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Here comes the Flyswatter!

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Monday, August 24th, 2015 7:50 pm

Fly away from that strange dude. He is the monster.

A game that uses webcam in a very peculiar way,

revealing the monster within yourself.Flyswatter start screen

Mr Litso Kaplan [post mortem – RIP]

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Thursday, December 18th, 2014 2:08 pm

Hey gamedevs!

We’re LasagneGames a small team of 2 x Game Designers and 1 x Coder who love Ludum Dare, and how does it repay us?

With the theme ‘Entire Game On One Screen‘!!

Actually it wasn’t so bad, and we’ve learnt that a theme that you’re not too keen on can really challenge you to go out of your comfort zone a little and try something new.

With that in mind our brainstorming session began and after a few ideas, we settled on a game where you control the facial expressions of this guy called Mr Litso Kaplan and help him through various social situations by using the keyboard to pull the correct expression.

Mr Kaplan: up and running!

Mr Kaplan: up and running!

We thought it would be a simple idea to start prototyping with, and see whether there was any fun locked away in there.

The Good

Compared to other LD jams, we were actually all in the same room, we’re split between San Marino and London, so we normally do things over Skype. So this time was definitely way cooler!

We got set up fairly quickly and then threw ourselves in to the content side of things. I spent my ‘free-time’ thinking about how to best submit and score expressions. I tried a few things and decided a rhythm game style input would be worth exploring. The default setting was to either submit by checking the keys were correct, or progressing the player after the timer ran out if they didn’t get the right combo.

In the end, I thought it would be a cool mini game to break up the stages a bit, so stuck it in anywhere I could. 😉

Rhythm game - oh yeah!

Rhythm game – oh yeah!

The Bad

In the end, it turns out that the last 3-4 hours coding is worth approximately 20 mins of proper non-exhausted-red-eyed coding. In the end, all I did was keep breaking the game and not having the mental capacity to know what I was actually trying to do, and how to fix the bugs other than hacking at the code like an axe to a silver birch!!

Also, I ignored all calls from my team mates to add a submit button so that the dialogue wouldn’t skip through if you were still holding the keys down. Plus, based on feedback in the comments, what was with the rhythm game?! It was unanimous that it didn’t fit in to our game mechanic, and my inability to ‘let it go son!’ meant it reflected bad on our game overall.

So, for the next jam, LISTEN TO YOUR TEAM MATES!!! Let them do their thing, and get on with your thing, based on the awesome suggestion they just shouted to you from across the room! :-)

At the moment, we’re working on the post-jam version, Mr Kaplan is now the submission it should have been! From this point on it’ll be polish, get some good artwork (we have a great illustrator doing the line work), and expand the levels with more dialogue.


The post jam version

If you want to check out our POST JAM version you can see it progress as the game evolves.

Until next time, see you all in three months (well in 11 days when I check the results…) Good luck, and thanks to all those who voted and commented!!

Post Mortem

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 7:54 am

Dungeons ‘n’ Diapers

We were pretty happy with the theme, and decided we would do a platformer game based on shadows and the imagination of a very small child. Everything else came about by exploring the basic idea of one player having two roles/worlds to interact with, in parallel.

The concept behind the game is that Zeno, a baby, sees real world objects as monsters he can fight. His imagination is reflected by shadows.

Play Dungeons ‘n’ Diapers

Tiled: our level editor of choice.

Tiled: our level editor of choice.

So by using the shadow warrior and interacting/attacking the other shadows, Zeno interacts with the real world, so your shadow is responsible for creating a safe path through the level. For example, a tree can be felled to bridge gaps by defeating its corresponding shadow, the skeleton.

As you can see we got some of the mechanic down, but naturally our vision entailed a lot more than we could achieve. For instance, the shadows should attack the players shadow, but they pretty much just stand there. Also, we had a ton of ideas for puzzles, and some end of level bosses… Alas we may save them for a post dare version.


Moon walking:

During testing we found that certain key combinations caused the shadow to moon walk. Not necessarily a bug, just some missing logic in the control code. We decided to leave this in, it was kind of fun.


This bug prevented you from progressing from level 1. The result can be seen in this video below:

Turns out I hadn’t cleared the data out when loading the new level, so there was an extra baby spawned just below at the old level’s start position. As the camera was set on the baby it was wildly oscillating between the two instances of the same object.

I’ve tried implementing this effect before using combinations of sine and cosine, but this is by far the best result and the simplest. I’ll be experimenting with it to see what sort of control/effects I can achieve with it.

Things that didn’t make it

  • Enemy attacks/AI and more enemies in general (i.e. puppy with a wolf shadow).
  • More puzzles (with ladders, light sources).
  • End level boss.
  • Achievements (for Moon walking).

In any case the whole thing was a massive learning experience for all of us, and as always it’s been great being part of a large collective of like minded people striving for a common goal. It’s almost like having 2500+ people over for the weekend (I don’t think there would be enough coffee).

Here wormy wormy wormy…!

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Thursday, May 1st, 2014 7:20 am


What did you think of the theme?

For the theme ‘Beneath the surface’ giant monster worms sprung to mind (we’ve all seen tremors right?).

The idea was to get in to the mindset of our giant monster worm and try to model its environment as closely as possible.  Since it lies beneath, we decided it should only sense sound waves caused by movement above ground (which we see on the black screen as concentric waves).

Then things went a bit crazy from there as you can see… 😉

Did it really go sooo wrong…?

From the programming perspective – a bit! And there are still some annoying bugs all pretty much related to the map and scrolling (the gamespace is 64×64), plus we didn’t get all our features or graphics in so it’s not quite how we envisioned. But…

What was the best bit?
Really chuffed with the worm movement, which is kind of based on Flow, the only difference is that the player is not fixed to the middle of the screen.  This gives a better sense of movement, which would be lacking since there is no scrolling background in underground mode, so the worm would just move with its tail anchored at the middle – not quite as much fun.

What were your tools of choice?

GFX: Tiled, Gimp.

SFX: Audacity.

Coding: Javascript + Canvas.

9 hours to go

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Monday, December 16th, 2013 10:08 am

so with 9 hours to the end  we still have only the first level…almost ready xD but i’m confident we will make it! all the content is ready we just have to put all the things togheter! here’s a debug version of the game



One shot killa by LasagnaGames

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Sunday, December 15th, 2013 3:42 pm

torre-di-pisa1here is a very early playable build.

“Ok now, stay cool, don’t panic, remember you only get one chance to hit your target, you succeed and everything will be fine, you will go back to your nice house with your girlfriend, she is here, waiting for you (cries of girl) we don’t want to hurt her, unless we are forced to, you just have to kill that guy. Remember, he’s a smart one, and he’s protected, if you miss once, there won’t be a second chance, ain’t that right honey?



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