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The Goose Saga

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Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 4:51 pm


— Once upon a time a king asks for a roasted goose for dinner…

It all started with a goose as a weapon and black-foreground style… Actually, we had like 7 totally different game ideas  and were deciding to go with a UN general assembly simulator. But realizing that half a day had passed and we still couldn’t make the game work in our heads, we started over. It would be a simple platformer with a man and his goose, as stylish as we could make it. The man turned out to be a strange farmer that carries a goose on his head and uses it as a weapon against armed knights (and it works as a charm).

So, help the brave farmer get through the uncanny terrain avoiding (or destroying)  evil knights and don’t forget to collect all the goose eggs on your way out! See if you can beat all four levels!

You all are welcome to enjoy The Goose Saga, by team Surb. Let us know what you think of it in comments!

( Also, I hope King wouldn’t sue us for using the word ‘saga’ )

Duck head

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Saturday, April 18th, 2015 1:12 pm

So, we’re doing a platformer, that at least must be simple to do and understandable by players. Other ideas including UN assembly simulator are thrown in the box with all the other good ideas which are to be implemented later.

Visual style shaping up, must be simple and original (“Can’t describe it”, says the artist):

Guess what’s the unconventional weapon we have 😉

The eyes like Sentinel occupy the highest place in the body

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 1:33 pm

For a postmortem of our Sentinel I wanted our entire team to express their thoughts and feelings about the idea, the process and the result of a great game we made. So here I want you to meet the Game Designer, the Artist, the Programmer and the Animation Artist:

Game Designer

That evening I was watching Game Awards 2014 and waiting for LudumDare jam theme announcement. I was puzzled when I saw that “game on one screen”, it seemed  too vague and uncertain. I began thinking, researching and surfing references for inspiration. Meanwhile, I was  listening to the music that was written for LD # 31. Accidentally I discovered a screenshot of a game where the view and perspective have suggested the idea of a game we could do. The wounded knight would be the backbone of our game, and the sword would speak with the knight and the player. The remaining features  of the gameplay were drawned upon me in the morning when I was half asleep on my way to the office.


Right after I heard the idea of the game, I imagined clearly the whole picture of dungeon, the wounded knight in the center and crowds of monsters. I started estimating the time for drawing all the elements and thinking about  the animation. We were lucky that we had another artist, she helped us so much. It would be extremely unpleasant  to realize that we do not have time to cover the entire scope of work (without her).

The best feature of the game is that it lasts no more than 4 minutes. This greatly simplifies the task. With this in mind the game needed only one location, a couple of mobs, a knight and a sword. I was also on to preparing some special effects. Luckily I was acquainted with Unity long before Ludum Dare, so the effects were made in no time. While I was preparing background , special effects, and the main characters, other artist was preparing monsters and their animation. In between painting, I overlooked the line-up of game elements and coordinated the common style in artwork.

Working with the team was very interesting. Due to involvement into another project, I had to work at an accelerated pace. I have to admit , I was not satisfied with the results in artwork. But, all in all we did it well! And the game came out even better than we expected in the beginning.

For me the project is decent for a two-day work. Not perfect, but worth being proud of. It’s a finished game, and it’s fun to play.


Most of the classic games actually do not contradict concept of “game-on-one-screen”. So the jam theme directly hinted: make an Arkanoid, Tetris, or text adventure. But we thought that there would be plenty of games in these genres. Eventually we settled on an idea of slasher in which the hero was limited to one screen, because he was not involved in gameplay :-) And the effect of crowding and lack of a screen is achieved by narrowing the circle of enemies.

The most difficult part of the game was to make the movement of a sword. Not that Unity physics is hard, but to do an accurate and comfortable sword swinging wasn’t as easy as it seemed. The sword was either too slow and boring or too easy to swing. But as soon as we found a middle ground it became clear – it would turn out cool.

It took time to make a narrowing darkness around the hero and it seemed rather difficult to make the intro with two light spots. The final decision turned out not very flexible, but it worked almost immediately and looked great!

Animation Artist

It was the third jam in which I participated. The third and largest! All discussions began with an idea, we talked about how each of us imagined the perfect game. At some point I felt nervous that the common idea would not found. And just at that moment the Game Designer came out with his great idea about a warrior and sword. The idea is so wonderfully coincided with the music he chose, it was so strong and sincere! We rushed into work, it was fun, and I felt pleasant confidence the team and our work) We were in a well-equipped room and we were making a game together, that’s a great feeling))) It’s a special feeling of unity and closeness of our acts and thoughts, I felt excitement and joy! In the end of the first day of our brainstorming and developing I ran home to fall asleep, wrapped in thoughts about the day. The next day, on Sunday, we met again to work and discuss the details, which was fascinating! Then the difficulties with monster’s animations began. I was limited to a certain canvas size and could not get a result that would satisfy me. Fortunately the friendly support of my team and their invaluable advice helped me find the final result. Everything turned out great! That was amazing experience! I’m happy we made it in time, and all of us were proud of our work)

It is impossible not to appreciate the opportunity of participating in jams like Ludum Dare! It’s a miracle that we can get together with friends over the weekend and create a game that will please and inspire many people. Working as a team with your friends means to be confident that the process will bring a lot of fun, and the result will be as good as possible. I found out about this jam just hours before it started. I am very glad that nevertheless I attended and received an unforgettable experience.


Wait, there was another guy.. But he didn’t show up, so there’s only a line in closing credits for him

Please let us know what you think of our original game:

We also have the facebook version with leaderboards and ‘Endless Mode’:

// Team ‘Dostoyevsky Balls’

Conscience is the Sentinel of virtue

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Saturday, December 13th, 2014 11:08 am

OMG, guys it’s so fun to play all these games! There are 2636 entries in the list, and we’ve played only a couple, there’s and entire lifetime of great games ahead.

The comments are awesome too, it’s so nice to have all this feedback. It’s especially pleasant to realize that our game it not just fun, but even improves some skills 😉

Fap fap fap

Although I found that the gameplay suits all genders, and is even better for girls if playing on touchpad, check it out on YouTube.

Please leave your comments below. Do you know other games that are good for any kind of skills?

Meanwhile, we are still working on Sentinel. We have a new version with global leaderboards and ‘Endless mode’ which you can find here.



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Monday, December 8th, 2014 4:06 pm

Our game is finally ready! Enjoy it, and write your impressions in comments!



// Team ‘Dostoyevsky Balls’

Almost there

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Sunday, December 7th, 2014 1:31 pm

Team ‘Dostoyevsky Balls’ proudly presents you this prototype:

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