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You too can be an A.S.S. (Airport Security Screener)

Posted by (twitter: @ryroper)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 11:14 pm

Work is progressing fast and furious for the team and I. I’ve never been this close to a finished version on a saturday like this.

Having a great time.

Heres a screenshot!

Work in progress 2.

Work in progress 2.

Another Ludum Dare, with a twist.

Posted by (twitter: @ryroper)
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 1:56 pm

I’ve only done the solo compo for Ludum Dare. This time I had some friends with varying talents and some of them agreed to try it so I have a team!

I have to say doing a jam entry with a team is a completely different experience and a ton of fun.

It’s awesome to have other people to tackle pieces at the same time, and people with a talent for making art assets.


So heres to another great Ludum Dare, we are making great progress.

First Screenshot of our Work in Progress.

First Screenshot of our Work in Progress.

YOGO Cookie Retrospective addendum

Posted by (twitter: @ryroper)
Monday, December 23rd, 2013 12:50 pm

I’ve gotten some really great feedback on my game. I think some of us lose sight on the fact that the voting period is just as important if not more important than the actual weekend we produce our work.

Some things after feedback I want to keep in mind for next time:

  • Polish is super important, little things like proper start screens, checkpoints and other little things mean a lot when it comes to getting people to play your game.
  • Focus on fun. I did a lot better this time than last and my feedback has been way better.
  • Sounds make a big difference, I need to work at making better sounds.
  • Don’t add features at the last minute. I added a couple things to the game about an hour before that caused annoying bugs in my game that I didnt see till after the deadline.
  • Exposure is important. I’m not sure how to improve this, but I think getting my game played on Jelly’s stream as well as some good retweets helped make my game more visible.
  • Get a good screenshot. That screenshot that is shown on the rating page is really important. If it doesnt make people interested they won’t click on it.

All in all though, my biggest takeaway from Ludum Dare is improvement. I try to make my entries progressively better and that is thanks to everyones comments on my games.

So thank you for playing my game and giving feedback!

You can play my game here.

Post Mortem for my LD 28 Entry, “You only get one Cookie”

Posted by (twitter: @ryroper)
Monday, December 16th, 2013 1:02 pm

Hey all, wow, another LD come and gone. It really is great seeing the amazing variety of games created in such a short period of time with only a single phrase as inspiration.

YOGO Cookie start screen.

I went through a bunch of ideas brainstorming before I started working. I was at a restaurant when the theme was announced but thanks to my trusty smart phone I was able to see the theme and start thinking about my game before I got home.

I wanted to try something that I thought was non obvious, so I threw out the “Assassin with one bullet” and “Buffet with a single plate” ideas that where my first two. I saw some kids and it made me think about a mom scolding her child that they could only have one cookie. That went along with the #NOKILL sub theme that was going around, so I started fleshing it out and this is what I ended up with.

Things that went Right:

  • I used Unity this time. I had done some small things with it before and I use C# in my day job, so I wanted to try it out for LD. It was in general really good, and the new 2d tools are fantastic.
  • I used the 2d Toolkit addon from the unity store in order to handle my tile maps, it was really easy to generate additional levels using it, which was something I had trouble with during my last entry.
  • I found a pathfinding addon for Unity.  It has a free version that is really nice. Definitely something I will use again.
  • SFXR is always handy for generating quick sound effects, Paint.NET was great also, as was Pixel Art Editor for android, which I used on my tablet away from the house to generate a bunch of the graphics.

What could have gone better:

  • Having more time. Seriously, I need Ludum Dare to fall on a weekend where I dont have parties, or a concert, or something else.
  • Getting the pathfinding addon to work with 2d toolkit. Wow, that ate up a ton of time. Couldnt find anything on the net that was helpful. I ended up solving it with inspiration and remembering a video I saw on you tube about 2d toolkit tilemaps.
  • My math abilities suck. I had the hardest time getting some of the basic features working like the parents scanning for you. It was way to hard for me and its something I need to work on.
  • Art, as always I’m a programmer and not an artist. Although I am improving and I have to say the difference between this game and my last LD game is like night and day.

So anyway, give my game a try! So far its gotten pretty decent reviews in the fun category. It’s at its heart a stealth game and no killing which is nice. There are a few “bugs” that create some really hilarious situations.


Learned a lot today

Posted by (twitter: @ryroper)
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 3:03 am

I have used Unity before, but not for anything like what I’m trying to make for Ludum Dare this time.

At the end of day two, (2 am, guess I should sleep) I have a mostly working game. Scoring, a goal, enemies, etc. Most of tomorrow will be polishing, start screen, maybe additional levels.

All in all, like always, it’s been a blast so far. Look forward to seeing how much I can get done before 6 pm tomorrow.

And so I present the sample level from my game, “You only get one cookie”.

Sample map from my game. Tutorial level?

