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Thanks !

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Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 1:35 am

Thanks everybody for your votes, comments and reviews, this Ludum Dare was a real pleasure to contribute and to play.

Have a nice day and if you’re a scout, don’t forget to check where you’re making fire 😉

Damned Scouts ! Little Post Mortem.

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Friday, May 9th, 2014 5:34 am

Hello everyone,
Here’s a little speech about our Ludum Dare experience you can play here. To sum up, we really enjoyed the experience (for some members, it was their first jam experience), but intense and very short. The subject inspired us, and we had different ideas. But we can’t tell you how we arrived to this point: kill annoying little boys scout in a dark and dangerous forest…. We are weird people.
At the beginning, we thought about a gameplay more complex. But with only one graphist, (even amazing he is), we had to take shortcuts in the gameplay. And we had only 48 hours to almost finish the game cause everybody had to go to work on Monday. Except for our 2 programmers who took a day off (for one) and an afternoon (for the other) to polish the game.
For the music, we’re not composer and we had some problems with our keyboard. So, we thought: “why not singing ?. It will be probably awful but maybe perfect for a group of boys scout!.” That’s why your ears can appreciate the sweet voice of a member’s team (thanks to Audacity, we made it more unpleasant and creepy… You’re welcome).
By the end of 72hours, we didn’t know if people would enjoy the game, understand what to do, have fun, appreciate the universe etc. But our team was a quite satisfied.
Now, we’re really happy about all your nice comments.
Currently, we’re working on a post compo version with less bugs, and more graphics.

Hope it still will be fun.


And if you wonder why our name is Lama :

Ludovic Espérou

Alain Bellenger

Mérédith Alfroy

Alexandre Bourdier

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