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The Twins – C++ / SFML

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 4:32 am


My friend and I are proud to have finished our first Ludum Dare game ! It was a really great experience and we had a lot of fun creating this little game. We used C++ with the graphic library SFML and the audio library fmod. There’s a whole presentation of the game on the link below the screenshot. There isn’t any rate yet, so it would be really cool if you tried it and rate it ! We would be really thankful


What went right

– We had way enough time to finish the game. In fact we finished Sunday, and we had the whole Monday to work on a good music and sound effect

– We had enough knowledge of C++ and SFML

РWe still learned and create a lot of new  and useful classes

– We think the game is complete

– Friends who tested it thought the concept is fun

What went wrong

– We pretty much suck to create the graphism

– We aren’t better to make fluid animations

– Turned out we couldn’t make a Web version, which is pretty bad, considering it’s way easier to test games

– Neither had we a Mac to compile it and make a Mac version

Overall we had a ton of fun and already plan to take part in the next Ludum Dare !

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