Sample map from my game. Tutorial level?

My game is the epic story of one child, parents who want him to go to bed and an endless pile of cookies. A No Kill stealth game of cookie thievery.


Definitely In!

Posted by (twitter: @ryroper)
Friday, December 13th, 2013 9:53 am

I missed the last couple of Ludum Dares due to bad timing, my last was LD24, but I missed it and this one will most likely work out time wise!

I will most likely be using the Unity engine this time, with NGUI and 2d toolkit. SFXR for sound and either pickle or Pixel Art editor on my tablet for graphics.

All of the themes look really interesting and I look forward to using any of them I think.

Good luck everyone!

Gameage Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @ryroper)
Monday, August 27th, 2012 10:09 am

I had a great time this Ludum Dare. The theme threw me for a bit of a loop, like I’m sure it did to a lot of people, and I wasn’t sure I could commit to the weekend like I did last compo but I knew it would be fun so I was in. Plus, even if I didn’t succeed it would still be a learning experience, and who couldn’t use more of those?


I had a lot more knowledge coming into this ludum dare about what was possible in the time frame and what was going to eat up most of my time. My first LD entry I did in flash punk, and while I liked it I thought I would try something different and went with Construct 2 this time which is a great engine for fast prototyping. I think I would have liked using FlashPunk again but I need to sit down when I’m not in the middle of a compo and actually design a generic engine on top of it to make LD faster.

I wish I had a better way to do graphics. Right now I’m creating all my pixel art in Pixel Editor for android on my Asus Transformer and while it’s not bad, I’m a pretty bad artist and I need something that will allow me to make better looking art, even if its simple looking, faster. Although, I am getting faster at creating pixel art in the editor, I wouldn’t even know how to start animating them.


First, I knew when the theme was announced that Ididn’t want to create a game based on cells, or bacteria, or mutation. I figured those ideas would be beaten like a genetically altered dna consuming deceased horse. So I thought about evolution and what we where doing and came up with the idea for an evolving game, and even better, showing the evolution of classic arcade games. I think it turned out really well, especially near the end when I came up with the idea to go one step further and create a new game from the elements of all the previous games.

Construct 2 was an awesome choice for an engine. I never felt rushed, it did everything I wanted and I generally enjoyed using it.

SFXR, again for making arcade sounds easy. I was even able to make sounds I think closely resembled the arcade originals in a lot of cases.

Pixel Art Editor for Android, it’s free and is a great simple pixel art editor. It’s what I made every graphic in the game with except the Start and Replay buttons.

Having fun, because that’s what its all about, right?


Ludum Dare is awesome and I am glad I got to participate again. I’m glad I was able to finish my entry and I am happy with how it turned out. Please check it out! Especially if you like classic arcade games.

I reproduced 4 classic arcade games, evolving one into the other and finally evolving them all into a brand new game.


I created a thing!

Posted by (twitter: @ryroper)
Sunday, August 26th, 2012 3:30 pm

My entry was pretty much done about 2 hours ago, I’ve just been polishing since then.

I’m very pleased with what I accomplished this year!

Anyway, my entry: Game-Age: A visual evolution of gaming



Posted by (twitter: @ryroper)
Saturday, August 25th, 2012 9:35 pm

So I have 4 levels completed. I’m not going to post a link to the game till it’s done I think, but Im encouraged by what I have so far.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to end it, but I think I just came up with a solid idea and I think it’s both doable and going to work well.

So in the end I should have a 5 level completed game, I guess we will see tomorrow.


Also, for the record Construct 2 is amazing for prototyping and doing little 2d projects like this.

Quick update

Posted by (twitter: @ryroper)
Friday, August 24th, 2012 11:28 pm

I think it’s almost time for bed. I am 5 hours from the time I’ve started and I’ve completed 2 levels and started on a third. I have a good idea where I want to go with my game to finish it. I think its definitely doable by the end of compo, even without spending full time on it.

I think I’ll take my tablet and go lay down and try to create some pixel art while I try to go to sleep.


Super secret screenshot from the second level of my game.

Posted by (twitter: @ryroper)
Friday, August 24th, 2012 9:56 pm

Well, I’m on my way to a decent entry I think. I’m trying to think out of the box this year.

I’ve completed level one, and I’m working on level 2, here is what I have so far:

Level 2 in the works.

It doesn’t give very much away, I don’t think.

In case you couldn’t guess though, it isn’t bacteria. 😉


Second Ludum Dare? Possibly.

Posted by (twitter: @ryroper)
Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 11:59 am

So I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to dedicate the time I did to my last entry, but I think I’ll give it a shot anyway and see if I can at least crank out something simple.

I will be using Construct2 this time, so HTML5
I’ll also be using:
Pixel Art Editor for Android

I’ll update if I can think of anything else. Maybe I’ll try to use Inkscape.

So what does everyone think, what are you going to do with 1000 Kittens?

