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Friday, August 30th, 2013 4:52 pm

Please just don’t ask why I feel like all my titles should be in uppercase, there is absolutely no valid reason. Anyway.

Last week was my first Ludum Dare, and, actually, my first game at all. I had been learning Lua for at least two weeks before doing this, so one might say I was an absolute expert. Expert of newbies, that is.

But, hey, I’m actually really glad ! Here’s how things went :

– Roughly five minutes after the theme was revealed, I had my idea and it didn’t change. One of my massive flaws is that I tend to want to do too much, and it’s not really something one can do during a jam. 😛

– Ten hours after that, the game was functional. Ugly, boring, just as fun as a Derrick episode. ( […] I just Googled Derrick… 90 minutes later I’m reading stuff about Mount Everest and Ice Age 4. Dang, back on topic. ) But it was still a game.

– Actually the 38-or-so next hours were mainly me procrastinating, adding one or two features when I felt like it. One of the most memorable was the recording of the sounds… 5 AM on sunday with half of Bapteme du Jeu sleeping next door, and me, yelling in Hugo’s mic… Realized halfway through that I was being REALLY loud, hence the weird ” one “.

– And finally, during the last hour, I added level 5. Just because of one or two people who beat the game like it wasn’t more complicated that toasting bread. Please, understand. My PRIDE was at stake here. And that’s why you’re all suffering on level 5 – for the few brave ones who endured my hellish voice until then, that is.

Notice that I’m not mentioning sleep. That’s because I didn’t get any rest. For 65 hours. Except for a ten minutes nap, waiting for my computer to reboot. I think it’s a pretty good way to jam, if you manage to do it and not procrastinate too much… Well no okay it was dumb. But still, I’ve been pretty productive, and it’s great !


What went right :

  • The concept, found in a few minutes, and pretty interesting ( that’s what I thought in the beginning. Actually it was the opposite of original, but I’d rather set my goals to ” feasible ” rather than ” Hell yeah, if you’ve got a ten people team on coke for two weeks, you might make it ” )
  • The graphics. Honestly. They’re plain simple, it’s pixel art, but compared to what I used to do not so long ago, it’s like comparing Picasso and Da Vinci.
  • The sounds. I first thought ” Hey, let’s be stupid. I can’t make any sound by myself, right ? Rather than using the excellent sfxr, why not do something awful, yet fun ? ” Several people at Bapteme du Jeu said they wanted to see how it turned out, so here it is.
  • The difficulty. Just what I wanted it to be. You end a level ( except level 1, but it’s a Field trip after all ) with 3 to 0 seconds worth of fuel left, and level 5 can be quite hard, even though you can get through with your hands tied behind your back provided you know where you’re going.
  • The fun. Oh god the fun. I had fun making this game, I had fun playing this game, and above all I had fun watching people playing this game ( and getting crazy ). Nothing’s more satisfying, as far as I’m concerned, than a man in a hurry, late on his project, still sitting in front of your computer, yelling OKAY I’M TOTALLY GOING TO MAKE IT TO THE END THIS TIME, to end up laughing as hell because of the game over screen and the overdone explosion. But, hey, there’s no kill like overkill, right ? It’s supernuclear I told you.

What went wrong :

  • Jeez, I couldn’t code properly to save my life. Had to make several corrections, because the game tended to blow computers up after a few minutes. Turns out that big ass sign on the top of love.graphics pages isn’t just for show. At least I know now. Thanks to everyone who helped me on this by the way 😛
  • My focus. I’ve never been able to focus more than a few minutes in front of my code, but in a room full of people working on ideas, it’s like being 9 again with the latest Pokemon game in the middle of history class. Try and stay focused now. Probably made worse by the lack of sleep.
  • The ending. I planned to have Earth FUCKING BLOW UP at the end of the game, like an ultimate laugh at the player’s expense, saying ” Oh, you’ve made it out ? Cool story. Boom. *cue Earth Shattering Kaboom* ” I even had the graphics, or at least a draft, but ended up being 100% unproductive when it came down to ” Do or do not “. So I made level 5 instead. Which is, I think, for the best.
  • And I think that’s all… Well I’ll probably think of a thousand more details, but I’m going to start pretending I have self-esteem now.


And that’s for me. I hope nobody got mad at the Game Over messages, they’re meant to be stupid and humorous, like the rest of the game, I actually love you all 😛

Count on me to come again for the next LD or so, I really enjoyed this experience. And for the lucky ones who haven’t blown up their share or SUPERNUCLEAR PHYSICALLY UNREALISTIC HELICOPTERS yet in Hellish Copter, follow the evil rabbit !

PS : Some grammar mistakes might have occurred during the writing of this text. Please do not take them into account, since, you know, I’m french and stuff, and french people suck a languages. ( They do. )  Feel free to correct me if you like ; that’s how one gets better, whether at languages… or game making !

We will honor Hellish Copter's pilot's heroic sacrifice. May he rest in pieces.

We will honor Hellish Copter’s pilot’s heroic sacrifice. May he rest in pieces.

Now you can play too !

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Monday, August 26th, 2013 12:11 pm

Just a little post to inform everyone I did what I should have done hours ago : you can now play Hellish Copter on Windows ! Follow the white rabbit to do so.

I’m quite aware of a few bugs that would need fix, but I’m totally not in the mood for this right now, so, meh 😀

Hope everyone has fun with it ! I’m quite happy with the result for my first LD – and my first game in general, actually. Feedback is very welcome :)


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Sunday, August 25th, 2013 4:36 pm

As I said I would.
Now, if you excuse me, my awesome game Hellish Copter and other stuff in my life have kept me awake for more than OH GOD IT’S BEEN 65 HOURS SINCE I WOKE UP.

Hellish Copter ? Yes, it’s an Incredibly Lame Pun. What is it about ? Well, a supernuclear physically unrealistic helicopter has to escape a random alien base in which it was for no apparent reason, but its vertical thrusters only have enough fuel for about 10 seconds before falling prey to gravity, so it’s got to use it carefully.

Yeah, in my game, you get to play a supernuclear physically unrealistic helicopter. Isn’t that GREAT ? But wait, there’s more. Like good old’ Rogers’ apprehension about his new situation since the loss of his job. Don’t know what the hell I’m talking about ? Just play it then !


I’ll add some more OS-compatibility tomorrow. It’s 1 AM in here, and I can’t even remember the last time I actually sat on something more comfortable than this chair, even though it’s not that hard. So far, have the source files, it’s the best I can do. Feel free to fork me.

Goooood… niiiiiight…


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Friday, August 23rd, 2013 5:38 pm

You know, capslock make everything better. I read it on Skyblog.

Well, yeah, I’m French, I’m from Montpellier, and I’m in for LD. Gaeel convinced me to do this, and I will. Try.

Let’s get this straight : it’s my first try, and I suck at this. I just discovered Lua two weeks ago, and it’s pretty awesome, so I’ll give this a try. I used to do Web and Web only, but stopped coding like two years ago, so I’m a little rusty. As for graphics and sounds, well, I can make a circle look like it’s square… yet I’m unable to make it round, so yeah, basically, things will be very simple. Sounds… Better not even talk about it :DI tend to get carried away when starting a project, and end up procrastinating like there’s no tomorrow, so it will be a good occasion to avoid overdoing it and set my goals to ” Reasonable ” instead of ” You’ll need three lives just to get it to barely work “.

So, let’s get to it boys ! Hope it will turn out well for everyone, here in Baptême du Jeu and everywhere else in the world :)

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