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Almost the end… And still In!

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Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 10:53 am

Hello, I’m sorry to waste your time looking at an animation of say 2 minutes… But I will explain in this post what I have learned during this Ludum Dare.
There are still height ours left, lots of things can be done. But I will take some time to explain in my poor English (pardon my French) how did I  ended up doing so little. “Fail story”,  no game, yeah that’s right, but It’s a good way to me to think and justify that much time I spend on it :).

So, in the beginning I was waiting this ludum dare. A good occasion to “jump” in game creation. I’m a developer for a big French company, but I program for a “serious” daily used software. So I’m used to develop… on java/ceeplusplus and other “enterprise” language. But I wanted to go on web languages, JavaScript, ruby, play!…. and on HTML5. I think  the game  industry is changing a lot. Seeing zinga,  facebooks, kids playing DJump on mobile phone. Ipad game. Those new games looks like my “older” game. Back in  the 90s and early 2000, games started to go all 3D. Now we  are back in the 2D world. Even big studios have  left the PC hardcore, so  much  real game. Look, there are no new engine (UT3, CryEngine3…  Insert AAA game engine here), whereas your top notch gaming hardware have X10 evolved in those 5 years.
So this is also a good time to start an Indy dev game studio. Look at that market, Steam, Origin, digital platform. I said that because  as an hardcore gamer, I just love those digitals platforms. Also the Indies dev, have much much more possibilities now to  show off their work, and getting paid for It than ten years before, and comparing the gamming market to the movie or comics market… there is so much possibilities!
I made some little money at school with  a basic drug war text game. Now those games are back…

Pardon this little disgression, but I’m seriously considering jumping into the game industry in 1-2 years. Less paid, but a whole more ‘creative’. But more important to me. That’s why I enter the computer industry, wannabe a game programmer , making prince of persia, sonic, mario, ff, secret of mana, joust, pacman, (include old school game of your choice) …

So 40 hours ago. I told  me: Okay that’s a good occasion to test yourself: Objectives, test your ability to work in solo inside  your home, with wife watching TV and cats playing with your feet. Try to get back this feeling of coding in the late night in 98-2002 college time, trying to work on text  game, MUD’s, and starting  learning Personal Home  Page language.

What a success.

In only 30 hours, I just got 10 years back of my life. Learning new stuff on the  web, wondering why this  ***** code is not working the proper way , before acknowledge I didn’t understand the whole concept. Yet in 30 hours I learn how JavaScript manage time, memory and how do work the prototype  paradigm. Learn how do work JQuery especially it’s plug-in structure. My code is not that beautiful, but I understand every lines. I also learn a lot in testing.
We are starting using “agile methodologies”, and I was wondering : Did it works for game?. I wanted to develop the game using TDD methods.

In TDD, you  test your code, you design your game by testing every single line of it. Took too long for sure in a 48h competition. But I’m pretty sure it’s a very very good method to do serious things, even in games (think game engine) in a proper way. But as I’m a totally newbie, both in the language, and in the TDD method, I waisted a lot lot lot ( 10 hours may be) of time asking me : ‘How do I test that?’.

I added several handicap to myself. The first one is : Using Linux only. I’m a big fan of Linux, but I’m not a daily user (except on vacation for surfing the web, and watching movies) , and I’m certainly not a Linux developer (Hey your magical emacs/vi wizard) . I set up this computer for the ludum dare. Ubuntu, Gedit, emacs, irssi, ftp,… that’s  all. I ended up not using emacs. I have looked at JavaScript .el libs in emacs, but didn’t find good ones.
Second point. I’m using a brand new ergonomic keyboard, Truly Ergonomic. That I have customize on  my window platform. Here on Linux I missed my personal key mapping. Ended up with frustration, messing with alt/ctrl/shit commands.

Third point: The language. Going all web without IDE tools means no compiler, no checks, no infinite running test,  undebuggable closure… I  especially misses refactoring tools. Those extract Method/ in line, and other great commands are not in your standard text editor…

Anyway I just loved the experience and look forward for the next one.
Next time I will prepare myself, familiar tooling, familiar environment, calm room… and more important, core knowledge of a game engine/framework

Thank you  for reading this.


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Saturday, April 21st, 2012 3:34 am

Okay here is my scenario… Well the full interactive script.

