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Not nearly finished, but submitted

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Sunday, December 7th, 2014 2:42 pm

First Ludum Dare, not finished, but I didn’t work 24/7 in the game, the little I have worked was good for me to learn particles systems, draw gui and some other thingys. I want to keep working on the prototype to a post-compo version, functional haha.


The ideia was, planet exploded, you have to deliver the survivors in a specific planet, OE-314 , but those survivors consume resources that you extract getting near celestial bodies and pressing “space”(not implemented), flying and shooting lasers would consume energy, that could be recharged going near a star. Some random vessels would appear through the space and you could rescue the crew or don’t, and that would give more population, but bonuses onto speed ou hull repair or something bad, like a infected person who would decimate you population. Pirates would too appear, and, if they are close enough of you ship, you would press “space” to fire (aiming would be automatically) and if they shoot you or you bump into something, you engine controls would switch off.(that’s why aiming would be auto, you already have to keep “repairing” your engine in a battle).


Variables would be : Hull integrity, population, resources and energy.

Random killer asteroids too.


All that before you entire population perish.



GM Studio and the power of interwebs are the tools used.



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