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Maxwell Rush PRO!

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Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 6:11 am

Thank you all for voting and kind comments! .) Special for you here are POST-release version.Rate main entry, then be free to play post-release. It is ALOT easier, you can control demon with mouse(“new-age modern”) or with keys (“old-school hardcore”), also when you die, you restart at the level you died.

Here’s little post-mortem.

What went right.

Timing. I did realistic estimations how much can I do in 48 hours.  Tried to keep it minimal, preferred hard-coding to soft-coding and sticked to the plan. It turned out well and I had spare time to add few features.
Using Box2D. It saved a lot of time with it’s pre-baked collisions and physics.
Had slept well. And it has a great boost on my productivity.
Using png images. At first my idea was to use Qt vector graphics, but I discarded this idea early and it greatly simplified content pipeline.
Community! I was afraid and insecure about my first entry, but got really positive comments. Thank you guys, you are great!


What went wrong.
Ui. It was a last thing to add, and integration of the level switching and different ui screens and buttons was a great hack. I wish I thought of it in the beginning.
Not many levels. I haven’t done level editor and hard-coded levels. With editor and level-switching framework it would be possible to add more content.
Game mechanics. In the beginning my idea was to use only demon’s impulse to slow down molecules. After first play-tests it became obvious that it was way to hardcore, so I was forced to rethink mechanics and to add the force-field.
Lack of design. You know, learning curves, difficulty progression, that kind of stuff I completely overlooked.

Well, It was great experience and I hope you had fun playing my game!
Thanks to ludum dare staff for their hard work, and to thousands of creative artists, developers and simply good guys out there!

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