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A creative, humorous graphic designer who takes to the Youtube Airways to share & review different games - everything from Indie Gems to AAA titles. Along with the occasional creator or modding tutorial. His insights and in-depth reviews are the result of his passion for online gaming and his sincere support for game creators.


Ludum Dare 31

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All Im saying is if you clone a murderous insect in a science lab… you prolly shouldn’t forget to give them dessert at night. They tend to get a little cranky -> [LADY BUG] by King Penguin.

Our Colossus powers may be faded. But we can still smash the faces of a few humans before we go! -> [The Old One] by Chris Olsen

Just remember. If you fire the entire United States, be sure you have a sure fire escape plan. -> [Escape from Twump Tower] by 01010111

Man these kids are evil. Trying to catch innocent pokemon and force them to go on epic adventures. -> [PokEscape by Tuism]

Larry Does Ludum 33 – PART 6 – Project Monster

Posted by (twitter: @LarryChupacabra)
Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 3:09 pm

Your not wrong mysterious scientists who found me in this bar. I do like traveling through deadly negative space. -> [Project Monster by 0x0961h]

It’s all fun and games until your lizard ankles snap upon impact with the ground. -> Play [Up & Away] by Bytegrove

Beware the Ancient Flesh! -> Play [Unwelcome Presence]

Sometimes Monsters want to feel Beautiful too. -> [Monstre de Coiffure]



To the Space Victor go the spoils. -> Check out [SPACE JUNK] by Pixel Griffin

Bow peasants! To your wormy king!

[Play Mighty Dune Worm] – [Vote on Mighty Dune Worm]

Sometimes it’s not about whose bed you try to steal, it’s just trying to return some peace and quiet to a lizard filled dimension.

Ice Story


The rabbits know too much! We’ve gotta make it to the safe house garden plot! WHY DID WE ROB THE PELLET BANK!?



In the future one does not simply eat the plants or grow them for fun, some of them make handy weapons for defeating the eye demons. Should that whole ancient Atlantian plant technology fail, feel free to call on X-11 the gardening murder robot. He’s got a new turbo leaf blower or something.

Garden of Strife

X-11 That Leaf-blower Robot


Find the Previous Episode here -> Larry Does Ludum 32 – Episode 1

Sometimes when you’re tired after a long day of smashing buildings and public parks with your car you need a nice nap. Not just any nap mind you. The kind where horrifying beasts come from the darkness to attack! Good thing he have these retina destroying lasers and viscously cute companions to help save the realm of dreams!

Flail Rider


Decided to do something a little different than my regular Ludum Coverage. That means giving the top overall ranking games in each category (Compo & 72hrs) some more LP love. Diving into some rogueish inspired Escape Character & The Street Artist Stylings of 90 Second Portrait.


Escape Character by Zi

90 Second Portrait by Simon Larsen


Next on my Radar is the Top 2 in the Compo Category.

Who would have suspected you needed to be so agile to fight off hordes of frigid demon snowmen? Good thing the giant alien rock em sock em robot is here to uh….. Save the day?

Cat-Ana by Stouls, Maamar, Makowski, & Videlo

Limberjacks by Sandbaydev

Please, Don’t Touch Anything! by Lagutov, Karimov, Vartazaryan, & Goryeslavets


Got a spiffy game? Share away! Im going to be creating showcase videos throughout the voting period. So I’d love to add some more to the list. I’ll be trying to shuffle them in regularly.

You can also keep up to date with the latest episodes via the [Ludum Dare 31 Chupacabra Playlist]


Cheers All!

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