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Hello fellow gamedevs!

We have updated our entry with 2 timelapses videos from making of our entry “Mega Foxy Time Trap”.  The programmer timelapse is rather long (25hours compressed to 15 minutes). The graphic designer one is a little shorter (15 hours compressed to 8 minutes).

Here is graphic timelapse:


And here is programming timelapse:

They are quite long, but if you like these type of things I hope you will enjoy it

Mega Foxy Time Trap, our entry on LudumDare

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 2:12 pm

Together with my wife we decided to take part in 32 Ludum Dare, it was our first one.  We always follow LudumDare entries and the theme voting but never take a part. This time we were joking that the theme is not really that interesting (we were thinking that there were better themes to vote for). And we had joke that Valve already wins because of gravity/portal/paint gun and that the only thing that they miss is ‘time traveling gun’… and the idea for our game was born. The player have ‘TimeTrappingGun’ that he can shot on enemies to send them back in time to the moment where they enter the game. If enemy get reverted to that moment you will also gain a some ‘bonus points ‘ that will allow you to revert time globally (to reverse your death or get your bullet back). The goal of this game is to not let enemies go to the bottom of the level, if three of them goes there you will lose…

This is it for now, we were recording all of our work and we are preparing TimeLapses videos from our works, I think they will be uploaded tomorrow so I think will bug you guys once more :)

Anyway here is our entry:



Hope someone will find it interesting! :)

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