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Hello for Forth time!

Posted by (twitter: @Zegis_)
Friday, April 15th, 2016 5:46 pm

I’m in!

After some time I decided to join LD once again~! You can know me from 29, 30 or 32 Ludum Dare, where I submitted Treasure Seeker, Untangle and… a “post mortem of failure” – simple post describing why I failed on 32nd Ludum Dare.
So my LD score is right now 2 successes, 1 failure. and 2 skipped jams. Hope on Monday my score will be: 3.1.2 :)

About me
All-time dreamer, and trekker. I traveled length and breadth of almost all polish mountain ranges. In my daily life I’m .NET software developer working with enterprise times web application. In those few bits of time when I’m not dream, trek or work I create games and write on my blog about more interesting software problems I faced.
You can find my latest projects on my github profile.

My tools
Once again I’ll abandon my favorite c++ try to make something in phaser.js.

Planning: Pen&Paper – you can look for my crapy diagrams this time, too!
Text-editor of choice: Notepad ++.
Art: MS Paint and GIMP.
Sound: Audacity with my guitar!
Source version control system: Git hosted via github.

Treasure Seeker

Good luck, Friends!

Post mortem of a failure

Posted by (twitter: @Zegis_)
Friday, April 24th, 2015 7:44 am

Soo… I failed this time, and that’s setting my record as 2:1:1 ( Finished : Failed : Not participating). Here’s the online prototype I’ve done (you can only read intro and walk around), below you can read my why I failed.

MathDream was supposed to be a short platformer in which you encounter evil numbers! Your goal would be luring numbers on subtraction mines or throwing addition to clear them, and pick up delicious candies! But… for now you can only read short intro and move around a cloud.
Maybe one day I’ll actually finish prototype.

What actually went wrong:
Ok so… I must admit one thing at first, and I’m somewhat ashamed of myself: I didn’t participated in this Ludum Dare to actually make a game, but to enjoy myself and try to rediscover my programming motivation. So… what went wrong?

  • I wasn’t interested in doing MVP as much as I was in playing with parts of Phaser I haven’t used yet. You could even say that – at some point – my goal was to simply create timed introduction.
  • I got over-confident, I mean Phaser is great and allows you to make simple platformer in less than 200 lines of code, so I convinced myself that I could finish MVP in a few hours and let myself to spend WAY too much time on small tweaks like intro timer (at one point I changed values by 10 miliseconds), or re-colouring font. It wasn’t even playing with phaser!
  • On the last day of compo I went to my friend house (check his great game, I made small cameo apperance there!) and I had to work on my laptop that haven’t been used for months. So I wasted around half of an hour on setting up workspace only to realise that I forgot to take laptop charger so I had to return home for it…
  • Sometimes I get scared for no reason. When it came to draw that little fella from prototype I found myself thinking “I can’t do this properly, I’m bad at drawing” and it took me about 30 minutes to stop worring and actually start drawing…
  • Lately I’m too easily distracted by my ex-friend, when I took a walk and encountered her I felt discouraged to continue my work, and ended up wandering aimlessly for nearly 6 hours, and then staring at empty screen for another few…
  • I failed to check the rules, and as I remembered there was proposal to make compo as long as jam, but with 48h deadline (so you can start day after and still work for 48h) I was certain I still had at least 24h left, so I go to the pub… after all it would be acceptable to work next day if at the first I worked for literally two hours, right? I was stupid.

All in all I spend about 9 hours on Ludum Dare jam mostly doing small unnecessary things.

What I learned:

  • FINISH MVP FIRST, even if you know it’ll only take a few hours – then enjoy extra time for little tweaks… never ever do the other way only because “finishing MVP won’t take that long”!
  • Keep your priorities in check, otherwise you’ll find yourself spending more time on intro, than actual gameplay
  • I actually get a grip on github pages system for project sites (see details on gh-pages),
  • a lot about phaser state manager and timers,
  • I draw my first animation!
  • Keeping laptop enviroment up to date is really helpfull, and if you move while taking part in compo better check twice if you have everything before leaving your house
  • ALWAYS check compo start and finish time…
  • A LOT about myself and I think I know how to deal with discouragement and fear more effectively (no more wandering alone to 3 A.M!), maybe someday I’ll share those little tricks at my devblog, but first I want to share some thoughts about phaser state manager.

