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HellBow: Oculus + Mouse/Keyboard version

Posted by
Friday, December 20th, 2013 2:53 pm

By popular demand on the Oculus forums, there are people who have an Oculus but no Razer Hydra so we’ve created a version that uses the Oculus with Mouse and Keyboard.

To play this version, the mouse controls only the horizontal rotation of both character and camera, but for vertical axis it only controls the bow aiming. This control scheme is similar to the Team Fortress 2 implementation of the Oculus as it gives the user freedom to look around without requiring the player to turn their head to move in that direction. To get this new Oculus only version, swing by our submission page and come check it out





For those who dont have an Oculus or a Hydra, we still have our Web version too!

HellBow: where to now captain?

Posted by
Thursday, December 19th, 2013 2:54 pm

We’ve been really excited to see some of the feedback we have gotten on our Jam submission, but were curious where to go from now. After successfully completing the this Ludum Dare Jam, the three of us felt that we work really well together and feel that we may be able to take on more.  Come check out or game and let us know in the comments what you think.


If we were to do something extra, would you like to see an implementation running on our CAVE system? Or perhaps would an Android version be something you would like to see? I know many of you do not have an Oculus and Razer Hydra to play our game, however if we used the accelerometer in a phone, we could mimic the tracking that occurs within our VR version of the game. That being said, I have yet to find a 3D game work well on mobile.

Coming up… an autopsy of our game and the development process during our 72hr adventure.

HellBow now has a Web Build

Posted by
Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 2:06 pm

Hello folks,

Things have finally calmed down a bit after the mad dash to get an Oculus + Razer Hydra game working properly, so we decided to make a web and PC build versions for you chaps.


This game is significantly easier when playing with a mouse and keyboard, however I hope it is at least a little entertaining.


Right Mouse click: Summons the arrow to your hand
Hold – Left Mouse click: Nocks and Draws bow
Release – Left Mouse click: Shoots arrow
*Q: to center mouse on screen on web version.*

Come check out our game and rate it!

HellBow: a VR archery game

Posted by
Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 12:49 pm

Well, our game is done and now to promote our game.

You play as Billy Tell, a simple cashier at a 7-Eleven who mistakenly gets sent to a world of creepy and evil monsters before they invade earth. Trouble is, you are only armed with a bow and a single magical arrow. This arrow can be summoned back to you after you have shot it. This game requires the use of an Oculus and Hydra, but we will release a web version shortly


Check out our Entry here:

I also made a post on the Oculus Forums if you are interested: https://developer.oculusvr.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=5557

HellBow: TeamEC’s submission

Posted by
Monday, December 16th, 2013 8:08 pm

Hey guys,

We finally managed to get our submission to go through and have some nice videos for you guys.




If you  have an Oculus and a Hydra, come check out our game at: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-28/?action=preview&uid=30008

If you don’t have an Oculus and Hydra, check out our Youtube videos:



We will be attempting to post a Web version and android version in the coming days on our Tumblr, so keep an eye out for us: http://teamec.tumblr.com/

George, Calvin & Mike

TeamEC Last update before Submit

Posted by
Monday, December 16th, 2013 6:56 pm

Well, we’ve done it. Game is done.

But before we make a post with videos of the playthrough, here is an action gif of the Hydra handling the Bow.

TeamEC Update #7

Posted by
Monday, December 16th, 2013 5:24 pm

TeamEC’s Entry will be called “HellBow”!

Final Stretch everyone! Grab your Oculus + Razer Hydra and get ready to play our game!

We have Goblins, Golems and Eyeballs, OH MY!


A special thanks to our play testers Derek and Matt for helping us get some of the rigorous testing done!

2013-12-16 19.21

Also, we just got our sounds and music in and are cleaning up some of the gameplay. If you don’t have an Oculus or Hydra, we will be posting gameplay footage as well as a Web and Android build for one of our extended goals (not sure if we can make it though)… so stay tuned.

Tumblr: http://teamec.tumblr.com/

TeamEC Update #6

Posted by
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 8:33 pm

We have more enemies!, Golems on top of Goblins.

Damage mechanics, player health, death/damage FX and a fun game to play even for us!

Full YouTube video here: http://youtu.be/NT9aU5YPzq0

Come check us out at our Tumblr: http://teamec.tumblr.com/

TeamEC Update #5

Posted by
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 1:49 pm

Some updates for Day 2:
Level is coming along nicely… if the damn trees would receive light

Introducing a new enemy type: The Golem

And we have an updated Bow!


More info on our Tumblr: http://teamec.tumblr.com/

Timelapse videos are on their way!

TeamEC Update #4

Posted by
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 10:33 pm

Last update for tonight. We have Animations, Gibbs, Ragdolls and Blood!

Our level is coming along nicely as well.



For more info, check out our tumblr: http://teamec.tumblr.com/

TeamEC Update #3

Posted by
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 6:04 pm

Basic level, goblins, and spawners Oh My!. Oh also we borrowed some play-testers.



For more info, check out our tumblr: http://teamec.tumblr.com/



TeamEC Update #2

Posted by
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 11:15 am

Now we’re chugging!


We’ve got our basic shooting mechanics working with the hydra and have started with some of our assets.


Livestream is running if you want to see us work:


And don’t forget to check out our Tumblr for more detailed updates http://teamec.tumblr.com/


TeamEC Update #1

Posted by
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 12:31 am

TeamECProfile[This is us, failing to act cool]

4 hours in and we’ve had a great brainstorm session. Further details on our progress can be found on our Tumblr here: http://teamec.tumblr.com/

The theme gave us a blank start but we quickly came up with the idea where you play as an archer, but You Only Get One ARROW… (not to the knee, but as your equipment). We will be using the Razer Hydra for navigation and combat with an Oculus Rift for that nice immersive touch. Don’t have an Oculus or a Hydra? No worries, our secondary targets include a web-build, CAVE deployment and possibly even Android (time permitting of course).

Design document is on its way and Livestream begins tomorrow.

Greetings everyone, we’re a small group (3 people) coming from a small VR lab at our Univ.

We have a background in making educational games and training simulators but are excited to participate in our first Ludum Dare Jam.

We will most likely be doing something that takes advantage of an Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra. If time allows, we will port it to our CAVE and possibly android. Keep an eye out for us!

Team E.C.

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