compo. If I’m not finished at the 48 hour mark, but feel confident enough I’ll switch to the Jam. If the result is good we’ll perform some more work and polishing on it and release it on the Play store.

The tools to be used:

  • OS: Linux Mint, targetting Android Froyo and up.
  • Language: Java
  • IDE: Android Studio (IntelliJ IDEA)
  • Graphics: Gimp and Inkscape
  • Sfx: sfxr (because a game needs sounds, right!?)
  • Music: Abundant-Music by Per Nyblom as my favourite piano player is not here.
  • VCS: our Subversion repo, but I’ll put the code on github with the Apache license after this LD.
  • Libraries: AndEngine (since I’m too inexperienced with libGDX), so Android only. Sorry, better luck next LD.
  • Our whiteboard for Kanban and some notes/sketches
  • Lots of paper for the design and brainstorming…

I’ll post updates on our Twitter¬†and if time permits some small blog updates. Next week a post-mortem will follow.

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