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Finish line

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Monday, August 29th, 2016 10:36 am

Though I made my submission yesterday ( and on time! yay! ), I spent today trying to fix that damn bug that made it freeze in web browsers. But I’m finally done, and leaving you with the fruit of my labor.

victory dance

This is what Atlantis Warmachine celebrating victory looks like.

It was a long weekend. Many hours awake, many papers scribbled, many cigs smoked, many cofees and sodas drinked, many shorter or longer conversations with fellow gamedevs had.

Though this was my first LD ever, It was an experience to remember. I actually finished and released a game. It has no sound or music ( though it tries to mask it with an “ancient technology” notification right at the beginning ). It has no menu, background is improvised, enemy types are distinguished by color, and the dialogue system looks kind of DOS-ish as well. But it is out. First game ever to see the light of the day, after years an years of starting and killing project after project. Anyone familiar with a “troubled lazy perfectionist” mindset will understand the value it holds to me. It can’t be described, and it only took two days ( Two and half, including the web bug removal ).

I can’t thank enough to everyone on Ludum Dare. I played many great games here ( and am keeping them! I’m gonna make that serpent in Archimagic sorry, even if it kills me ), chat with amazing people, laughed hard ( sometimes way too hard ), and now it’s over. I need to sleep, and then find out if anyone in my life from before LD remembers me. The last two days felt like a year. And an amazing one at that.

You people are amazing! Kudos!

P.S.: my spoils of war; Atlantis Warmachine

Seven hours in and not a line of code to be seen

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Saturday, August 27th, 2016 3:41 am

Part 1 :)

“Climb in Geepee*! I managed to start it up. It’s steam powered, so it’s still working!”

“I’m in the cockpit. Over…”
“Well then? Get moving! Over…”
“Give me a sec… What the hell is this?! Levers? Valves? And this… Is that a bloody flusher?!”
“Calm down Geepee. We need to make it work. Over…”
“And how am I supposed to do that? There are at least seven control elements in here. How am I supposed to work it? It looks like this thing was made for a goddamn steampunk centipede… *sigh* … over …”
“RTFM noob. Over…”
“No FM to R here. You got any on you? Over…”
“Not really… Okay, whatever! Just pull something and see what happens. I’m in the machine room of this thing. Looks like some gears are stuck. I’ll try to make everything work again, figure out the controls in the meantime. Over…”
“What? Over…”
“I’ve got a visual. E.T. Over…”
“Really? What does it look like? Over…”
“Like it was drawn by someone who didn’t have time to do it properly. It really needs redoing. Over..”
“No time for that now. Maybe tommorrow. Now… get to work!”
“You forgot to say over Gees**.”

*Stands for GP as in Generic Protagonist. But in this universe, it’s a real name. I promise!
*Stands for GS as in Generic Sidekick. But in this universe, this also is a real name. I swear!

So… seven hours in. I managed to do some “art” and anims, but no code yet. This is actually the thing I was warned about, to do placeholder art only, avoid killing lot of time with complicated art. But nevermind. I’m starting right now!


I don’t know how to export a vid properly, so this is the best I could do in a hurry.

I decided the focus of the gameplay will be trying to create an impresson of controlling an ancient high tech steam powered battle device, with confusing controls and no manual. I’ve yet to see if I can manage something playable in time.

The second problem is, that while it seems like a good, fun idea in my head, it might come out as an annoying BS mechanics that’ll make most people stop playing before they make the bot make its first step. But I guess we won’t know that until it’s finished and playable.

Let’s get back to work. Good luck everybody .)

Needed to get myself into mood. Does it look ancient enough?

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Friday, August 26th, 2016 11:04 pm

“So… we found this thing deep down in the Atlantis a few days back. Brought it in to make some research on it. And since yesterday, we’re under attack. Lights in the sky, flying saucers, EMPs, electronics don’t work, our defenses are useless. That kind of stuff. Personally, I think they’re pissed we stole their ride.”


I’ve got a decent idea for gameplay. No name for the game yet though…

I’m in! First LD, hope I’ll manage

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Friday, August 26th, 2016 10:43 am

I’m actually having a stage fright 😀

I plan to use:

  • Unity 5 personal edition with C#
  • Pencil and paper, phone’s camera and GIMP2 for graphics
  • Microphone, anything available at arms length, Milkytracker & Audacity for audio and music
  • Sublime2 for writing notes…?

Hopefully see you on the other side .) Now excuse me, I’m going to stock up on coffee and food, and make that lair I call home a bit less messy so I have a place to work at.

BTW: Any logistic hints for a first timer? .)

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