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Really a good start for me. I gained a lot.

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Friday, September 2nd, 2016 2:55 pm

It’s my first time to participate Ludum Dare. In fact I’ve known LD for about two years and I came often as a player. I think I was not brave enough to make a game here.

But now it’s different, I was in and really made a small game for LD36. It’s a very small one and not containing too much technology or great idea. In fact, it’s just that I was playing with Unity and see what it can do, and the game is a by-product.

In the beginning, when I got the theme, I was still very nervous. I’m afraid of not doing well. I’m afraid of being not able to finish and publish it. But soon I got relaxed for thinking that this theme was too hard for me to make a good game and I would never got a chance. Then everything went smoothly. I started with only a idea that to shoot stones with a slingshot. I didn’t know what I’m making. In fact, I’ve no idea what my game was until the second day when I was ready to publish it.

After that, my game got some responses. They really helped me a lot. Thank you guys! In the last day, I did more balancing work and added sound effects and music to make it more completed. I think I really did great this time. The game is completed enough and I designed challenging levels ( well maybe it’s a bit too hard).

I really enjoyed the process of making this game right after I got relaxed. It’s pure joy that I think every game creator has. And I decided to take part in every LD in the future, for nothing else but FUN!

Thanks to every one who participated LD36. I really had fun!

By the way, forgive my poor English. I’m really not good at it.

And here’s my game, if you’re interested : Ancient Ranger with Ultimate Technology

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