I hope you’ll all learn from my failure.
Good luck, Guys!

Hello again!

Posted by (twitter: @Zegis_)
Friday, April 17th, 2015 10:13 am

After little break in participating (theme in LD31 was soo not my style) I’m back!

This time I’ll switch my tools: for 29 (check my entry!) and 30 Ludum Dare(check my entry!) I used C++ with allegro, now I’ll try Javascript with phaser framework.

Weapons of choice:

  • Text-editor: Notepad++
  • Framework: Phaser
  • Art: MS.Paint and GIMP.
  • Sounds: Audacity with my guitar!

Good Luck, everyone!

Untangle – Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @Zegis_)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 12:57 pm

It’s my second Ludum Dare, but first official (in 29 I didn’t write anything here official blog). And here’s a little summary of my Untangle game submission. Tommorow I’ll write longer post-mortem and share it on my devblog.


Untangled is 2D shoot them up game. Various worlds tangled together, and – as multidimensional police officer you must jump inside your trusted tank and fight strange monsters! Some of them just gone crazy after Connection, some came from other worlds. Ultimately you must untangle worlds, and bring peace once again!

Download Untangle from Ludum dare page~!

The good:

  • I decided to go with project little beyond my coding limits and… well… I broke my limits and made a game~!
  • I learned some new things about gemetry, mouse handling in allegro library and C++ STL containers.
  • About 4 hours before end I was convinced I won’t make it, but here it is. It’s so good to don’t give in to your fears.

The bad:

  • My implementation of tile maps sucks, so game have serious lags, and I’m not sure how to fix it.
  • I really struggled with silly read-file, and tile map errors so I didn’t have time to make any sfx.
  • I have to cut lot of my previous gameplay ideas… (but maybe they’ll made to post-LD version?)
  • I feel like there’s to little impact on disconnecting worlds.

The ugly:

  • My art 😀 but I’m secretly proud of Fire monsters.


I must admit it was great to participate once again, and remind myself that “Ludum dares you to be happy”.
It’s wonderful to be part of community, and I really hope that someone’ll find my game interesting.

Good luck to you all, and see you on Ludum Dare 31 (:

1st Day Report

Posted by (twitter: @Zegis_)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 6:38 pm

Game is called ‘Untangle’ and you can browse my code here


Sadly it’s nothing special yet. I spend all day on brainstorming my idea, creating simple prototype that allows to move around (blank for now) tile map, and shoot towards mouse. I wanted to create my first shooter for Ludum Dare, but I faced a wall with drawing tile map: for some reason it’s soo damn slow, and I strugled for nearly 6 hour to find way to fix it. I hope tomorrow will bring solution, but to be honest I start to worry if I made it in time.

I’m afraid that if I don’t find good solution I’ll have to scale down my map :(

~> Moving around,
~> Rotating player and shooting towards mouse pointer – I’m really glad I learned how to do it! 😀
~> Simple tile map loaded from text file (all tiles are stored as 2 chars: first is tile type, and second is world of it’s origin).

Things to add:
~> Simple graph worlds map, that shows connections between tangled worlds.
~> Morphing level according to connections.
~> Enemies!
~> Breaking connections.

Some cuts I’ll probably have to do:
~> Cut down game to 1 level consisting of three worlds (water world, fire world and… we’ll see, maybe grass one).

Good luck everyone on 2nd day, and good night! I need some sleep! :)

Welcome Untangle!

Posted by (twitter: @Zegis_)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 3:57 am

Woo ho! It looks like I have idea for Ludum Dare.

Take role of multidimensional police officer and close connection between worlds, that causes chaos! Find ‘warping keys’ and close doors!

Each connected world changes level setting, by adding elements characteristic to that world to another! (Eg. if we connect fire world to water one, we’ll have burning fire in some water area!)


Count me in!

Posted by (twitter: @Zegis_)
Monday, August 18th, 2014 4:35 pm

Okay, so it’ll be my second Ludum Dare experience. I hope I’ll complete another game, and that I’ll have as much fun as last time. Singing and dancing around after submitting last time was priceless. (If you want you can check my Treasure Seeker here).

Weapons of choice:

  • Pen & paper,
  • C++ with allegro library,
  • MS paint and GIMP for graphics (my art is still legendary awful :D).

Good luck to everyone, and I must admit I can’t wait to see your games!

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