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“And Then There Was Silence” – Update #1

Posted by (twitter: @Serious_Creeper)
Saturday, April 27th, 2013 11:46 pm

Alright, i have been a bit lazy on actually writing an update about my game, so here we go!


“And Then There Was Silence” is a 3D first person world-puzzle game… What a sentence!

Basically you will have to interact with the environment to solve puzzles (activates switches, pressure plats, jump across stuf, etc).

The twist is that the character will have the ability to swap worlds, the “normal” world and the “dark” world.


Some things are different in those worlds. The dark world may have objects that the normal world doesn’t have, and vice versa. (Note that this is my playground level so textures and placement is absolutly just for testing purposes).

attws_01 attws_02


And then there is THAT thing…


Meet the Silence! I must admit i have not done much coding for this guy, but the idea is that in later levels, this friendly guy will chase you down and devour everything it comes in touch with.


I realized that i always aim for too much. I won’t be done in time for the comp, i’m certain about that. But i will try to get as much done as possible and hopefully still get a playable version in time.


Oh and yeah i am also livestreaming the whole process on www.twitch.tv/seriouscreeper. So come over and say hello! I am not always using my microphone but sometimes i do :)


More updates following!

I dare to ludum again!

Posted by (twitter: @Serious_Creeper)
Friday, April 26th, 2013 4:31 pm

I participated in the previous Ludum Dare with my game “Infected” and it was a lot of fun and a great experience for myself.


Last time i didn’t have a lot of time so i had to submit my game to the Jam. I hope this time it will be better and i can get it done in time for the comp!


I’m really looking forward to #26 of this fantastic event and am excited to see everyone’s contributions!


Like last year, tools i will be using for this LD:

  • Unity Engine on Windows
  • Unity Standard Package for Shaders and other quick artsy stuff
  • MonoDevelop for my C# mess
  • Photoshop for 2D art
  • Cinema 4D for something that looks like models
  • My Brain for stuff



Also, like last year, i will be streaming the whole event at www.twitch.tv/seriouscreeper


Thanks and good luck everyone!

“Infected” – Progress #3

Posted by (twitter: @Serious_Creeper)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 2:01 pm

Alright, 5 hours left and i know i won’t be done in time, but hey, that’s ok! This weekend was a lot of fun and i will continue to work on my game afterwards 😀

And i’m really looking forward to testplay other project, i saw so many amazing ones!


So things that changed since last post:

– I added the third and last mode, green, which let’s you move a lot quicker but you have no guns and you’ll get more damage. Good for traveling though




– I added a new building, the HardDrive! When you hack the harddrive, you get +1 to our max trojan capabilities.

Hacking the hard drive

Hacking the hard drive










– Added Trojans! You can place trojans now on nodes to tell them which one they should harvest. Nodes give Data over time which will be used for new skills. Once you assigned a trojan to a node, it will gather data and bring it over to it’s hard drive.

Unlocked hard drive with floating Trojan

Unlocked hard drive with floating Trojan


Placing Trojan

Placing Trojan


– You need to unlock buildings first before hacking them! Any building that is grayed out is inactive.



As always, current build can be found here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1658875/Infected/WebPlayer/WebPlayer.html

“Infected” – Progress #2

Posted by (twitter: @Serious_Creeper)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 3:26 pm

Alright after 12 hours and a good 8 hour “nap”, i have some progress to post!


Again, i spent a lot of time on “artsy” stuff which is why i haven’t gotten much gameplay done, but it does keep me motivated and inspired for more things.

However i implemented my first enemy the Anti Virus Type 1. Right now it just hovers around and will move towards you when you get in range. It also changes it’s glow to red and becomes more active/faster so you know what’s up.





I really like this little bugger. But of course you need some way of defending yourself! So i worked on the visuals for guns. I implemented 2 so far, a normal straight forward laser, and homing lasers! That’s right. They are not locking a dynamic target yet but they look nice 😀

Basically when you shoot, lasers come out of all 8 corners and fly towards your target in a somewhat smooth transition




Lastly but not least, i added my first game element into the game, the “Node”. You, the virus, has to get to those nodes and infect them.

At first they are deactivated, but once you manage to infect them, you turn them on and let them help you by weakening defenses and gathering some data. With data you can then duplicate yourself and leave a mini virus behind that will farm data for you constantly over time from those nodes.

Offline state

Offline state

Online state

Online state


Another thing i am proud of are my clouds. It’s a minor thing, but it adds to the atmosphere.

What i did is following, i created a very simple edgy polygon shape for the base cloud.

Then at runtime i create four on top of each other, each slightly bigger than the previous one.

At the beginning, i shift every vertex slightly to give it a little bit of variety to it’s previous clouds and then when the game is playing, i constantly move the vertices slowly using simplex noise.

This way it looks very soft and smooth and as if the clouds would spread out over time. They will always stay around their start position though so they can’t just drift off.



Again, the latest version can be found here:



Controls are the same as before with some additions:

1 – change to neutral mode (only visually right now)

2 – change to aggressive mode (only visually right now)

Left Mouse button – Shoot homing lasers


The tower becomes activate automatically right now after 3 seconds. I will add the “infecting” mechanic very soon!

“Infected” – First Progress

Posted by (twitter: @Serious_Creeper)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 1:38 am

Alright so i’ve been working on my title “Infected” for a few hours. Honestly i had 2 different game ideas. I preferred my 1st one but it would take way too long for 48 hours.


Instead i chose my second one, “Infected”. It’s HOPEFULLY faster to develope than my original idea… but we will see.


I am not an artist and so far i’ve spent a lot of time on the art style, trying to figure out some things. I have to say i’m very happy with where it is at now, or at least which direction it takes.




I wasn’t sure about one thing though. It’s hard to see but in the background you can see some clouds. Those are slightly animated using a simplexnoise. I downloaded that file from here: http://code.google.com/p/simplexnoise/


Not sure if this is against the rules or not, as i think it counts as base code/library, but let me know if i’m wrong! Don’t wanna get disqualified :)


Anyway, i have a Unity webplayer demo available that i will keep updating constantly. It might destroy some older PC’s considering how many effects i’m using right now, but i will trim it down and optimize it soon!





W/A/S/D = Move

Mouse to look around

1 and 2 to change between Neutral and Aggressive mode



First time joining, really excited!

Posted by (twitter: @Serious_Creeper)
Friday, December 14th, 2012 12:24 pm

This is my first time joining Ludum Dare. I won’t have all weekend long (sadly), but i’m sure i’ll enjoy every single second of it :)


I participated in two other game dev competitions before, both held in Germany called “Dusmania”. First time our team made the 2nd place, second time we made the 1st!

Winning didn’t really matter as the whole event was amazing.


Sadly i don’t have the whole weekend, so i will try to join the 72h Jam rather than the competition.


Tools i will be using:

  • Unity Engine on Windows
  • Unity Standard Package for Shaders and other quick artsy stuff
  • MonoDevelop for my C# mess
  • Photoshop for 2D art
  • Cinema 4D for something that looks like models
  • My Brain for stuff


I will most likely stream as much as i can on www.twitch.tv/seriouscreeper 


Good luck everyone, looking forward to everyone’s projects! :)

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