Tiny God : PostMortem Addendum

Posted by (twitter: @ryroper)
Thursday, April 26th, 2012 12:17 pm

My original Postmortem is here.

Since LD submission and I released my game I’ve found that I learned a lot of additional things from the reviews I’ve gotten.

Even if you put an Instructions link on the first screen of the game, people won’t click it and then will ask how to win your game.

I’m not sure how to solve this one except to somehow reveal the win condition during play, or if this is something to be worried about.

Even if you think your instructions are informative enough about your game, they probably arent.

I included a mini tutorial system in my game to guide the player through playing and instructions but I still didn’t include enough info. I should have had more friends play test the game when it was near submission time so I could polish these things more.

If you have random enemy generation, make sure it’s right.

I had a really stupid bug in my submission build for my enemy wave generator, I didn’t realize it until people started commenting how easy the waves where. I went back and found the bug right away.

If you build a web based game, don’t just link to the game itself, but embed it in a page with more info.

This one I just kind of realized. I ran out of time at the end and just posted a link right to the swf file instead of making a simple page to embed it in so I could put FAQ or other information in front of the player in case they are linked to it from places other than LD.


Anyway, I just thought others might want to learn from my mistakes. You can find my game here. I’ve also added a link for a Work In Progress version with bug fixes and updates suggested by players.

Thanks for reading!


Tiny God Postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @ryroper)
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 9:53 pm

I had an amazingly fun time participating in Ludum Dare. This was my first and I’m incredibly happy with what I have accomplished. I havent written a complete game in some time and doing this was just the jump start I needed I think. So here are some of the things that worked, some that didn’t and where I go from here.


I wish I had better researched my intended platform beforehand. I decided to do LD about 4  days before hand and settled on FlashPunk 2 days before the start. Never having done any work with flash before I wish I had researched the graphic and sound formats that were importable and what the limitations were.

In addition to that, I wish I had better resources for converting files, especially sound. I wasted at least an hour, probably 2 or 3 just finding programs and websites to convert sounds back and forth to different formats.

I wish I had planned the weekend out better. I had a concert in Vegas (3 hour round trip) to attend saturday night, and 2 BBQs on sunday, all of which cut significantly into my time. I don’t regret any of my activities, just my planning.

I wish I had come up with the storyline for my game sooner so I could have built in more than one level. I ended up not being able to include more than a single level because I came up with a more involved story saturday night, and by then it would have taken code refactoring to allow me to reuse assets in the way that I wanted to carry the story.


FlashPunk, it’s awesome. I had no experience with flash and made a game in 48 hours. Also Punk.UI. Caveat: I’ve been programming in multiple languages for over 20 years.

SFXR, it also rocks, it allowed me to add sound where I never would have made any kind of effects before.

GreaseMonkey and his AutoTracker-BU. Autogenerated music? Awesome.

Pixel Art Editor for Android. I used this on my Asus Transformer to make most of the pixel art. My “art” has always been the definition of programmer art, but I am proud of what I accomplished.

Making something different. When the theme was announced I wrote down a bunch of ideas that I thought were obvious and then told myself I couldn’t do any of them. Everyone was going to do a certain list of games and I wanted to do something different. I think I accomplished that.

Using a tool that allowed me to iterate rapidly. I think this is huge. Being able to make a change and see the change almost instantly was key. Especially when I was making a bunch of AI controlled entities.

Keeping my scope small and manageable. This was also a big thing, I threw away a bunch of ideas I thought were cool, but knew there was no way I could complete in 48 hours with no outside assets.

Lastly, but not least. Having an awesome girlfriend who is supportive of what I want to do and also likes to playtest (Sometimes too much!).



Yet another Update

Posted by (twitter: @ryroper)
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 1:50 am

So I took a small (6) hour break or so and came back with a lot of ideas. I have an idea where I want to take it after LD, which is nice. I also figured out what I needed to finish the project for LD., which was Title screen, win and lose screens, some sound effects, and to clean up the way a few of the entities behave.

So I spent some time creating some simple menu screens, heres the title screen:

If I have time once I wake up, I will get the sounds recorded and inserted. If I have time I will get the second level working. If not, that will have to be a post LD project.

Just a quick edit before I go to bed.

I’ve got my ai working for my player npcs, as well as my enemy npcs, also in game hints that help you play:


Did I mention my game has zombies?

Update – Hilarious Bugs

Posted by (twitter: @ryroper)
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 12:00 pm

Sometimes I think the best part about programming, games especially, is the bugs.

While trying to get my tiny people to hunt for their food, a bug cropped up where they killed the beast but didnt realise it was dead. So they continued to beat the corpse repeatedly till they starved to death.

It’s the things like that you can’t ever really plan, but just make your day.

You can see in the trace log what is happening, but its the dead beast in the middle right with the person behind it.


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