Ludum  Dare 23
Stuck in the DOM World
This game  do not store anything on any server.  Every things append localy.
The game will start in several seconds, or minutes, depending on your connection
I think you will enjoy It
By the way i’m a young developper. And I’m realy happy to do this LD.
So credits: Pierre Bousquié
Use JQuery and other Javascript library.
Please do not use refresh button. I can’t save the state of the game.
No pixels were harmed during the development
Used 750words.com to make the whole storie Yep 750 Words
Graphics made on gimps.
Animation using  paper.js.
Using gedit and emacs.
On a linux.
Coded for and debugged  in firefox.
Not tested on IE, sorry.
Hey wait a minute.
Something strange append here.
Why is this not loading?
What’s happening?
There’s some lights over there. Can’t see anything!!!!!

I’m here, right here
Got to…..
Ha. Hi Mr?Ms?
I’m stuck in the DOM, i’m the developper of this game.
Tiny world they said. I’m stuck in a TEXT world.
Look I need your help.
I can see the graphical things around me. But I can notice TEXT, and hidden text.
The DOM is what is hunder the hood of  your browser. Know HTML? Well i’m in.
Don’t know how it append…
But know i’m ALONE :'(
Alone in this tiny world
So, can you help me ESCAPE this?
Thank you.
I notice their is a hidden search field here.
I guess you can control me using arrows our maybe the mouse
Ha cool thing.
I think it’s Dangerous to go alone.
I see a sword in the hidden field around me, north position
Got it!. Waaaa , Feel like a hero in D&D
It’s time to Discover what’s inside the search box
Oh no!!!! Infinite random number attack
Wait a minute.
I can pick up those 1 an 0 . Help me get some.
I think it will be usefull. You are never out of 1 an 0
Ennemies as weapons. Nice.
Kick, Type phantomjs in the search box.  I remember  using it to develope the game
Okay we’re in. There must be some clues somewhere….
Hey! It’s look like my original Island I designed for Ludum dare  17!
I never made a game… nor did I published this one…
There’s a door in this map. But i can’t see It. I’m only seeing <div> elements
Time to do some exploration
Great! You are awesome!
What? A Cavern?
Looks darker here. Text is full black. Let me add some light.
Hey what that sound?
Ho nonononononononono !!!!!!!!
The Advancing Wall of Dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom
Hey there’s a pixelated road over there.
A car!
Come on, start!!!
Well, I still don’t know where to go… Hey there’s a tower over there
Pr. Pixel?!
You! You are the men who have done that to me!!!
That’s true!
And you will never ESCAPE ALIVE!!!!
Where am I?
Pixelated? …
I HATE MINIMALIST GAME… look back on atari!!!
Weird doc.
Hey…. there’s a potion over there.
Good chain reaction. I’m on full  power now
Let’s build this map.
I create some divs
Can drag ‘n’drop them  in the proper place?
I hate TEXT
Huho. I think we  have annoyed the swarm!!!!
Thank you, you saved my life again!
By looking at the text code , i have found a search box field in the lower left corner
type field
Okay we are in. I think I need to feed the plant with water. Can’t see it.
We’re doing well!
Good we are in
Ouhh Light
And  darkness
Must not fall…
Hey they are random those little bastard!!!
Feel like I’ve been infected!
Help me prepare… Before turning into zombie
Ahhh sheep
Whant eeeaaattt theeemmmm
Great I feel better now
What the ***** !!!
A giant Guardian?
Pr Pixel!
I shall defeat you!!!
Hey. That’s a potion. Look
Key to liberty.
Thank you so so much!
Gotta go back to work!!! Create other games!!!
Thank you for playing this game by indirect interacting with me in the zombie  mode.
Hey Did you noticed it? You played  all the ludum dare theme in only one game :)

Made by Pierre Bousquie for LD23
By the way. I’m looking to  work for a gaming companie in bordeaux. So that’s my first serious portefolio game :)
You can contact me on Twitter/Gplus or via email: pierre.bousquie at gmail.com

Thank you for playing.

3 Hours left to go

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Friday, April 20th, 2012 2:39 pm

Okay i’m in.

So many many first time for this week.

First LD, first time  on “productive” dev on linux, second  serious  game (first one was for college), emacs for dev…


  1. Working game
  2. Innovative game (Aka not a classic)
  3. Web game
  4. Fully dev on linux
  5. TDD most part of it

I will use JQuery And JQueryQTE (home-not-finish lib)


Anyway  i will use free tools available on the web.

Timelaps is configured : gLapse 100s full time

Oh and i will go to vote for my next president (French election this sunday)




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