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I love to make video games. I use C++ or C#. I use Unity, Unreal, Xenko, or MonoGame. I like making Arcade type games the most. I want to make an ARPG some day.

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Posted by (twitter: @@LanceJZ)
Monday, April 16th, 2012 2:33 pm

Hi fellow game creators! I’m stating my intention to participate! I’ll be using XNA 4 or Unity 3D. I really like space games, so I’ll┬álikely┬ádo one if I can. I will use Visual Studio 2010 for sure.

I was hoping I could do last years however I got called into work over the weekend.

Graphics: Photoshop and/or Paint.net and/if 3DS Max.

Audio: Aviary’s Music and/or Otomata and/or Bfxr

Middleware/Engine: FlatRedBall or RapidXNA

If I decide to use Unity 3D then I wont be using those but I’ll still be doing it in C#.

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