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Wednesday, May 4th, 2016 9:22 pm


Hello everyone. My name is Khaled, and along with my friend Fasial, we made Paranormal Investigator for the LD35. We are based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This was our first LD submission. And I would like to thank everyone who played, rated, and gave us a feedback.

This really meant a lot to us. Honestly in the beginning we weren’t really sure about this, because we are fairly new the the whole game development thing (we started less then a year ago.) The second reason is we were kinda of afraid to participate in an international jam, because we weren’t sure about our skill. But in the end we decided to make it for the hell of it, and thank god we did that. We really learned a lot of lessons like, how to limit the scope of the game, and focus on things like the mechanics.

I would have never thought that some people would like our humble game, and to see people play it on stream, and having fun gave me a joy. I think the community is what makes the Ludum Dare experience important to any gamedev, because it will not only help you to improve your game, but more importantly it will give you the desire to really push your skill, and make more games. Also, It’s really great to play the games of other devs, it’s like swimming in a sea of creativity. Thanks Ludum Dare.

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